A Brief Review Of The Diabetes Protocol Program

Are you struggling with high blood sugar and diabetes? What if you were told that there was an affordable way to manage your condition in a safe and natural way? The truth is that there is a natural way that shows you how to safely keep your blood sugar levels in check, thus keeping diabetes at bay.

The Diabetes Protocol program offers a safe way to reverse both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Of course this is a bold claim that attracts critical scrutiny.

The Claims

diabetes protocolThe main claim is that using the approach outlined in this program, you can reverse both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with ease. The approach is pretty unconventional, according to author claims, but it’s not so far off from other natural-based approaches for treating diabetes.

Another claim is that using the outlined approach in the program, you can completely reverse diabetes within weeks. Obviously, not every user is going to experience the same results so you need to manage your expectations accordingly. Since it appears that the approach works for at least 50% of users (based on reviews), that is still a good indication that the author means what he says.

As you read through the program, it becomes obvious that the author, Dr. Kenneth Pullman, is quite knowledgeable about diabetes. In fact, he claims that he was a diabetic for several years until he discovered this formula that completely changed the course of his life.

Program Composition

Dr. Pullman’s system is a full 138-page e-manual that answers all your questions about diabetes. The author takes you through the basics of what causes diabetes, risk factors, aggravators, control, and prevention. He then presents his approach in a pretty convincing manner. He does so in a simple, easy to under sand format.

The approach entails a detailed analysis of your body’s reaction to food. Some revelations from this analysis are pretty common knowledge and shouldn’t surprise you. for instance, consuming lots of simple carbohydrates leads to sharp spies in blood glucose, which is not good for diabetes. So based on this revelation, you will be provided with dietary suggestions to help you avoid sugar spikes.

When it comes to natural versus drug-based remedies, this program takes a slightly different approach. Rather than completely bash drug-based solutions, Dr. Pullman instead provides a comparative analysis of the two solutions and possible side effects – yes, even natural remedies sometimes may have their own effects. Ultimately, the author surmises that the natural route is much better especially if done properly.

Dr. Pullman’s aim is to empower the user with adequate knowledge on how to boost the body’s natural health and defenses. He proposes a method for complete body transformation through small actionable steps.


The Diabetes Protocol program that is the subject of this review makes some pretty bold claims and provides sufficient info to back them up. It doesn’t claim to reverse diabetes overnight, but it surely will help you eliminate related symptoms in a matter of days. It is cheap and backed by a user base in the thousands so it doesn’t hurt to trust in it.