Wealth Trigger 360 Review

Wealth Trigger 360 is a program that claims to help you become wealthy by ‘reprogramming’ your mind to think like a rich person. Wealth Trigger 360 is a product of Joe Vitale who was the star in the ‘The Secret’. Joe shares a secret key to what’s been keeping you from achieving the success you deserve. Joe claims that without this secret key, you will not achieve your dreams.

Wealth Trigger 360 basically reveals the secret to wealth. Joe Vitale claims that almost every millionaire and successful individual out there knows this secret and they almost discovered it by ‘mistake’. As for you, however, you are lucky that someone has made it easier for you by compiling a guide that reveals this secret in an easy-to-understand format.

Wealth Trigger 360 Overview

wealth trigger 360Wealth Trigger 360 employs hypnotic reprogramming, brain entertainment, and affirmative repetition to reprogram a person’s mind to think positively no matter the situation. The aforesaid techniques are typically used independent of each other to develop a mindset that easily overcomes hardships and obstacles. It’s a well known fact that the number one difference between success and failure is the ability to overcome obstacles. The techniques in Wealth Trigger 360 will teach you how to stand tall above hardships on your way to success.

These three core techniques on which the program is based are designed to transform your thinking so that you develop a millionaire’s mindset. Believe it or not, under achievers have many subconscious beliefs that hold them back from realizing their true potential. And since these beliefs work at the subconscious level, these people never really realize that those beliefs are the ones keeping them back from achieving their dreams.

Wealth Trigger 360 teaches you how to break free from such beliefs and shows you how to move forward and achieve something different from what you’ve ever experienced in your life.

How Wealth Trigger 360 Works

In addition to the three mindset altering techniques mentioned in the previous section, Wealth Trigger 360 comprises a series of other elements that are probably a mystery to you.

One technique uses a combination of music, words, and solfeggio tuning to help transform the mind into a state where it looks at obstacles as motivators.

The Solfeggio Tuning technique is one which causes symmetrical mind regeneration from hyper-resonant frequencies and mind entertainment processes.

According to Joe Vitale, the millionaire mindset is based on four core features including intuition, mental alertness, emotional stability, and harmony with one’s soul. Granted, on face value, these concepts may seem complicated to understand, but Joe explains clearly how they are interrelated and how they work together to create a winning mindset.

The millionaire mindset is based on these pillars and all your winning strategies must be based on them. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make sense of all this because Joe will guide you step-by-step on how to incorporate these pillars into your thinking so that you start making winning strategies.

Do The Techniques Work?

wealth trigger 360 reviewAs earlier mentioned, the Wealth Trigger 360 is aimed at changing the ‘negative’ subconscious beliefs deeply rooted into your brain into winning strategies. This is accomplished through a process that alters your entire mindset. You will start approaching challenges with a millionaire mindset.

Once you’ve mastered and applied these techniques, you will be able to overcome any hardships that have been keeping you from achieving your dreams no matter how long you’ve had them.

All the core elements of the program work in unison to transform your thinking into a winning mindset. So as you can see, this program deals entirely with your mindset and thinking. As such, you’ve got to be willing to open up and let go of some long-held beliefs that might actually be the stumbling block in the way to your dreams.

If you’re willing to open up to a new type of thinking and change your mindset so that you start thinking like a millionaire, this program will work wonders for you.

Why Choose Wealth Trigger 360?

Wealth Trigger 360 is a product of Joe Vitale along with Dr Stevenson G. Jones. The two authors have achieved unprecedented levels of success in their own right and they certainly have the millionaire mindset. They have reputations to protect so you can be sure that they know what they’re talking about.

Furthermore, if you cannot rely on the reputation of the authors alone to trust this program, you can then trust the independent reviews of hundreds of users. Aslo, the fact that Wealth Trigger 360 has one of the lowest return rates says a lot about the trust levels that users have in the program.

Unlike many other self-improvement programs, Wealth Trigger 360 deals with personal development at its very core – the mindset. Not only do you learn how to change your mindset and start thinking like a millionaire but also how do develop personally. In fact, the better part of this program is dedicated to personal development, a core component of achieving success.

This program provides you will all the tools you need to better yourself and increase your chances of achieving your dreams. These tools are typically available separately elsewhere but in this program, you will get them all in a single compilation, saving you a lot of time and the hassle of looking in different places.


Wealth Trigger 360 is a self-help program that was designed to help you develop a winning mindset so that you can achieve your dreams. The program employs proven mind techniques that allow you to move past your long-held limiting beliefs and start getting things done. In fact, the program’s underlying theme is helping you overcome obstacles to success. The program reveals that most of these obstacles are actually long-held beliefs deeply ingrained into your subconscious.

Wealth Trigger 360 helps you get over these beliefs and become an achiever today. If you want to see real change in your life and start achieving the bigger goals you’ve always dreamed of, the first thing you need to change is your thinking. Wealth Trigger 360 changes your mindset to start thinking like an achiever.

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101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review

101 Toxic Food Ingredients is a rare self-help guide that claims to be able to help boost your metabolism and sharpen your memory all within a day. Admittedly, this claim is pretty huge and can only attract careful scrutiny of the product along with its creator.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients is a product of Anthony Alayon, who explains that he became concerned by his mother’s near-death experience when even medical doctors had no answers. Anthony says hat his mother had pain in the heart that was inexplicable.

When Anthony closely observed his mother’s diet, he noticed that there were a lot of microwave meals and after doing some research, he learnt that the diet that was supposed to help his mother lose weight was actually making her sick. Precisely put, the majority of the ingredients in the diet were toxic and nobody was telling her about it.

As such, Anthony set out to expose the truth and he claims that through his research, he has discovered more than 100 toxic food ingredients, hence the title of this guide.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Overview

101 toxic food ingredientsThe 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide claims to reveal a list of highly toxic food ingredients that the food industry never tells you about. In this case, ‘toxic’ refers to processed food chemicals that have high probability to harm your health. Anthony claims that his discovery led him to believe that there is a conspiracy by the food processing industry to hoodwink consumers about the true dangers of the ingredients in their products.

This is not to say that all food is toxic, but the ingredients highlighted in this guide are known as the most dangerous to your health.

While you may not immediately realize the dangerous effects of toxic foods – and therefore they may seem harmless – you ought to avoid them as much as possible.

According to the American Cancer Society, obesity and excess weight issues contribute to 1 of every 5 cancer cases in the United States. What’s more, 1 out of every 3 deaths is linked to less physical activity and poor diet.

These statistics couldn’t tell a clearer story – you could basically be poisoning yourself through food. You need to know exactly what’s going into your body and this is what this guide is about.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Details

The 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide comprises seven main sections or chapters as briefly discussed below:

The four-step food label decoder: Using this system helps you to easily identify foods with toxic ingredients. It’s simple and straight forward to use and provides details why the ingredient is considered toxic.

Artificial Sweeteners: This section details the truth about artificial sweeteners. The weight loss industry is crazed about natural sweeteners and they are heavily promoted on a number of health blogs but artificial sweeteners rarely get the same coverage. In this section of the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide, Anthony explains the dangers of artificial sweeteners and why you should avoid them like the plague.

Artificial colorings and flavors: Like sweeteners, artificial flavors and colorings are very toxic. Given that more than 90 percent of all processed foods contain some form of natural flavorings, you need to know the low down on these chemicals and it is all right here in this section.

101 toxic food ingredients reviewAdditives: The next section is about food additives. As you might have guessed, food additives have a negative effect on your health, but thankfully, you can easily avoid them if you have the right info. This section provides you everything you need to know about food additives and how to detect and avoid foods with a lot of additives.

Oils and Preservatives: Almost every packaged food contains preservatives because, apparently, they keep food fresher for longer than it would have lasted without preservatives. But as you will learn in this section, there might be more to preservatives than just keeping food fresh for long.

Food labels: Let’s face it; the vast majority of food labels are deceptive because manufacturers want you to think that they care about your health and so what they’re selling you is healthy. Do food labels tell the truth? You will learn a few surprises in this section.

Water: The final section of the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide talks about water. As a key component of a healthy nutrition plan, water is usually overlooked but on the other hand, it may have some effects on your health. In this section, you will learn how the water you’re drinking is affecting your health.

Is 101 Toxic Food Ingredients Worth It?

As mentioned in earlier sections, 101 Toxic Food Ingredients is somewhat different from other guides. It focuses on something that most weight loss guides do not even mention – the other side of food.

The info in this guide is rare and very useful. The list of common toxic chemicals in food is priceless. While other guides bombard you with endless lists of foods you’re supposed to eat to lose weight, 101 Toxic Food Ingredients offers you insightful info on the ingredients in the food you are eating.

In the end, you will learn how to identify the healthiest foods, how to reduce on the amount of toxic chemicals getting into your body through food, and how to stay on the healthy side of food.

The guide contains a wealth of info on processed foods and this is another area that is not widely discussed in the weight loss industry. In fact, the bulk of the info in this guide discusses ingredients in processed foods.


101 Toxic Food Ingredients presents another side of food that you probably didn’t know but ought to know. The guide discusses the potential negative effects of some ingredients in the food you’re eating.

In the end, you will gain a ton of info on toxicity in food, organic foods, food additives, flavors, colorings, preservatives and a host of other ingredients used in packaged food.

It is time to clean up your diet of toxic foods and 101 Toxic Food Ingredients is the best guide to help you do that.

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Save The Marriage Review

Save The Marriage is a relationship self-help guide that offers ‘marriage repair’ tips and advice based on an intricate understanding of the dynamics in a typical marriage. The guide explains the intricacies behind every single interaction you have with your partner with the aim that this knowledge will help you become a better lover, partner, wife, or husband.

There are lots of problems in marriage, but the info in this guide is aimed at helping you deal with those issues more positively. At the end of the course, you’re expected to be in position to save your marriage or rather any kind of committed relationship you’re currently in.

Save The Marriage Overview

save the marriageSave The Marriage is a product of Lee H. Baucom, who boasts of a PH.D and two Master’s degrees in Family Therapy and Marriage. His industry credentials are backed up by over 20 years’ experience offering marriage therapy services. He’s also practiced Life Coaching, personal development, and community building.

These experiences are undoubtedly valuable when it comes to understanding relationships and interactions between people.

It’s worth noting that all these credentials are self-listed by the author, so you might have to dig deeper   to assess his credibility. Nonetheless, his work through this program seems to speak volumes.

Save The Marriage Details

In the opening chapters of the Save The Marriage guide, the author discusses the various weaknesses of typical marriage counseling and family coaching. The author claims that those approaches are fundamentally flawed and he gives reasons why. With more than 20 years’ experience counseling couples, Lee observes that the approach that most couples take for therapy cannot solve the core problems in their marriages.

Lee has a unique and interesting take on relationship counseling and marriage – he claims that most problems in marriage arise from the fact that couples fail to advance to the ‘We’ stage and instead get stuck in the ‘I’ and ‘Me’ stages. Lee explains that marriage is about compromises and that couples must abandon the selfish ‘Me’ paradigm and adopt the ‘We’ concept.

Most of the program is focused on helping couples move from the ‘Me’ stage to the ‘We’.

Before you delve deeper into the program’s more advanced topics, you will be introduced to a Venn diagram that the author claims is the recipe for a successful marriage. Lee uses the Venn diagram to explain that marriage is premised on three basic elements which must interplay harmoniously so as to have a fulfilling marriage.

The second chapter provides advice on committing to your marriage through understanding and finding meaning. The author emphasizes that each couple has their own purpose and meaning in marriage so there’s no blueprint as such for finding meaning in marriage.

The most important thing for couples in a marriage is for each partner to be clear about their expectations from the marriage. You and your partner must be clear in communicating these expectations and must be committed to fulfilling each other’s expectations.

save the marriage reviewThe author provides a series of simple marriage tips and tricks that help couples sail through bad times. For instance, you will learn how to give up on arguments without cutting out communication; you will learn tips for making decisions that are progressive and developmental; how to maintain a positive momentum; and how to deal with a lack of emotions.

These tips are them followed with advice on how to understand your partner’s viewpoint, respecting boundaries, and learning to forgive. Yes, in a marriage, there are individual boundaries that must be respected, but sadly, most people are either unaware or just plain arrogant.

Once you’re done with the marriage tricks section, the author takes you back to some basic relationship concepts including intimacy stages, how to relate with your partner in good moods, and how to enjoy your relationship in the present.

The topics that follow discuss money and sex, areas that are rightly considered as very explosive. Money and sex can often lead to irreconcilable differences and many couples have had divorces involving millions of dollars, so it’s clear to see that money can be a polarizing thing if not handled maturely.

The author shows you how you can approach these two things in a way that creates a harmonious marriage.

The final closing notes discuss tips for sustained growth and evolution in your marriage. The author offers his own closing thoughts and then offers info about his other similar products designed for married couples.

The standard Save The Marriage package comes with more than seven bonus items in addition to the core eBook manual. One of the standout bonus items is the ‘Coping With Midlife Marriage Crisis’ delivered as audio files.

Other bonus items may or may not apply to your situation, but they’re nonetheless important for perusal.

Who Should Use Save The Marriage?

This guide is primarily designed for married couples that are currently going through problems. That being said, it also suits couples in long-term committed relationships that are not necessarily married.

Much of the advice in the guide is directed toward couples in relationships although a few   sections are strictly dealing with marital issues.

As usual, the only way to find out if this guide suits you is by getting your own copy and reading up on the advice therein.

The only dark spot we see is that the guide may be due for an update. It is more than a decade old and so many things have changed since then in the way that people relate in marriages.

Verdict and Summary

Save The Marriage is undoubtedly a good marriage repair system that highlights a range of typical marriage problems and offers solid advice on how to deal with them. The author also does a good job of explaining why traditional marriage counseling techniques are flawed.

There might be a few points here and there that are purely the author’s subjective thinking, but overall, the advice is solid and will work for most people.

It would be pleasant to see an updated version of Save The Marriage given that the current version is somewhat dated.

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Natural Clear Vision Review

Natural Clear Vision is a self-help manual created by Kevin Richardson to help restore vision and improve eye care in general. The comprehensive program comprises various sections containing useful tips and tricks on how to maintain your eyes in great shape and how to restore perfect vision using natural means.

Natural Clear Vision is created for people with short sightedness, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataract. In addition, if you have any eyesight problems and are genuinely concerned with the risks of surgery, this program might be useful to you.

Many eye defects re quire the use of corrective eyewear or surgery, but these are expensive corrective measures and typically come with long-term effects.

natural clear visionKevin Richardson claims that he spent 10 years of meticulous research before finally being able to discover a procedure that reversed his myopia. His eye problems started way back when he was just 5 years old and after a series of corrective measures, his myopia was worse off than before the measures.

The unique eye care system he discovered is based on the work of Dr. William Bates that employs eye exercises to attain 20/20 vision. Using Bates’ work along with his own discoveries, Kevin was able to come up with new and more effective exercise techniques which he compiled in the Natural Clear Vision manual.

Kevin is a champion of holistic approaches for healing for both physical and emotional issues. The approach in this manual is a breath of fresh air for people who are tired of contact lenses and other artificial corrective measures.

Natural Clear Vision Details

Natural Clear Vision provides a comprehensive method for correcting eye defects of various types. The program employs simple yet powerful eye exercises to improve focus and regain clear vision. In addition to the exercises, you will be adding a couple of colorful veggies and fruits to your diet to improve your overall health. The health of your eyes is directly or indirectly dependent on the overall health of the body.

Natural Clear Vision doesn’t contain quick fixes or miracle cures. The author doesn’t promise a complete elimination of all eye problems but instead promises to offer you a method that can greatly improve vision and clear a few defects that would otherwise re quire more invasive and usually costly interventions.

Right from the beginning of the manual, the author tries to build a connection between your emotional and mental states. He demonstrates how these can impact clarity and vision. In some ways, this appears like general knowledge but a deeper look at it will quickly reveal that your state of mind affects many body functions including eye sight and vision.

The author highlights a number of things you do on a daily basis that are seemingly ‘usual’ yet they directly affect your eyes. For instance, sitting on your desk and staring at your computer screen for two straight hours has a huge net impact on your ability to focus on long distance objects. If you don’t make any changes, your ability to focus on distant objects diminishes and you might soon need corrective measures.

natural clear vision reviewThe author suggests that you take short breaks from the computer every 30 minutes to allow your eyes to rest. He also suggests that you get a little dose of sunshine whenever you can or just get in touch with nature at every opportunity. Instead of watching TV before bed time, set yourself up to be in a relaxing situation.

The author states that many eye defects are a product of eye strain that doesn’t happen overnight but over a long period of time. As such, cultivating healthy habits such as those mentioned in the previous section is the best way to reverse the effects of strain put on the eyes knowingly or unknowingly.

The main manual comprises a series of eye exercises that improve the performance of your eyes while preventing adverse effects. You don’t need to memorize complicated routines such as those you’ll typically find in ordinary eye care solutions.

These exercises are brief and right on point. Once you start practicing them, you quickly get the hang of it and they become second nature that you’ll literally be doing them at will anytime, anywhere.

The majority of the eye exercises don’t require any special materials but some do need simple prop materials.

The Good Points of the Natural Clear Vision Guide

  • The guide’s format creates a great reading experience that helps users easily grasp the points.
  • The tips provided are purely natural, therefore there’s no concern for side effects.
  • The guide provides over 40 eye exercises that are simple to grasp and perform.
  • The tips are proactive in nature. They are aimed at improve vision and eyesight while at the same time prevent degenerative issues that impair vision. Note that you will only realize the desired results if you properly follow the exercises and perform them regularly.
  • There’s a video instructional on how to minimize vision stress as a result of watching TV or video.
  • The Bates Method is included as a surprise bonus in the package. You will get good grounding in eye care and health issues.

Areas That Might Need Improvement

  • The content is pretty too much. The author could have used real-life experiences to put some points across.
  • Some exercises could benefit from video illustrations.
  • The ‘nature sound tracks’ may not work for every user and they feel like an unnecessary inclusion.


Natural Clear Vision is chock-full of useful tips and info on how to care for your eyes naturally. The guide is aimed at helping you achieve better vision naturally and reverse some common eye defects.

No matter what you’ve read elsewhere, you’re bound to gain new info and useful knowledge that will benefit your health as a whole. Natural Clear Vision will not eliminate all your eye problems as some may require more specialized methods, but it sure goes a long way in helping to restore natural vision and is worth a try.

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Panic Away Review

Panic Away is a self-help guide that claims to treat a host of panic and anxiety disorders for good. The author insists that every person suffering from anxiety disorders and related problems can be helped by the info in this guide.

There’s no doubt that panic attacks are very scary and debilitating. People who have experienced them know this for a fact and they’d give anything to forget those experiences.

While there are various medicinal drugs for ‘treating’ panic attacks, it is pretty common knowledge that those medicines are usually addictive and habit forming. Some are delicate as they re quire strict adherence to a doctor’s prescription because abuse or misuse can have fatal consequences.

Panic Away offers a complete natural solution free from addictive drugs. The solution seeks to eliminate the root causes of anxiety rather than mask its symptoms.

Panic Away Overview

panic awayPanic Away is a product of Barry McDonagh that he developed whilst studying psychology. Barry discovered that the majority of existing anxiety solutions only dealt with managing symptoms rather than getting rid of the problem.

Barry’s research was greatly influenced by the work of Viktor Frankl, a respected psychiatrist who made great inroads in finding perm anent solutions to anxiety and panic attacks. Through Viktor Frankl’s work, Barry was able to understand that it was absolutely crucial to identify one’s fears and stop them from ‘fearing those fears’ in order to eliminate anxiety for good.

Using this basis, Barry developed a special method known as the ‘21-7’ technique along with the ‘C.A.L.M’ method. These two techniques are the premise of this entire system.

Most anxiety treatment programs focus on overcoming the problem but this course emphasizes the fact that your feelings are not what you should be fighting. The author claims that this system works at the source of the problem to provide more long-term relief from anxiety.

The Role Of Viktor Frankl’s Work

Viktor Frankl was an Austrian doctor who experienced the horrors of the Holocaust first hand after spending time in a concentration camp. Of course, this contributed to various anxiety-related issues for other victims and the doctor was assigned the task of helping them deal with the psychological torture.

Dr. Frankl carries out extensive existential analysis through which he realized that he had to find a way to make people deal with their fears in order to eliminate anxiety attacks.

Based on this analysis, Barry McDonagh was able to develop the ‘21-7’ technique that aims at disarming a panic attack within 21 seconds and eliminating anxiety within 7 minutes.

Panic Away Details

Panic Away comprises three distinct stages – Trust, Acceptance, and Persistence. Each stage is basically a chapter containing in-depth info explaining what you need to do to advance to the next stage.

Overall, the guide comprises 70 sections and sub-sections that are easy to read and understand. Many chapters in the course focus on the triggers of anxiety such as fear of heights and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), among others. The guide also offers practical ways of dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). They all build on the ‘21-7’ technique followed by the C.A.L.M method.

In addition, there are some ‘ah ha’ statements that could completely alter a sufferer’s life. Here are some examples:

  • Allow your body to fully accept and move along when a panic attack happens. In the course, this is called ‘observe, embrace, and ask for more’.
  • The author mentions the differences between generalized and situational anxiety.
  • The relationship between panic disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders are related.
  • How to stop fighting yourself each time a panic attack happens.
  • How some foods can affect anxiety and panic disorders. This is crucial because some foods are particularly bad for anxiety.
  • An original technique that eliminates anxiety for good rather than fight it.

Fight or Flight Response

panic away reviewPanic Away discusses the body’s natural fight or flight response that activates when the brain senses danger, whether real or perceived. This is a purely natural and normal response that every person is capable of, but in someone with anxiety disorders, this response blows out of proportion and boils into a full-blown panic attack.

According to Barry, a person with anxiety disorders experiences ‘ abnormal’ chemical reactions in the brain so that the fight or flight response feeds on its self, leading to a full-blown panic attack. All this culminates from extreme fear that leads to physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, trembling hands and feet, as well as the fear of having the attack itself.

Because this is essentially the root of all panic attacks, it’s clear that a thorough understanding of how it works goes a long way in helping sufferers deal with their condition.

The author goes in-depth with his explanations and leaves no stone unturned in explaining this phenomenon. He also does a great job of explaining the symptoms and manifestations of the condition and why they happen. Perhaps as a shocker, he also elaborates why they may not always be bad.

There is a long discussion on medications too in the book. The author acknowledges that medications are not entirely useless and they’re especially important in providing quick relief from symptoms when a panic attack happens. However, they are usually not effective as long-term solutions.


  • Panic Away offers a permanent solution to one of the most debilitating health problems.
  • The course offers solid scientific solutions in an easy-to-read format. There are no ‘filler’ words because every statement counts towards the ultimate solution.
  • The system boasts of high success rates based on reviews by people who have tried it.
  • It is very affordable and is a completely natural solution. You don’t have to deal with habit-forming drugs again.
  • There is a fast-track DVD format of the program in case you don’t have time to read the PDF.


Panic Away is a trusted natural solution for treating panic attacks without using addictive medicines. Written in plain simple English, the guide offers in-depth knowledge about panic attacks and related anxiety problems, explaining their root causes and offering permanent solutions. Panic Away is a worthwhile investment for panic attack sufferers because it is cheap and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Suspension Revolution Review

Suspension Revolution is a fitness guide that claims to offer 191 suspension exercises that will rip your abs like never before. The guide claims that the suspension exercises are nothing like you’ve ever seen before. By the time you get to the end of this system, you will have gone through more than 2000 fat melting reps as well as 20 weeks of high intensity suspension workouts.

Suspension Revolution is authored by suspension guru Dan Long who claims that his long-held secret workouts have helped a number of top athletes, and famous celebs get ripped in no time.

Dan asserts that suspension exercises have been the exercise system of choice for Special Forces, elite sports personalities, and thousands of top fitness enthusiasts. He goes ahead to claim that using gym equipment limits your body and doesn’t exploit its full potential to burn fat. Dan’s system is designed to utilize all your body muscles so that you lose fat in every part of the body.

Suspension Revolution Details

suspension revolutionSuspension Revolution focuses on suspension workouts and simply takes it to another level. It comprises 191 rare workouts and 27 extreme exercise combinations that essentially turn your body into a fat melting furnace. In typical gym workouts, you work a specific set of muscles, but using this program, you will target muscles that you rarely use in typical gym settings.

This system is premised on the fact that effective fat burning exercise must use nearly all the 600 muscles in your body and typical gym workouts cannot achieve that. As such, you’ll mostly be exercising muscles that you don’t normally use in typical gym sessions. The workouts in this program provide your body with a new stimulus which ‘shocks’ your fat into literally melting off.

Suspension Revolution Content Overview

Suspension Revolution is all about the rare suspension training technique. Suspension training entails the use of ropes to create resistance. It uses your bodyweight and webbing to adjust the difficulty of the exercises.

Suspension training has the ability to burn fat rapidly. What’s more, it’s the best workout for improving stability, balance, flexibility, and building strength.

Suspension Revolution comprises of four main parts.

The first part is the 4-Week Starter Suspension Revolution. This is basically a starter program that suits beginners but can be beneficial to veterans too. This part is aimed at warming up your muscles and to prepare them for the more advanced stages to come. At the end of the 4 weeks, you will have woken up muscles you weren’t even aware of. The best part is that you will be burning fat all the while as your muscles get warmed up.

The second part is the intermediate Suspension Revolution where you are introduced to a new set of workouts so that your body doesn’t hit the dreaded plateau. This phase also lasts 4 weeks and provides a new stimulus for your body to burn more fat.

The third part is the longest as it comprises 12 weeks of advanced suspension exercises. In this phase, your body accelerates into full fat loss mode using advanced workouts and suspension techniques. The author warns that you should be ready to smash fat loss records. This phase will also lead to sculpted muscle mass and you’ll start transforming your body into a highly attractive physique. All the belly fat will melt away as your arms and shoulders become well defined.

suspension revolution reviewThe fourth part is called Strap Afterburn Finishers. This is the most advanced part of the program where Dan teams up with ‘Mr. Finisher’ to help you get fast results. This part comprises a series of brief after burn finishers to get you the fastest fat burning results you’ve never seen. These finishers are typically recommended after the ‘normal’ workouts or on your rest days.

With this program, it’s hard to go wrong if you strictly follow the instructions. It’s easy to follow and well written for beginners as well as advanced users.

Suspension Revolution is designed to give you steady fat loss while building muscle and stamina. The workouts in this program are truly unique from anything you’ve seen out there. The aim is to use those muscles that are rarely exercises, along with all other muscles so that your body gains the required energy to burn fat. In the end, your body will be burning fat long after your workouts.

Specific Benefits

  • Suspension Revolution is a high intense training manual with the main focus on burning fat. If you want rapid fat loss using high intensity training, this is the program for you.
  • The program works gradually in stages. You’re not thrown into the deep right off the bat. Instead, the author takes you through stages where you’re gradually introduced to more advanced training techniques.
  • It is well written and easy to follow. Everything is straightforward and there are no ambiguities.
  • It suits all fitness levels, from beginners to intermediates and advanced users as well.
  • It doesn’t re quire gym memberships. As earlier noted, suspension training is based on ropes to create resistance, so you can do these workouts from anywhere.
  • It is affordable. Given the quality of the material and what you stand to gain, this program is basically a steal.
  • It is one of the most effective fat burning and body sculpting manuals you will get on the market. The numerous positive reviews on the Internet speak for themselves.

 The Author

Dan Long is the author of the Suspension Revolution manual. He also owns and runs Kill Mode Training Company. He runs his programs via a popular website and focuses on the mental aspect of training while helping his clients to stick through with their programs.

Dan worked as a personal trainer for years until he discovered a training method that would change the way he approached fitness. Suspension Revolution is one of the fruits of that discovery.

If you are looking for real fat loss results using a rare kind of training, you have to look at Suspension Revolution by Dan Long. The promises are big but so are the results if you follow through with the program.

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He’s Not That Complicated Review

He’s Not That Complicated is a digital guide that offers tips and advice to women who need to learn how to attract men for keeps instead of turning them away. Most women are clueless when it comes to what makes a man reluctant to commit, but this guide lays out clearly like you’ve never seen before.

When you start applying the tips, your man will value you more and start treating you like the queen you ought to be.

He’s Not That Complicated Overview

he's not that complicatedHe’s Not That Complicated is a product of Eric Charles with assistance from Sabrina Alexis. The two authors are both well respected and knowledgeable in their own right.

He’s Not That Complicated is primarily designed for women who are not in any steady relationship or those having difficulty finding a good man. It can also work for women in relationships who feel that their future is not assured.

Married women will also find lots of useful advice in this guide particularly on how to keep the fire burning in their marriages. That being said, He’s Not That Complicated is better suited to single women or those that are in the first stages of dating and are looking for ways to make the man adore them back equally.

He’s Not That Complicated Content

There are six chapters in the He’s Not That Complicated guide. Each chapter discusses a specific phase in the ‘spectrum’ which you have to follow in order to become a woman of value that every man will cherish.

Here are the main ideas in these six chapters:

  1. Recognize your mindset behaviors: It’s almost common knowledge now that neediness ruins a relationship. It is one of the most dreaded things that push men away. Being needy can kill a relationship before it has got anywhere. In this chapter, the authors show you how to become self-assured so that your man can love you even more.
  2. Prevent good relationships from turning sour: A man may suddenly become dist ant just when you thought things were good in your relationship. Sometimes, a man may start to avoid you or delay to reply to your text messages or calls. What’s more, this can happen at any stage of the relationship. In this chapter, you will learn how to respond to your man when he suddenly starts acting cold or distant.
  3. Figure out how he feels: It’s a known fact that it’s not easy to read a man’s mind. In this chapter, you will have access to cheat sheets that will teach you how to read a man’s mind. There’s a secrete tip offered in this chapter: some men who understand the ‘game’ may become mysterious intentionally so as to try and get you curious. At some point, he may leave you hanging and you will not know whether to let it go or hang in there. In this chapter, the authors show you how to avoid falling into his ‘trap’ by keeping calm and showing him that you too can play the game. In short, don’t try to push things.
  4. Earn the label: In this chapter, you will learn how to earn his commitment. It’s no secret that men sometimes are reluctant to admit that they’re only seeing one woman. Whether or not a label means something to you, the purpose of this chapter is to get your man to make the relationship solid by accepting you as his girlfriend and potential wife-to-be. The authors included reader questions to help you learn from other users who have benefited from the guide.
  5. Is he worth it or not: The fifth chapter ought to have come much earlier because it is crucial in determining whether he is worth the effort or not. Nonetheless, order shouldn’t matter since you have to give the whole course a perusal before you start applying the methods. The whole point of this chapter is to help you avoid investing valuable time and resources on a man that will eventually develop cold feet. There are case studies of real-life situations to help you determine whether he is ready to commit or not.
  6. The final chapter introduces a crucial point and arguably the most important in the whole guide – how to get him to treat you better by enhancing your value. This chapter alone is worth the price of the entire course and it is one that fully demonstrates the authors’ knowledge and expertise on the subject.

Package Bonuses

he's not that complicated reviewIn addition to the core course material of the He’s Not That Complicated guide, you also get five bonus eBooks that are utterly important for understanding men. They include these main ideas:

  • How to find a man who will give himself wholly to you.
  • How to be self-assured yet treat your man with the respect he deserves.
  • How to give yourself to a man who deserves your love.
  • How to utilize your time in a way that profits you. So many women lose valuable time because they have no clue.
  • How to realize the value in your man; treat him like a human being.

Towards the end of the course, Sabrina offers some ‘final thoughts’ that are an absolute read for every woman. As you might have discovered by this stage, the course offers lots of tips on what to say and when to say it, the underlying theme is about teaching you to love and respect yourself. This way, the right man will come your way without a lot of effort or if you are already dating, you will enjoy a rewarding and highly fulfilling relationship.


He’s Not That Complicated is a collaboration between two expert coaches who know exactly what they’re talking about. The guide teaches women how to break free from the insecurities that make them seem like needy women. In the end, users are expected to gain self-confidence and the appropriate tips that attract a man to omit forever.

He’s Not That Complicated really makes things simple for women by offering simple and logical ways to turn a relationship from a stale one to a vibrant and loving one.

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Oxygen Miracle Cure Review

The Oxygen Miracle Cure is a solution that claims to be able to offer a host of natural diseases, hence the ‘Miracle Cure’ name. Oxygen Miracle Cure claims to restore the body’s natural ability to fight against disease and heal itself without the use of drugs. Another claim is that this guide will reveal the secret that will keep you disease free for the rest of your life. You will learn how to identify and cure common illnesses and infections as well as be able to help your loved ones too to be free from disease.

The claims are obviously big and this necessitates a deeper inquiry into what Oxygen Miracle Cure really is and how it works.

Oxygen Miracle Cure Overview

oxygen miracle cureOxygen Miracle Cure is a relatively brand new product in the self-help industry. As its name suggests, the guide claims to use oxygen to heal illnesses of various types. It is particularly targeted at people with seemingly incurable diseases. The theory behind this solution is that diseased cells exposed to oxygen will eventually regain their health, hence healing the underlying illness.

In other words, the methods in this program help to increase oxygen supply to all your body cells so as to regain their full life. Diseased cells, according to the theory behind this guide, are simply deprived of enough oxygen and they eventually die if they’re not exposed to oxygen again.

Regardless of what you think, the theory on which this guide is premised is backed by scientific data; oxygen-deprived cells eventually become cancerous cells as many studies have proved. However, whether or not the subsequent methods work is another matter altogether.

Oxygen Miracle Cure Details

As mentioned in the previous section, oxygen is necessary for the normal functioning of all body cells. All body cells and tissues need a constant and adequate supply of oxygen to function normally. However, according to the author, the body doesn’t always provide enough oxygen to all body cells. In case of illness, your body will have a hard time recovering due to oxygen deprivation in some tissues and cells.

This is where Oxygen Miracle Cure comes in; it is designed to help your body supply enough oxygen to all tissues so as to flush out disease. Here are the package contents as well as what you will learn:

  • Learn the role of vitamins in fighting disease and from which foods you can get the most. These vitamins specifically increase the amount of red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygenated blood to various body cells and tissues.
  • You will discover a great collection of oxygen boosting foods that boost the blood’s oxygenating power. These foods also apparently make your bones stronger.
  • There’s a sugar detox guide for your body.
  • A unique 15-minute exercise that removes waste from your body using oxygen. These are simple exercises ideal for all ages and physical status.
  • How to immunize yourself and entire family against common colds and flu.
  • How to make an oxygenating bathtub.
  • Over 20 diseases that can be cured just by increasing oxygen supply.
  • Foods and supplements that enrich your blood with oxygen.
  • Improve your skin complexion.
  • How to clean your home using natural ingredients.

One section of this guide worth highlighting is the Oxygen Diet. The author claims that there are foods that greatly enrich your body with oxygen yet few people k now them. This section is provides a compilation of simple, delicious, and astoundingly powerful oxygen recipes to include in your diet.

Advantages of the Oxygen Miracle Cure Program

  • The info is provided in such a way that any person can easily understand.
  • The guide spends a great deal on diet, which is really a good thing since diet directly or indirectly affects disease propagation and cure.
  • The solution offered is purely natural. It restores your body’s natural ability to fight illness.
  • You can access the program anytime, anywhere since it is a digital product.
  • It has received an encouraging number of good reviews from users on the Internet.

oxygen miracle cure reviewHowever, there are a few areas that the author could have improved on. For instance, the guide doesn’t consider the individuality and uniqueness of each user. Some things may work best for some people whereas other people may not get the same results.

Also, for a price that is on the higher side of $30, some may consider it a pricey purchase.

Finally, Oxygen Miracle Cure may be better suited for preventive measures rather than curative. If you’re severely ill (such as advanced cancer), you may not find a lot of use from this program as your case might need intensive care and treatment. If, however, you’re relatively healthy, this guide might be useful in maintaining good health and preventing possible disease.


Oxygen Miracle Cure is sold with a 60-day money back guarantee that allows you to use it for two months within which you could claim all your money back. If you do, you will be refunded without any questions asked and absolutely no hassles. For this reason, we can safely conclude that Oxygen Miracle Cure is risk-free to buy.

Oxygen Miracle Cure is a product of Harlan Coben who is apparently backed up by academic and industry experience credentials. He specializes in healthy dieting, holistic treatment solutions, and generally the use of natural remedies to cure disease.


Oxygen Miracle Cure is a rare kind of self-help informational that makes claims to the effect that it can help you cure any type of illness. The system is based on the theory that body cells and tissues that receive adequate amounts of oxygen are better suited to fending off disease.

However, the more realistic assumption is that Oxygen Miracle Cure is a disease-preventing instructional that contains genuine disease prevention tips. It doesn’t appear to be ideal for advanced and very serious illnesses such as advanced cancer. Nonetheless, the info is worth a look if you are a health conscious individual.

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Forever Yours Review

Forever Yours is a new relationship guide specifically designed for women. The guide is a product of Carlos Cavallo, a renowned relationship expert and coach. Many women on the Internet are excited about Cavallo’s program for various reasons. According to the author, this guide helps you uncover the secrets to his heart using proven techniques.

Forever Yours contains tips on how to open a man’s heart so that he will love you forever, hence the title. It’s always exciting to learn new ideas as far as relationships are concerned and as such, Carlos Cavallo’s guide has received a great deal of buzz on the Internet.

Forever Yours Overview

forever yoursInside the guide, Carlos Cavallo reveals the reasons why men become distant, disinterested and cold. The author then reveals a ‘secret password’ that will unlock a man’s emotions and make him love you forever.

The author claims that his ‘secret password’ will get any man to commit and adore you forever. He claims that this secret password is a breakthrough psychological technique that breaks into a man’s well-guarded emotional side.

The author offers 3 ‘ordinary’ questions that you can use to instantly break through his heart and learn how to tell what he’s thinking about so that you can connect with him at a deep level.

The best thing is that the course takes you through step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in order to unlock your man’s heart. Things are pretty orderly and easy to understand for everyone even if English is not your first language.

Forever Yours Highlights

When you delve into the meat of the Forever Yours program, the first major highlight is the debunking of the popular misconception that men fear commitment. On the contrary, men want to be in relationships as much as women do, but as the author clarifies, men don’t like to be pressured into relationships. A man wants a relationship when it is his idea.

In addition, the author claims that if a woman behaves casually about the relationship, she may not be taken seriously by her man.

Another important highlight in this guide is that men go through a series of stages before finally committing. Cavallo states that a man is initially attracted to a woman physically during the ‘attraction’ phase. The second stage is the ‘connection’ in which a man starts to build a real connection and feels that the woman is a potential girlfriend or wife. Finally, he progresses to the ‘commitment’ phase where he fully commits to you.

Cavallo offers detailed instructions on what exactly you need to do to get a man to progress to the commitment phase.

In short, here is what a woman ought to do according to Carlos Cavallo:

  • Establishment a man’s current stage.
  • Identify the things that may stop him from making a commitment.
  • Motivate him through the right words so that he can lower his guard and progress to the next level.

These are some of the main highlights of this guide. However, there is a bunch of other related material that ships with the course including the following:

  • Full membership that allows you access to a variety of exclusive video trainings.
  • An audio version of the main course.
  • A helpful diagrammatic summary of the course that highlights important points of the course through diagrams.
  • A guide that teaches women how to rekindle the romance in a sour relationship.
  • A guide that teaches women how to read and interpret a man’s body language.
  • You also get free membership to an exclusive club managed by the author. Members in this club receive advanced relationship techniques as well as fresh new tips every week.

Specific Benefits

forever yours reviewThe course is very detailed and insightful. The author offers a fresh take on the reasons why men may appear distant in a relationship. He also clearly explains why men are mistakenly branded as commitment phobic. He debunks this whole myth, offering women practical solutions on how to break into a man’s guarded heart.

The advice offered is actionable. Forever Yours is not a feel good course designed to console women. Instead, the author offers actionable advice that any woman can easily apply in their relationship and see real results.

What’s more, the author doesn’t force you to do things that are beyond your ability. The advice feels natural and the results are immediate.

The course is offered at an affordable price. The introductory price for Cavallo’s course is a lot cheaper than many similar products on the market. When you take into account the fact that there are plenty of bonus items offered with the system, it really is cheap.

The solutions are tested and they seem to work for the majority of women who have used the system. In fact, Forever Yours is the home version of the author’s highly successful seminar that runs in San Francisco. As you might have guessed, the seminar brings together thousands of women to see Cavallo’s techniques in person.

The course is offered with a money back guarantee. This makes it completely risk-free to purchase and try it out within the first two months. You can request a 100% refund within that period if you find that the system doesn’t work for you.

Keep in mind that Forever Yours is only available in digital format. This is obviously an advantage because you can access it anywhere. However, there are some old-school users who prefer the paperback type; if you are this type, consider the audio version or you could simply print out the eBook at home.


Forever Yours lives up to the expectations for the most part. Carlos Cavallo offers fresh and insightful advice about relating with men. Specifically, he offers proven tips on how to get any man to open up and commit to you for long.

It also helps that the course follows in the footsteps of the author’s highly successful seminar where he helps women deal with men issues through expert, well-researched tips and advice. Forever Yours is definitely a must-see for every woman who has been struggling with men issues.

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Erase Herpes Review

Erase Herpes is a digital product containing info that can treat herpes and related symptoms. Created by Christine Buelher, Erase Herpes offers a step-by-step method of removing the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) permanently. It’s all natural and you don’t need any manufactured drugs.

At the end of the program, the author promises that you will be 100% healed of herpes so that you can reclaim your normal life back.

Erase Herpes Overview

erase herpesErase Herpes was created as an alternative treatment for infections caused by the HSV which are notoriously difficult to treat.

Herpes manifests as cold sores or blisters around the genitals and the mouth. If you’re infected with HSV, you might stay with the virus for the rest of your life, with outbreaks springing up every now and then.

While it’s not possible to eliminate the HSV completely from the body, this natural solution promises to reduce the virus to almost inactive state so that you cannot get more outbreaks.

Erase Herpes claims to work from the inside out, destroying the surviving conditions of the virus from the inside while clearing the visible symptoms on the skin.

Basics of the Infection

Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two known strains of HSV – HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both strains are very contagious and spring from the Herpesviridae classification.

The HSV-1 strain typically affects the mouth and causes sores around the outside of the mouth. On the other hand, HSV-2 typically affects the genital area and spreads through sexual contact or other skin contact. That being said, HSV-1 can also be spread through sexual contact and it is estimated that more people are increasingly getting HSV-1 infections around the genital area.

This highly contagious virus can stay dormant for a while without any visible signs of infection. This explains why many people with this virus are not aware they have it and this leads to increased spread of the virus.

In addition to the obvious physical symptoms, Herpes can lead to low self-esteem due to stigma. Other typical symptoms include headaches, backache, flu-like symptoms, fever, swollen glands, itching around the genitals, painful urination especially for females, and fluid-filled blisters which result into painful sores when they burst.

Erase Herpes Details

Erase Herpes provides a detailed step-by-step guide that kills the HSV and clears all symptoms. The truth is that HSV cannot be completely removed from your body once you’re infected, but Erase Herpes greatly reduces the lethal ability. As such, all the symptoms will disappear and you will regain your full livelihood.

The course is split into two major parts:

erase herpes reviewPart 1 is the separation technique that provides a list of vitamins and supplements that are known to be useful to the body’s natural immunity. The claim is that within 10 days, the virus will have separated from your system.

Part 2 contains the real steps that you are supposed to apply to finish off the infection. This part lasts 11 days and it is expected that all your symptoms should have cleared by then.

In other words, HSV will never bother you again once you’ve applied the methods in this guide. Typical clinical methods used to treat HSV cannot remove the virus permanently because they simply relieve the visible symptoms. In contrast, Erase Herpes tackles the infection naturally in three ways:

  • Boosts the immune system: Your immune system is at the forefront of fighting disease, but when it is not in perfect condition, you will have a hard time fighting infections. Erase Herpes helps to boost your immune system as one of the natural ways to fight HSV.
  • Destroys the protein coating on the virus: The HSV has a protective protein coating that serves to make it difficult to kill using drugs. However, the author of this natural solution claims that he figured out a way to dissolve this protein coating so that your immune system can then exterminate the virus from within and weaken it c considerably.
  • Preventing replication: The third natural way that this solution works to heal Herpes is by preventing the replication of the HSV. This will greatly reduce its presence in your system and its ability to cause unwanted symptoms.

As mentioned previously, Erase Herpes works naturally to eliminate the herpes virus and clear all related symptoms. The methods provided in this guide can be used by both men and women regardless of age. What makes this program unique is that it not only targets the virus’ manifestations on the skin, but aims at weakening the virus inside and stopping it from replicating itself.

Specific Benefits

  • Erase Herpes is a simple, straightforward guide that is easy to understand.
  • It is a 100% natural solution that doesn’t cause undesirable side effects. In other words, it is absolutely safe.
  • It has neither age nor gender restrictions. Any person suffering from herpes can use it.
  • It greatly improves your immune system thereby benefiting your overall health.
  • It comes with two handy bonuses dealing with fat loss and hair growth.
  • It is a digital product that’s easy to get and available instantly.
  • The program is authored by a doctor who has also suffered from the same infection in the past.
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee with every purchase. This shows that there are basically no risks associated with purchasing this guide. If you are not satisfied with the info in the guide, you simply have to send them an email requesting for a refund. You don’t have to answer any questions and it’s absolutely hassle free.


Erase Herpes is an alternative treatment solution for herpes that offers a lot of promise for herpes sufferers. The system is based on pure natural methods and helps to clear symptoms as well as weaken the herpes simplex virus.

Erase Herpes has been used by thousands of users, a testament to its effectiveness. It also comes with a 100% no questions-asked money back guarantee. Erase Herpes is a must try for people suffering from this terrible infection and need an alternative, risk-free solution.

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Unlock His Heart Review

Unlock His Heart is a self-help guide that claims to help women achieve a better understanding of the men they hope to date or those that they’re already dating. The guide claims that women will gain a clearer insight into the male psyche that will eventually help them have harmonious relationships with men.

Apparently, Unlock His Heart is the key to any man’s heart that gives you unrestricted access to places that were previously blocked to you.

The truth is that the dynamics of relationships have greatly changed now compared to how they were years ago. Fortunately, some people have been studying and observing those changes and can now offer expert advice on how to be successful in a relationship. Unlock His Heart offers expert advice on how to relate with any man.

Unlock His Heart Overview

unlock his heartUnlock His Heart was authored by Nadine Piat, a relationship guru with considerable industry experience. Nadine combines formal training and informal practical experience to come up with the best expert advice on relationships. She has certificates and degrees from a host of universities and spent a better part of her career treating patients for stress, anxiety disorders, and depression.

All this credentials add more weight to her status as someone you can trust without reservations.

Peeking inside the guide, there is a lot of exciting advice to brace for, but we cannot give everything away in this guide. However, we shall mention some highlights of sections that standout.

Unlock His Heart Highlights

The guide comprises multiple chapters but these are the highlights:

The chapter called ‘Thrill of the Chase’ is of particular importance to all women. Precisely speaking, this chapter deals with that thrill you feel when you are chasing or being chased (goes both ways for m en and women). The author explains why the chase is important for the success of the eventual relationship. The author asserts that things that are too easy to get tend to have a lower perceived value than those that are moderately difficult to get.

On the other hand, if something gets too hard to attain, the motivation may fade and some may give up altogether. In this chapter, the author shows you how to attain that sweet spot where a man stays motivates and interested in pursuing you as you work your charms on him.

Another crucial chapter worth highlighting is one about men and their insecurities, aptly named Men Insecurities. There are lots of societal myths about men and their emotional and physical strength, but the truth is laid bare in this chapter with convincing illustrations.

Nadine asserts that men do have insecurities and fears although they are not as well documented as those of women. Most men feel the need to appear macho but reality is that they do have fears of their own on the inside. The author goes on to claim that having knowledge of these insecurities and how to identify them is key to unlocking a man’s heart and finally breaking through the romantic barrier with them.

unlock his heart reviewOther chapters in the guide are equally as important and it’s impossible to highlight all of them in a single review. But one more chapter worth mentioning is one called ‘How To Keep Him Engaged’. This chapter offers actionable advice on what to do to keep a man interested in being in a relationship with you. The author claims that if you follow these tips religiously, you will prevent your relationship from becoming stale, a point at which many couples find themselves at after dating for some time.

Specific Benefits of Unlock His Heart

  • Unlock His Heart is a truly rare guide that offers practical advice for women who want to change their relationships for the better. The author offers the key aspects that keep a relationship afloat.
  • The author offers actionable advice and not just theoretical tips that don’t have a place in real life. You will love the nice blend of both theory and practical tips such as those you would normally get from professional counselors.
  • The author is highly respected and has a solid reputation backed by formal coaching qualifications as well as substantial real life experience as a relationship coach.
  • The author offers a concise and fairly accurate account of the male psyche in a relationship. For a woman author, this is pretty impressive.
  • The guide deals with a host of real-life issues that many people can relate with.
  • Many of the tips are based on responses from surveys of suitable demographics. As such, the guide is not dealing with unfounded hypotheses baseless claims.
  • Users get unmatched support from a responsive and bubbly team. Most questions receive a response within 24 hours.

Should I Use Unlock His Heart?

If you are a woman who needs a deeper and clearer understanding of men and relationships, you definitely need to look at this guide. Authored by a competent woman for women, Unlock His Heart provides wisdom and los of useful tips that are not only practical but proven too.

Of course, you will not solve all your relationship problems using one guide, but the advice in Unlock His Heart will help you become a better woman and approach every relationship more prepared, thus increasing your chances for success.


A man’s heart is such a fortified place that few women really understand, let alone manage to penetrate. Nadine Piat does a great job of unlocking this guarded fortress using proven tips and advice. She offers great advice on how to make a man open up to you and commit.

And unlike many other similar guides, Unlock His Heart stands out because it discusses many real-life issues while leaving out baseless claims and hypotheses. The author writes in a friendly tone as if she were speaking to you directly. For this reason, you’ll find that the guide is more grounded in reality. Also, Unlock His Heart comes with three other bonus products that perfectly compliment it.

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Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

Grow Taller 4 Idiots is a book that claims to help short people achieve the maximum possible height their bodies can attain. This guide is created for people who have lived their lives in the shadow of taller people. In a world where appearances mean everything, shorter people are always going to be at a disadvantage.

Shorter people may not be directly discriminated against but many things in our society work against them. For instance, some sporting activities do not favor people below a certain height, such as basket ball and sometimes volleyball.

Shorter people may also have a hard time finding jobs and they often face many other social stigmas. Grow Taller 4 Idiots promises to change fortunes for short people who feel disadvantaged by helping them add a few inches to their height.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots Overview

grow taller 4 idiotsGrow Taller 4 Idiots claims that you can add up to four inches to your height using natural methods. Those claims are made by author Darwin Smith, who asserts that he developed these methods over years of experimenting and testing. When he discovered that his experiments worked, he created a self-paced step-by-step guide that other people could use to increase their height, hence this guide.

Darwin claims that his methods worked on him a few years ago and he managed to achieve his desired height. He claims that anyone can achieve their desired height if they follow the concepts as they’re given in the guide.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots: The Details

Grow Taller 4 Idiots covers a wide range of bases ranging from exercises, nutrition, and other things that can lead to increase in the production of the human growth hormone (HGH).

In fact, Grow Taller 4 Idiots is all about increasing the levels of HGH in the body to trigger growth of bones and muscle.

Note that this guide doesn’t work overnight. Rather, it takes at least 8 weeks before you start seeing any changes. Consistency is paramount if you are going to achieve the desired goals.

The guide comprises seven chapters along with a short intro that explains the science behind the height enhancing technique.

Chapter 1 is about nutrition. It offers a planned diet plan that apparently triggers massive amounts of HGH to be produced in the body which ultimately leads to growth.

Chapter 2 discusses ways to improve posture so as to appear taller than you actually are in real-life. This is obviously for appearance purposes and doesn’t add any inches to your real-height.

Chapter 3 discuses the importance of good sleeping habits and how they affect your height. While sleeping habits may not seem important, they are crucial to growth.

Chapter 4 is when you start with the preliminary preparations for the required exercises needed for height increase.

grow taller 4 idiots reviewIn chapter 5, you are introduced to more exercises that lead to height increase but these are still regular exercises. Exercises not only transform your physique but also boost the production of HGH.

Chapter 6 introduces advanced exercises that give the real turbo-charged growth. These exercises are more grueling and re quire a lot of commitment.

The final chapter introduces bonus tips for enhancing height increase and growth.

As you can see, Grow Taller 4 Idiots essentially revolves around sleep habits, diet, and exercise. When you follow these things as provided in the guide, you will stretch your spinal cord so that HGH is released and ultimately your height increases too.

The guide also offers a miracle supplement that provides essential amino ac ids for growth.

Remember, you need to stick through with the program if you want to see changes to your height. Giving up within the first weeks is common among less committed users.

Does The Program Work?

The idea of height increase after puberty is obviously controversial for many reasons. Most notably, there are claims that you cannot grow beyond a certain age, but studies have shown that you can in fact grow well after puberty. The most extreme height increase after puberty is 4-inches and that’s in line with the maximum you can achieve using this guide.

That being said, you don’t have to take any one’s word for it. The best way to find out is by trying out the techniques for yourself. You cannot expect to gain a lot but 2 to 4 inches is realistic and it does make a difference.

Darwin’s methods can also work for people who are still growing and they will help tremendously.

Specific Benefits

  • The methods provided in the guide are 100% natural. You don’t need additional drugs or other artificial things that may put your health at risk.
  • The program is available instantly as a digital download so there’s no waiting.
  • It is very affordable, typically costing less than $50.
  • The tips offered will improve your overall health. Grow Taller 4 Idiots focuses on healthy eating, exercise, and sleep habits, which are the three basic factors for perfect health.
  • The tips are easy to apply. The author writes in a friendly tone that’s easy to follow.
  • The methods are proven to work. According to self-claims by the author, Grow Taller 4 Idiots will help you gain between 2 and 4 inches within 8 weeks.

Is Grow Taller 4 Idiots Worth Investing In?

If you really want to add a few inches to your stature, Grow Taller 4 Idiots might be a worthwhile guide to invest in. granted, you will not add 4 inches in one week, but as self-help guides go, this one stands out from a long list of mediocre or utterly ineffective guides.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots provides a systematic method that can add at least 2 inches to your height with just dedication and commitment to follow through with the entire guide.

Also, the program is completely natural as it doesn’t advocate use of steroids or other artificial growth substances.

In all, Grow Taller 4 Idiots is worth investing in and offers a curious and unique methodology for boosting height.

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Woman Men Adore Review

Woman Men Adore is a book by Bob Grant, a professional counselor with years of experience. Bob focuses on helping women build successful and loving relationships.

Grant’s book reveals secrets that make a woman more adorable to men. Although women are naturally alluring to men, some of the little things they unknowingly do are a big turn-off for men. Moreover, most women are unaware of these things, so they end up with miserable relationships.

Woman Men Adore offers an unrivaled insight into how a man relates with a woman, his expectations from a committed relationship, and what pushes him away

What Is Woman Men Adore About?

woman men adoreLet’s face it, not all things are created equal and that’s why some women are so adorable to men and seem to attract them in droves with seemingly little effort. Some women are naturally gifted with the qualities that attract and keep men while the majority of women are unsure of what to do when relating to men.

In his 17 years as a counselor, Bob Grant was always fascinated with the aforesaid phenomenon, so he took matters in his own hands to study this phenomenon. What he discovered was dramatic but unsurprising. Women with certain qualities tend to be more appealing to men. Bob Grant felt that the best way to communicate his findings was through an informational guide and so Woman Men Adore is all about the qualities of a woman that attract men, as discovered through Grant’s long-term research while counseling couples.

Woman Men Adore also offers practical tips on how you can transform yourself in to the most adorable woman even if you weren’t naturally blessed with that gift. Grant’s guide stands out from the collection of run-of-the-mill dating guides that are a mere compilation of rehearsed articles from the Internet by offering real practical advice that any woman can implement and see changes in their relationship.

Woman Men Adore is based on a simple philosophy: put your heart ahead of a man so that you can influence them rather than the reverse. Grant shows you how to have influence over your man and he doesn’t stop there; he goes way further than that to show you how to become the woman you’ve always dreamed to become. It’s basically an empowerment guide for women and is unlike any other.

The woman that men are attracted to is in control of her life, her emotions, her decisions, and her feelings. She’s in touch with her emotions and the guide shows you how this quality is highly adorable to men.

What Does Woman Men Adore Reveal?

Woman Men Adore is full of surprising revelations about what men want from women. Even if you think that you’ve heard it all, you will be surprised.

One of the revelations is that women love being independent and feel proud about it yet at the same time they love being pampered, loved and cared for. These two modalities are not at odds and are perfectly understandable. While women love the pampering and care from men, it doesn’t suggest that they are needy and dependent. They simply need to relinquish control at some point and let the man be the lead. It works that way and it is attractive to both men and women. It is also supported by genetics as men are known to offer protection and care while women nurture and give offspring.

In this guide, you’ll also learn that men and women have different strengths and qualities that are complimentary. A woman who knows when to be soft and accommodative yet direct and succinct will easily influence her man to do what she wants.

woman men adore reviewBob Grant’s guide shows you how to recognize, value and respect these differences between men and women. Demanding equality without realizing these differences in the makeup of men and women may instead push away a man.

In short, this guide shows you how to use vulnerability and femininity to grab your man’s attention rather than being a stuck-up control freak that nags and yells all the time.

Also, Woman Men Adore reveals that competition with a man in a relationship is always futile and you should avoid it like the plague. The guide will aptly show you how to express your feelings to your man in a way that doesn’t hurt his ego.

The guide also delves into detail on forgiveness and resentment. Suppressed anger and resentment are big trouble causers in relationships. Most women suppress anger and harbor resentment in their heart for a very long time, sometimes for simple things that they don’t understand about men. Woman Men Adore offers a deep and enlightening discussion on how to forgive and let go of any ill feelings and anger for your partner.

Does The Guide Work?

Bob Grunt’s guide has been lauded as a rare and effective relationship guide that offers practical advice that you can easily relate to. Women will learn a lot about men as well as about themselves from Bob Grunt’s insightful advice.

The guide helps you rediscover yourself and the most important feminine attributes that make you so adorable to men. Through this knowledge, you will be able to start differentiating between impulses and true feelings and get reconnected to your heart and soul.

In short, this guide works and even goes a step further – it educates. The 60-day money back guarantee is testament that Bob Grunt stands by his guide and is sure that it will be beneficial to every woman that purchases it.


In conclusion, Bob Grunt’s Woman Men Adore is one of the better relationship guides out there for women. It is filled with wisdom and practical advice that will dramatically change your love life for the better. Bob Grunt presents the inner psyche of a man like no other author has. In the end, you will transform into the woman that men adore, just as the title of the guide suggests.

Woman Men Adore is available both as an audio product and as an eBook at a very affordable price.

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Acne No More Review

Acne No More is a holistic treatment solution for acne written by Mike Walden. The solution offers a step- by-step approach to eliminating acne of any type, from simple outbreaks to painful and puss-filled bumps. The guide is pretty detailed and is often referred to as the ‘Acne Bible.’

Acne No More treats acne from the inside out to ensure that you never get any more outbreaks in future. According to the author, acne is not a problem of the outer skin per se; rather, it is caused by ‘internal issues’ and simply manifests on the skin. Therefore, treating acne requires dealing with the underlying internal issues first. Once they are dealt with properly, the bumps and scars will clear.

Why Acne No More Is Important

acne no moreAcne is a terrible condition that mainly batters teenagers and adolescents, and even some adults albeit in rare cases. In many cases – especially in adolescents – acne is a major cause of low self-esteem. It manifests as bumps on the face and occasionally on the chest, and causes the skin to become scaly and pink. It leaves unsightly scars after the bumps heal and this is another major side effect of this skin condition.

In many western countries, acne is the most common skin condition and in the U.S., the number of adults who get acne is increasing every year.

A popular misconception about acne is that you just let it run its course and things will be fine, but the truth is that acne can be treated and permanently healed.

While there are plenty of topical medicines as well as prescription-only drugs for acne, almost all of them have intolerable side effects. This makes a natural solution more viable and a better shot at treating acne.

With a natural solution such as Acne No More, there are no long-term side effects, so you can use it for as long as you want.

Acne No More Overview

According to Mike Walden, acne is caused by a number of factors that are all avoidable or at worst manageable. Stress, lack of adequate sleep, lifestyle (lack of adequate physical activity), and diet are all factors that cause severe acne outbreaks and this is actually scientifically supported.

After explaining the causes of acne, Mike explains the fundamental makeup of the skin and the functions of the different parts. He further elaborates the various types of acne so that you can easily understand and identify the type of acne affecting you. From there, he discusses the typical treatments for each type of acne and why they’re not ideal.

Using Mike’s analysis and explanations, you will be able to characterize an acne outbreak into an equation. While the aforesaid causes of acne should be noted, the real trigger is an imbalance in chemicals that occurs when the causing factors are all in place. In addition to acne outbreaks, the hormonal imbalance can lead to a dangerous toxic buildup in the body, thus putting a strain on the liver and kidneys.

The author also explains that genetic factors may also be at play when acne occurs. You will learn how to identify whether your acne is caused by genetic factors or not.

Acne No More Details

acne no more reviewAcne No More comprises five main categories, each of which performs a specific function in eliminating the root cause of acne. The first category deals with flushing out impurities and cleansing the skin; the second category is about dieting and supplementation. It also contains info about a plant that can get rid of Candida. The third category discusses a special detoxification nutrition plan while the fourth category is about controlling stress. The last category deals with external skin care using natural pro ducts.

The author asserts that these are the five core pillars of eradicating acne permanently and they must be applied in the specific order as given in the guide.

The cleansing and flushing category contains info about a juice cleansing diet that flushes out toxins from the body. It is essentially a fasting diet and all appropriate health considerations are taken into account.

The nutrition and supplementation plan is crucial too because your skin is basically what you eat. There are foods that can improve skin elasticity and eliminate acne and scars. This section provides all those details.

The detoxification section explains the need for detoxification in order to get rid of acne permanently. There are instructions for the daily detox routine necessary to keep your skin fresh and supple.

Acne No More is undoubtedly a powerful system, but it does re quire a great deal of discipline and devotion before you can see the desired results. If followed correctly, you can expect to see results within 8 weeks. This is a pretty demanding program, so you have to stick through with all the steps. Only then will you see the real change you want and truly be free from acne.

There is a quick-relief mini-program aimed at people with mild acne outbreaks. It is easy to use and is not so detailed. Even those who might find the advanced part so detailed to follow can use the basic part.

Important Facts About Acne No More

  • It is a tested step-by-step instructional that works.
  • It was created by a person who previously suffered from acne, so you are comforted by the fact that you’re getting help from someone who went through your situation.
  • It is free of fluff; every detail in the book is important and counts towards your healing.
  • The solution isn’t a mere cosmetic band aid; it is a complete health solution that works from the inside out.
  • It treats acne permanently; it is not a temporary relief solution.
  • It is easy to follow. There is nothing complicated in this guide so no matter who you are or where you live, you will find it easy to use.


Acne No More is one of the most complete natural healing systems for acne. It isn’t a quick fix solution so if you’re looking for a short-term solution, it certainly isn’t for you. However, if you want to permanently get rid of acne, Acne No More is the perfect natural system for you.

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Secret Survey Review

Secret Survey is a newly released self-help guide by dating expert Michael Fiore. Michael claims that his new book reveals some controversial yet eye opening secrets of what men really want from women. The guide is aimed at empowering women with the ability to know what a man is thinking about, why he stares at another woman, why he tells lies even if he has a lot of love for you, and how you can put all this knowledge to good use in order to make him want you more and do what you want.

Michael Fiore claims that this whole guide is based on a ‘secret survey’ he sent to a group of men and women, as well as a whole series of ideas, concepts, and theories he’s been developing over the years. The result is that the info in this guide will help both men and women have better, sexier, and more fulfilling relationships with the people they adore.

Women who’ve been deceived and lied to for a long time will find this guide particularly useful. Like most successful informational guides, Secret Survey has generated a fair share of controversies because some people view it as a manipulation tool for women to get what they want from men. The truth is that Secret Survey simply teaches women how to read a man’s mind.

Secret Survey Reveals The Truth About Men in Relationships

secret surveyMany girls grow up believing that a ‘knight in shining armor’ will somehow appear and sweep them off their feet at the right time. But as they begin to date different men, they quickly realize that the fairytales they grew up believing have no place in the real world.

As a matter of fact, most women who have been in a relationship with a man claim that they’ve never really understood the male psyche in a relationship. Thankfully, the Secret Survey guide addresses many of those worries.

Currently, the Secret Survey program is regarded as the most resourceful guide for understanding the male psyche. Women are now empowered to read a man’s mind and know what he’s thinking about even if he has not told you anything.

One of the most perplexing revelations in this guide is that men are more likely to lie to women they really love. Of course, this sounds controversial and farfetched, but you will learn why it is true.

According to the author, once you’ve gone through all the material provided in this guide, you will be able to instantly tell whether or not a man is telling the truth. The author also claims that women who complete this program will be able to provide exactly what their men want and expect from them.

Origins of the Secret Survey Program

As mentioned earlier, Secret Survey is based on Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey conducted with more than 20,000 men. Michael was kind enough to offer a sneak-peek of some of the questions asked in the survey:

“What’s the one thing you wish that your partner understood but you could never tell her yourself? All survey participants were happy to have an opportunity to air out their views in response to this question, albeit anonymously.

The responses included things to do with sex, emotions, relationships, and dating. The responses revealed hidden secrets and provided an insight into a man’s mind. These secrets are the basis of this guide and they offer a way for women to understand men like never before.

Brace yourself for some rare learning experience from the brutal and blunt responses of the men that were surveyed. The straight forward nature of the answers is because the men knew that they were responding to a fellow man.

The entire guide is split into 10 lessons. You only get access to a single lesson each week and at the end of each lesson, you have to complete an exercise.

If you prefer to download the material and read at your pace, there’s a PDF file you can access. You can also access an audio version of the guide that you can listen to at your convenience.

What People Say About the Program

secret survey reviewSecret Survey has received wide acclaim from readers around the world but also some criticisms for apparently being ‘manipulative’. One thing that both critics and supporters agree on is that Secret Survey is an effective guide.

There’s no doubt that the Internet is laden with guides that claim to have all answers to relationship problems such as understanding men. However, the truth is that most of these guides simply give you the author’s opinion on the subject.

This guide is a pleasant surprise to all those skeptics who buy it thinking that it is just another run-of-the-mill informational course on dating.

What Comes With The Program?

There are various benefits that come with purchasing the Secret Survey program. Firstly, you gain access to a members-only area with a onetime payment. This access allows you to view and comment on threads of other women who purchased the program. This kind of sharing provides a support system where you can learn new material and techniques from real-life experiences of other women.

The author checks the comments and discussions at least once a week and will sometimes make a contribution to clarify a point.

Does It Work?

When a product is good enough, the results usually speak for themselves and this is the case for Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey. Many women who use it are greatly pleased by the amount of knowledge it offers and some wonder how they managed without it. That being said, you don’t have to take any person’s word for it; simply get yourself a copy of the guide and find out for yourself.

Best of all, there is a 60-day money back guarantee you can take advantage of, so there is zero risk for you. Secret Survey simply reveals what men think about women and all the info is from the ‘horse’s mouth’ – the thousands of men who took part in the secret survey.

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Hemorrhoid No More Review

Hemorrhoid No More is a natural Hemorrhoids cure guide sold online as a digital download. The guide shows you how to completely eliminate Hemorrhoid and all associated symptoms including chronic pain, bleeding, swelling, and irritation. Hemorrhoid No More is no magic portion or miracle cure but if you follow the treatment carefully, you are sure to get rid of painful Hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid No More Overview

Hemorrhoid No More is a product of Jessica Wright, a certified health consultant, nutritionist, and author. Her guide can be best described as a ‘Hemorrhoids Bible’ because it contains all the info you need to treat Hemorrhoid completely. Hemorrhoid No More provides precise instructions on what to do to cure Hemorrhoid in a safe way. The treatment method is pretty comprehensive and is guaranteed to free you from constipation once and for all.

hemorrhoid no moreHemorrhoid No More isn’t just another ‘Hemorrhoids eBook’; rather, it is a complete cure program that even shows you how to prevent potential recurrence of Hemorrhoids. The treatment method offered in this guide helps to fix the internal causes of Hemorrhoids. Without fixing these causes, it is impossible to eliminate Hemorrhoids for good, let alone the irritating symptoms.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectal area and can be very painful. Hemorrhoids commonly occur in older people although they can develop at any age. If left untreated, Hemorrhoids can get worse and very unpleasant and for this reason, it is recommended to take action as soon as you realize that they’ve developed.

Many people will develop Hemorrhoids at some stage in their lives. It is believed that Hemorrhoids develop as a result of increased pressure on the veins in the rectal area.

If you have difficulty empting your bowel (such as in constipated persons), this may put pressure on the veins in the rectum and cause them to swell. Pregnant women are also at increased risk of hemorrhoids and they can get worse during labor.

Overweight and obese people are also at increased risk of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can either be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are typically small swollen veins in the rectum although they can enlarge and drop out of the anus.

External hemorrhoids usually remain under the skin due to clotting caused by irritation. In either case, they are very painful and discomforting.

Hemorrhoid No More Details

Hemorrhoid No More is a 150-page guide that’s chock-full of quality info on how to get rid of painful hemorrhoids. The guide presents many facts about Hemorrhoids in addition to offering a holistic treatment plan to get rid of them. One of the premises on which this program is based is that a slight change in lifestyle can lead to the development of hemorrhoids. Since every person goes through changes in their lives almost every day, this point couldn’t hit home any harder.

Hemorrhoids No More explains in detail what hemorrhoids are, how you can diagnose them at an early stage, the changes you must make to heal faster, the different development stages of hemorrhoids, and the one ‘wonder’ product that clears all hemorrhoid symptoms in 3 days.

Some highlights of what you will find in this guide:

  • A simple 5-step method for eliminating hemorrhoids within weeks.
  • The main causes of hemorrhoids.
  • The foods for and against hemorrhoids.
  • Traditional hemorrhoids treatments. Everything you need to know about these treatments.
  • How to handle allergies to hemorrhoids drugs.
  • Detailed explanations on how to perform the right exercises that help in the healing process for hemorrhoids.
  • How to stop fluids from draining from the rectum or anus in 5 days.
  • A super-effective herb that cures hemorrhoids.
  • How your lifestyle affects your condition.
  • How to measure the severity of your hemorrhoids.

In addition to the info in the main guide, there are five other bonus guides to help you during the healing process.

Should I Trust Hemorrhoid No More?

hemorrhoid no more reviewAs we’ve already seen, Hemorrhoid No More is a product of Jessica Wright, a former hemorrhoids sufferer with a truly unique story about her experience with the condition. After searching high and low for a solution, Jessica’s condition only became worse as nothing seemed to cure her hemorrhoids completely.

Using her research skills, Jessica set out to find an alternative treatment solution for her hemorrhoids. Indeed, after painstaking research and repeated trials and error, she discovered a method that finally worked to cure her pain caused by hemorrhoids. Eventually, the hemorrhoids were completely cured.

Based on Jessica’s own personal experience with hemorrhoids, you can trust that Hemorrhoid No More works because it is based on Jessica’s own real life experience.

Here are the expectations of using this guide as stated by the author:

  • When you start using Hemorrhoid No More, you can expect the pain from hemorrhoids to subside considerably.
  • All symptoms related to hemorrhoids will reduce and completely disappear after a while.
  • You will have improved intestinal health and heart function.
  • You will look and feel healthier.
  • Your vitality, clarity, and overall wellness will greatly improve.

That being said, it is worth noting that every person responds differently to treatment and this being a holistic approach, results may be varied for every user. The best way to find out whether this guide will clear your hemorrhoids is to give it a try. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so it’s risk free.


Hemorrhoid No More provides a solid framework for treating hemorrhoids completely and preventing recurrence. Most users of the Hemorrhoid No More program have reported dramatic improvement in their condition within weeks of using the program. In addition, Jessica Wright, author of the program, provides a compelling story of her own experience with the condition that offers hope and courage for new users.

Factors constant, Hemorrhoid No More is expected to completely cure hemorrhoids without any further complications. Based on the info and treatment framework provided in the Hemorrhoid No More program, there is no doubt that it works.

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