101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review

101 Toxic Food Ingredients is a rare self-help guide that claims to be able to help boost your metabolism and sharpen your memory all within a day. Admittedly, this claim is pretty huge and can only attract careful scrutiny of the product along with its creator.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients is a product of Anthony Alayon, who explains that he became concerned by his mother’s near-death experience when even medical doctors had no answers. Anthony says hat his mother had pain in the heart that was inexplicable.

When Anthony closely observed his mother’s diet, he noticed that there were a lot of microwave meals and after doing some research, he learnt that the diet that was supposed to help his mother lose weight was actually making her sick. Precisely put, the majority of the ingredients in the diet were toxic and nobody was telling her about it.

As such, Anthony set out to expose the truth and he claims that through his research, he has discovered more than 100 toxic food ingredients, hence the title of this guide.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Overview

101 toxic food ingredientsThe 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide claims to reveal a list of highly toxic food ingredients that the food industry never tells you about. In this case, ‘toxic’ refers to processed food chemicals that have high probability to harm your health. Anthony claims that his discovery led him to believe that there is a conspiracy by the food processing industry to hoodwink consumers about the true dangers of the ingredients in their products.

This is not to say that all food is toxic, but the ingredients highlighted in this guide are known as the most dangerous to your health.

While you may not immediately realize the dangerous effects of toxic foods – and therefore they may seem harmless – you ought to avoid them as much as possible.

According to the American Cancer Society, obesity and excess weight issues contribute to 1 of every 5 cancer cases in the United States. What’s more, 1 out of every 3 deaths is linked to less physical activity and poor diet.

These statistics couldn’t tell a clearer story – you could basically be poisoning yourself through food. You need to know exactly what’s going into your body and this is what this guide is about.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Details

The 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide comprises seven main sections or chapters as briefly discussed below:

The four-step food label decoder: Using this system helps you to easily identify foods with toxic ingredients. It’s simple and straight forward to use and provides details why the ingredient is considered toxic.

Artificial Sweeteners: This section details the truth about artificial sweeteners. The weight loss industry is crazed about natural sweeteners and they are heavily promoted on a number of health blogs but artificial sweeteners rarely get the same coverage. In this section of the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide, Anthony explains the dangers of artificial sweeteners and why you should avoid them like the plague.

Artificial colorings and flavors: Like sweeteners, artificial flavors and colorings are very toxic. Given that more than 90 percent of all processed foods contain some form of natural flavorings, you need to know the low down on these chemicals and it is all right here in this section.

101 toxic food ingredients reviewAdditives: The next section is about food additives. As you might have guessed, food additives have a negative effect on your health, but thankfully, you can easily avoid them if you have the right info. This section provides you everything you need to know about food additives and how to detect and avoid foods with a lot of additives.

Oils and Preservatives: Almost every packaged food contains preservatives because, apparently, they keep food fresher for longer than it would have lasted without preservatives. But as you will learn in this section, there might be more to preservatives than just keeping food fresh for long.

Food labels: Let’s face it; the vast majority of food labels are deceptive because manufacturers want you to think that they care about your health and so what they’re selling you is healthy. Do food labels tell the truth? You will learn a few surprises in this section.

Water: The final section of the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide talks about water. As a key component of a healthy nutrition plan, water is usually overlooked but on the other hand, it may have some effects on your health. In this section, you will learn how the water you’re drinking is affecting your health.

Is 101 Toxic Food Ingredients Worth It?

As mentioned in earlier sections, 101 Toxic Food Ingredients is somewhat different from other guides. It focuses on something that most weight loss guides do not even mention – the other side of food.

The info in this guide is rare and very useful. The list of common toxic chemicals in food is priceless. While other guides bombard you with endless lists of foods you’re supposed to eat to lose weight, 101 Toxic Food Ingredients offers you insightful info on the ingredients in the food you are eating.

In the end, you will learn how to identify the healthiest foods, how to reduce on the amount of toxic chemicals getting into your body through food, and how to stay on the healthy side of food.

The guide contains a wealth of info on processed foods and this is another area that is not widely discussed in the weight loss industry. In fact, the bulk of the info in this guide discusses ingredients in processed foods.


101 Toxic Food Ingredients presents another side of food that you probably didn’t know but ought to know. The guide discusses the potential negative effects of some ingredients in the food you’re eating.

In the end, you will gain a ton of info on toxicity in food, organic foods, food additives, flavors, colorings, preservatives and a host of other ingredients used in packaged food.

It is time to clean up your diet of toxic foods and 101 Toxic Food Ingredients is the best guide to help you do that.

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Backyard Innovator Review

Do you want to be the next big Backyard Innovator? Well the best companion you need is the Backyard Innovator program, also known as the Killer Survival Food system. Richard Grey is the brain behind this rare kind of program that claims to contain a powerful secret that allows ordinary individuals set up farms in a mere 3 ours. This is certainly an outrageous claim that deserves extra-ordinary scrutiny and which ultimately leads only to one thing – discovering the real facts behind the claims.

Backyard Innovator Overview

Backyard Innovator is a system created by Richard Grey with the promise that you can produce self-replenishing supplies of food – meat, vegetables, water – all with little effort so long as you follow the instructions provided.

backyard innovatorRichard claims that his secret has the power to change the way Americans source their food, which will ultimately affect their income.

The author asserts that the current way you source food is too expensive to be sustainable and that the only way to guarantee constant food supplies is by using his rare guidelines to implement a self replenishing food supply.

Backyard Innovator Author

It’s important to understand the brain behind this unique guide before going behind the real facts. Richard Grey is a veteran farmer who claims to have stumbled upon a ‘research paper’ authored by a team of scientists. This paper contained a secret method that can be used to grow food even in the most severe conditions, such as in arid areas. It is claimed that this ‘secret’ method was tested in war zones and arid areas and proved effective.

What’s more, all that you need is a square feet of space on which the plants will grow and a gallon of water. This micro-farm you setup becomes the self-replenished supply of food for your family.

Obviously, this is one of the most astounding claims you’ll ever hear and it only calls for a purchase of this system to discover prove or disprove the claims. The guide costs an equivalent of a just a few cups of coffee so it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

Backyard Innovator Details

Backyard Innovator comprises various modules, with each module focusing on a series of techniques, tips, and tricks for a particular type of farming. For instance, you can go into fish farming or chicken rearing by choosing the right module.

You can implement the Backyard Innovator principles in pure secrecy without any person ever discovering that you have a farm in your home. Apparently, this micro-farm is your gateway to becoming a successful farmer. One benefit with this system is that there is no age restriction; both young and elderly users will find it easy to use. Farming may not be for everyone, but Backyard Innovator makes it super easy to learn the basics. Of course, you are not going to become a large scale farmer but reading this guide, but you will become a more than able farmer to provide for your entire family.

In addition to a downloadable digital book, the Backyard Innovator guide comes with a video instructional that demonstrates the exact steps for setting up the micro-farm in your backyard. Better yet, there’s a pictorial cheat sheet manual containing detailed instructions of all the steps.

Does It Work?

backyard innovator reviewThe claims made by Backyard Innovator author Richard Grey are big and rightly attract a great deal of scrutiny. However, many users have claimed that the system worked for them and         based on those reviews, it seems that Richard Grey is vindicated.

However, some users don’t achieve the same desired results as pro missed, for various factors. It appears that results vary depending on individual conditions.

If you want to find out whether Backyard Innovator is what it claims to be, the best way to find out is to buy the system and start applying the methods provided therein.

Like most instructionals, results depend on many factors. In some cases, users have to follow a strict set of guidelines in order to achieve the desired results as described by the creator.

Who Should Use This Program?

This program isn’t intended for any specific group of people. In fact, it is designed for any individual who wants to take charge of their food supply so as to provide for their family without worrying about buying food again.

This guide is also useful for people who just want to learn about farming and especially new technologies in farming that can yield maximum results with little effort and minimal land.

Since the methods were tested in arid areas and war zones, the knowledge you gain from this is invaluable. Even if you don’t create the micro-farm in your backyard and decide on another place, the knowledge will come in very handy.

Here are the other benefits of this program:

  • It is easy to implement. No prior farming knowledge is assumed, meaning anyone can purchase the guide and start using the methods today.
  • It is available instantly after purchase via download. There is no waiting period; once you complete the purchase on the Internet, you get instant access to the guide.
  • It is completely risk-free. The author offers a full 60-day money back guarantee with every purchase, so there’s basically no risk to you whatsoever.
  • It has good success rates. Given that very few buyers have claimed their money back while many have given positive reviews about the program, we can conclude that Backyard Innovator has high success rates and it probably works.


Backyard Innovator is a rare guide that teaches you how to create a self-replenishing supply of essential foods in your backyard. It is a product of Richard Grey and is based on a ‘breakthrough’ method allegedly obtained from a group of scientist. Delivered as a downloadable manual, Backyard Innovator is also available in video format for easier understanding.

Many user reviews claim that Backyard Innovator works as it promises but ultimately you are going to have to download the guide yourself and start using it in order to come up with your own assessment.

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3 Week Diet Review

3 Week Diet is a new diet system that promises to help you lose weight in just 21 days. 3 Week Diet is a product of Brian Flatt and he asserts that you can expect to lose between 12 to 23 pounds within just 3 weeks using his system. Of course, these are big claims that will attract a lot of scrutiny from weight watchers and experts alike.

With that said, let’s take a deep look at the details of Brian Flatt’s system and find out whether or not it lives up to the hype.

3 Week Diet Overview

3 week diet3 Week Diet is a weight loss system marketed on the promise of helping you lose up to 23 pounds in 21 days. Another claim is that the 3 Week Diet system will help you cut up to 4-inches from your waistline and a 2-3 drop in dress size.

The system also claims to help you decrease cellulite, increase metabolism, boost energy levels, reduce bad cholesterol, and many other health benefits.

The system covers the usual facets of weight loss systems including exercise, dieting, and motivation. It is aimed at achieving extremely fast weight loss results which may seem unrealistic initially.

Predictably, this system re quires a high degree of discipline and commitment compared to many other systems that produce results gradually over an extended period of time.

Expect this system to change your lifestyle, including eating habits and physical activity. The system imposes a strict dieting schedule that limits the amount of carbohydrates in your meals. The new diet plan utilizes protein intake while the exercise regime focuses on muscle gain to boost metabolism, hence fat loss. Throughout the 3-week period, you will keep a close eye on your progress to stay motivated.

The Man Behind The 3 Week Diet System

Brian Flatt is the author of the 3 Week Diet system. The profile on his website claims that Brian is a health coach, sports nutritionist, and personal trainer with experience spanning over a decade in the fitness industry. Certainly, Brian Flatt is one f the lesser known names in the fitness industry, but we can only judge him based on the effectiveness of his product.

Brian Flatt co-manages a California-based personal training business called REV Fitness. His profile also states that he is a graduate of Biology at the San Diego State University.

3 Week Diet Details

The system is split into three individual manuals, each focusing on a topic in weight loss, in addition to an introductory manual.

In the introductory part, you will learn how the system works and what you can expect to gain. You will also learn important facts about metabolism, the food pyramid, and other common concepts and misconceptions about weight loss and dieting.

The meat of the 3 Week Diet system is the diet manual. It comprises three phases, each phase spanning one week – for a total of 3 weeks. You are provided with precise dieting details for this period as well as when you should be eating. The carefully selected list of foods will give your body maximum fat burning potential. According to claims by the author, you will lose up to 10 pounds in the first week alone if you strictly follow the instructions.

3 week diet reviewAccording to Brian Flatt, creating a calorie deficit is an absolute must if you are to lose weight within 3 weeks. The fact is that this system attempts to ‘hoodwink’ the body into going into starvation mode so that you lose approximately 1 pound each day. This program is based on the notion that a weight loss program must offer significant and observable weight loss results in a short time in order to keep the user motivated to stay the course of the program.

The system allows you to adjust your rapid fat loss plan based on the ratio of lean body mass to overall fat percentage.

The workout manual covers the exercise regime necessary to achieve the weight loss goals promised by the system. The focus is on Kettlebell and bodyweight workouts, hence making it easy to achieve the exercise goals even without going to the gym.

The mind-set manual covers the motivational bit of the system. This part teaches simple goal-setting principles as well as journal keeping and maintenance. If you are used to maintaining a journal and living by a goal-based schedule, this should be easy and straightforward.

A Summary Of Features And Observations

  • A highly committed and short 21-week program.
  • Three bonus items.
  • A system suited to home workouts but can also work in gym.
  • Dieting and food type suggestions, as well as meal portions and timing.
  • Suggestions on what not to eat.
  • Motivational and goal-setting basics.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Any Caveats?

As you can tell by now, this system re quires incredibly high commitment and consistency levels in order to achieve the desired results. Failure to commit or follow through with all the instructions will compromise your results. Also, motivation is very important and that’s why there is a full manual dealing with motivation and goal setting.

As for whether or not the system works depends on the aforesaid factors – commitment and consistency. Evidently, this program is essentially a motivator designed to give you rapid weight loss results to motivate you to start on a long-term based system.

The biggest benefit and appeal of this system is that it is a short, highly focused and results-oriented system that will give tangible results, rather than a program without a definite duration and tangible goal.


3 Week Diet is a weight loss program designed for fast, tangible results. The claim is that it will help you lose between 12 and 23 pound within just 21 days. If you feel that you have the commitment and motivation to embark on this program, it may be worth trying. However, 3Week Diet is certainly not the program for half-hearted individuals looking to try out things without the real commitment required to stay the course of the program.

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Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review

Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a self-help dieting guide that provides a ‘blueprint’ for healthy eating. Millions of people around the world are trying to lose excess weight, but very few achieve real success. The reasons for the high failure rate vary, but in most cases, restrictive and unrealistic diet regimes contribute a great deal to the failure of many weight loss projects.

This guide offers a realistic way to nourish your body during the weight loss transformation. It contains valuable information on fat burning foods and also demystifies a series of myths about weight loss dieting.

The Brain Behind The Program

truth about fat burning foodsNick Peneault is the brain behind the Truth About Fat Burning Foods program. Nick runs a popular nutrition blog although he has no formal certifications. That being said, he is well read in the nutrition and wellness field and comes from the marketing background, a factor that explains the popularity of his program.

Nick is unlike your typical ‘guru’: although he lacks the so-called bona fides, he has become an authority in the dieting and nutrition field. His blog gets huge amounts of traffic daily from Internet users searching for information on diet choices and healthy eating habits.

Detailed Look At The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

We’ll go straight into the contents of the Truth About Fat Burning Foods program that’s delivered as an eBook. At the start of the guide, the author briefly introduces himself and straight away tells you of his plans with the guide.

In a simple, friendly, and easy-to-understand format, Nick lays out the underlying theme of his program, which is basically the main problem he seeks to solve. Nick states that dieting is a mess to understand and his intention is to make it as simple as possible until it looks like child play.

Readers are then taken right in with the claim that within 24 hours, you will have transformed your diet as well as the way you shop. Obviously, this is such a huge promise that you will immediately wonder whether it delivers.

As you proceed with the guide, you will be asked a few questions including the following:

  1. Do Fat Burning Foods Exist? They obviously exist but far from what you imagine they are.
  2. What Is Healthy? Every ‘healthy’ food has some unhealthy side effects that you should realize Unfortunately, not many people do.
  3. Is there a great conspiracy? Why is it that the vast majority of Americans live on such unhealthy diets?
  4. Will You Freak Out? Nick reveals a series of ‘shocking’ facts in this guide, so how you react is entirely up to you.
  5. What Are You Talking About? As you probably already know, the mainstream media is responsible for promoting the largest share of misinformation and outright lies, and this section is dedicated to highlighting some of those lies.

Truth About Fat Burning Foods provides straight answers to the aforementioned questions and helps to clear a few mysteries surrounding healthy eating. Towards the end of the program, users are offered a solid plan of attack to get through with implementing the dieting tips advised in the guide.

Truth About Fat Burning Foods: Proteins, Fat, and Carbs

truth about fat burning foods foods reviewMany people surely know about proteins, fat, and carbs as these are the main nutrients got from food (also known as the big three). However, very few people understand the differences between these food nutrients and how these differences affect their diets.

Protein, as you already know, is an essential food nutrient that must be part of your daily diet. It is especially important for people trying to lose weight because it builds and fuels muscle mass so that you can burn more calories. The source of your protein is crucial because some food sources contain very high amounts while others have scant amounts. Rich protein sources include lean meats, turkey, chicken, eggs, dairy, legumes, soy products, and shellfish, among others.


In the guide, Nick rightly informs us of the critical importance of fats in the body and why they are essential to weight loss. The program expounds in great detail about the role of fats in weight loss. You will learn about the healthy and unhealthy fats that you should include or exclude from your diet.


Carbs are important for energy, but if you want to lose excess fat, you might want to keep their consumption in check. The reason is that excess carbs are converted into fat for storage in the body.

Not all carbs are created equal and the author does a great job of breaking down which carbs to eat and those to avoid.

The author also discuses sweeteners and how they affect weight loss. Sweeteners are particularly problematic for weight loss because they’re many people’s cravings. Nick shows you how to overcome your sweet tooth and the natural alternatives to use as sweeteners.

Action Steps

The ‘Action Steps’ part is one of the best parts about this program. This part is included in every section, providing actionable steps you must take to improve your diet in a particular area.

In this part, Nick lays down exactly what you need to do to change your eating habits for the better. For instance, here are some of the simple action steps provided in the sweeteners section:

  • Swap margarine for butter.
  • Include avocado in your diet but eat moderately.
  • Each of your meals should include a portion on veggies.
  • Include home-made veggie juices to your diet.
  • Use natural sweeteners rather than processed sugar.

There is a section dedicated to snacks, seasonings, and condiments and another one for drinks. There are some interesting bits of information shared here so make sure you pay attention.


Overall, Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a well structured guide that doesn’t leave any stone unturned as far as fat burning foods are concerned. The guide’s depth of information and knowledge are unmatched. Truth About Fat Burning Foods is worth every cent you will spend on it and it is certainly a must have for every weight watcher out there.

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