All You Need To Know About Garcinia Cambogia Extract

garcinia cambogia extractGarcinia Camogia Extract is a fat loss formula extracted from the rind of the gummi-gutta fruit known as Garcinia Cambogia. This fruit wasn’t widely known in the U.S. until Dr Oz endorsed it as the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss” on his show. Since then, there has been a lot said about the extract and its fat loss capabilities.

No matter what you’ve heard, there is always another side to a story. Moreover, many people don’t know how this ‘wonder’ extract can benefit them.

In the midst of tons and tons of information, it’s important to isolate the facts from fiction and hype.

The Important Facts

This is not the first fat loss formula to be touted by Dr Oz, but what makes Garcinia Cambogia special is that it has been under close scrutiny from scientists and it has been subjected to many studies ever since it came to the fore of the fat loss industry.

In one research study, it was observed that the Garcinia Cambogia extract led to reduced body weight and body mass index (BMI) by up to 5.4%. It was also observed that participants had elevated levels of leptin (the hormone that regulates appetite) as well as increased levels of serotonin.

The scientists concluded that this extract can lead to profound weight loss if used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In addition to these observations, the scientists also discovered that in its purest form, the extract contains high amounts of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is also the main active ingredient and one that blocks fat from being deposited in the body.

Although the study was carried out over a relatively short period of time, several other studies have revealed more or less similar results. So for now, the Garcinia Cambogia formula can be thought of as an effective weight loss formula.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol – Game Changer for Herpes Victims

People suffering from the curse of the herpes virus have had very few options indeed for successfully treating their condition; that is, until the recent launch of an innovative digital product that claims to be able to zap the virus more or less completely.

The product in question is a new PDF written by a lady named Melanie Addington, who was herself a herpes victim. Addington was frustrated by the lack of treatment options offered by medics, and also by the fact that most of the accepted treatments revolve around the use of harmful drugs, which may be somewhat effective in relieving the symptoms of herpes but do not attack the virus itself. Once the penny had dropped that a different approach was needed, Melanie decided to look into viable alternatives.

ultimate herpes protocol

With her PDF, titled the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, Melanie Addington appears to have come up with a game changer for herpes sufferers. The downloadable e-book is based upon a three-point strategy for dealing with herpes.

Strand one of Addington’s method is to boost up patients’ immune systems. This is achieved by modifying one’s day to day diet, as well as paying attention to oral hygiene, dental care, and also avoiding certain household products like the plague.

Part two of UHP is to hit the lipids of the virus for six, which is a procedure that is explained at length in the e-book. Incidentally, there are two ways to approach this, depending on whether you are suffering from genital or oral herpes.

The third and final strand of the Addington herpes cure is to destroy the ability of the virus to multiply. According to Melanie Addington, there are certain foodstuffs and food supplements that can do a grand job of work in this regard.

With a sixty-day cash-back guarantee in place, herpes sufferers have nothing to lose in giving this innovative new product a shot.

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Fat Loss Factor Revealed

The Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program designed to help overweight people lose fat naturally. The program comprises three plans each targeted towards different types of users depending on their goals and lifestyles.

The program can be used by any persofat loss factorn who wants to improve their fitness through natural fat loss. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve ever done physical exercise before. You can select the appropriate plan for your needs and one that will not stretch your physical ability.


The Fat Loss Factor Program is split into the following phases:

Master Cleanse: This phase is designed to help you flush out “impurities” from the body that have been built up over months or years of eating unhealthy food. As you remove the toxins, your liver will return to normal functioning and this will greatly increase your body’s ability to lose fat. The Master Cleanse phase lasts between 3 and 10 days and is not recommended for users on the Steady Fat Loss and the Quick Fat Loss plans.

The Raw Food Diet: While the title might put you off at first, this phase is not as hard as it appears to be. In fact, after just a few days, you’ll feel more energized than ever before. This phase focuses on raw alkaline foods full of nutritious elements and fat burning nutrients. You will still be able to eat other food types such as carbs and proteins, but raw foods will form the main diet.

Structured Phase: This phase makes up the biggest part of the 12 week program and it lasts anywhere from 9 to 11 weeks. Also, this is when you’ll see most of your results. The meals here are small but frequent and you’ll be drinking lots of water.

Along with the nutrition plan, you will follow a thorough exercise plan depending on your fitness level.

Reverse Your Diabetes Today – Dealing With Diabetes Without Medicines

reverse your diabetes todayDiabetes is a disease that affects millions around the world. It is a metabolic disorder that results from the body’s inability to properly regulate blood sugar levels. Typically, most sufferers have to rely on daily insulin injections in order to cope.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a completely natural way to manage your diabetes and possibly eliminate it permanently. It is in the form of a self-help guide known as Reverse Your Diabetes Today.

This program is designed to eliminate the conditions that cause abnormally high or low sugar levels in blood. It offers practical ways to help you get on top of your diabetes condition such as how to choose your food wisely, how to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle, and how to deal with medications.

The system is based on a simple concept that “you’re basically what you eat”. It is widely known that unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits are the leading causes of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Diet is even more important when it comes to diabetes because the food you eat directly influences insulin levels. Insulin is the hormone that enables body cells to take up glucose from food and use it for energy.

The author recommends a healthy diet composed mainly of fruit, vegetables, fiber, and whole grains. In addition, organic foods are more preferred.

The guide starts with detailed information about diabetes mellitus, its causes, coping methods, and finally ways to reverse it naturally.

Most importantly, the guide offers information on how various food types affect insulin levels in blood.

Ultimately, the guide offers practical ways of how to live a “normal” life if you have diabetes. Just because you’re a diabetic doesn’t mean you should suffer with medications for the rest of your life.

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