Make Women Want You

Make Women Want You is a self-help guide that teaches men how to create attraction with a woman. This basic definition obviously does not do enough justice too Jason Capital’s self-help guide because it is designed not just as a dating guide, but as a complete self-improvement program for men that helps to boost self-confidence and, as a bi-product, make you attractive to women.

Jason Capital’s guide is based on the simple premise that attraction is a result of an involuntary chemical reaction and that with a few carefully adjusted behavioral traits, this reaction can be triggered at will. So the guide is based on provable facts that you can try out on your own.

Why Use This Guide?

make women want youIf you’ve ever pursued a woman, you probably know that it is one of the most dreaded feats for men. There are many reasons why this is so, but generally, it is because women are generally better at the game of seduction than men. Women are instinctively good at playing hard to get. A man can only get on top of his game after mastering all the subtleties of the game, either though experience or with expert help. Make Women Want You is the expert every man needs to be successful with women.

This guide reveals the secrets of seduction that women seem to have a better grasp of. You will learn how to completely turn the game around in your favor. Unlike the majority of generic dating guides that propose unrealistic methods, this guide uses basic psychological techniques to give you the power that attracts women.

Using the methods given in this course, you can change the way women perceive your value and get them so attracted to you that they cannot help it. There is hardly any dating guide out there that has created a more potent attraction concept as Make Women Want You. This should partly explain why this guide is hugely popular with men from all over the world.

What Is Covered In The Make Women Want You Guide?

There are five main topics covered in this guide.

First is the Inner Game, which is basically the foundation of your success with women. Jason takes you through some interesting facts about male confidence, how to avoid delusional confidence, and ultimately how to use your new found confidence to woo any woman effortlessly.

The second topic is the Female Framework and it discusses the issues that women want but never really mention. Once you know how to tell what a woman wants, you’ll immediately standout from the pack of ‘average’ men.

The third topic introduces attraction and conversation techniques to move things a notch higher. You will learn how to chat with women in a way that gets them instantly connected to you. What’s more, the author has included a couple of real-life stories that sum up this technique perfectly.

The next topic is about some final thoughts about attraction. Jason surprises readers with some weird truths about attraction in this section. For instance, he claims that using special or magic words is not necessary to attract a woman. All it takes is having a personality that shows you are real and women can feel comfortable around you. In this section, Jason discusses the impact of body language on attraction and why you need to pay more attention to this often neglected form of communication. You will also learn how to ‘sync’ your conversation skills with your body language.

make women want you reviewFinally, the last topic is about hooking up. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This part will show you how to hook up with girls in a way that will make them crave to meet you again.

That being said, Make Women Want You is not all about hooking up with girls. The guide also shows you how to keep her devoted to you always. The author discourages the use of pickup lines and instead recommends a more proactive and thoughtful process. Women loathe pickup lines and you’re almost guaranteed to fail if you use them. Jason teaches you how to be spontaneous with your words and thoughts when approaching women.

Bonus Material

In addition to the main eBook guide, you will receive a horde of bonus items with your purchase of Make Women Want You. Precisely, you will receive five bonus items that help to complement what you learn from the main guide.

In one bonus eBook, Jason shows you how to hook up with attractive women with little effort. It is a known fact that a lot of men are intimidated by attractive women, but Jason’s techniques in Make Women Want You will show you how to charm your way into any woman’s heart with ease. Self confidence and being yourself are the most crucial things to remember in order to succeed with women, according to Make Women Want You. This is why seemingly arrogant guys get all the girls they want yet simple, nice guys seem to be unsuccessful at hooking attractive women.

You will also learn how to hook up with women either for short flings or for long-term commitment. You goals for hooking up with a woman should be clear in the first place.

Does Make Women Want You Work?

Throughout the main guide as well as some bonus material, Jason emphasizes the fact that getting to know a girl is the easiest way to her heart. Find out what she likes to do, her hobbies, her favorite food and hangouts, and get closer to her friends. This will show that you’re really interested in her. All the techniques in this guide ultimately lead to getting to know the woman of your desires.

As the Make Women Want You guide has continued to be popular since it was launched, it shows that Jason’s techniques and advice do really work.


Make Women Want You is a rare dating guide that you need to purchase for your own good and success with women, and it also helps that many men all over the world have used it with encouraging results.

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He’s Not That Complicated Review

He’s Not That Complicated is a digital guide that offers tips and advice to women who need to learn how to attract men for keeps instead of turning them away. Most women are clueless when it comes to what makes a man reluctant to commit, but this guide lays out clearly like you’ve never seen before.

When you start applying the tips, your man will value you more and start treating you like the queen you ought to be.

He’s Not That Complicated Overview

he's not that complicatedHe’s Not That Complicated is a product of Eric Charles with assistance from Sabrina Alexis. The two authors are both well respected and knowledgeable in their own right.

He’s Not That Complicated is primarily designed for women who are not in any steady relationship or those having difficulty finding a good man. It can also work for women in relationships who feel that their future is not assured.

Married women will also find lots of useful advice in this guide particularly on how to keep the fire burning in their marriages. That being said, He’s Not That Complicated is better suited to single women or those that are in the first stages of dating and are looking for ways to make the man adore them back equally.

He’s Not That Complicated Content

There are six chapters in the He’s Not That Complicated guide. Each chapter discusses a specific phase in the ‘spectrum’ which you have to follow in order to become a woman of value that every man will cherish.

Here are the main ideas in these six chapters:

  1. Recognize your mindset behaviors: It’s almost common knowledge now that neediness ruins a relationship. It is one of the most dreaded things that push men away. Being needy can kill a relationship before it has got anywhere. In this chapter, the authors show you how to become self-assured so that your man can love you even more.
  2. Prevent good relationships from turning sour: A man may suddenly become dist ant just when you thought things were good in your relationship. Sometimes, a man may start to avoid you or delay to reply to your text messages or calls. What’s more, this can happen at any stage of the relationship. In this chapter, you will learn how to respond to your man when he suddenly starts acting cold or distant.
  3. Figure out how he feels: It’s a known fact that it’s not easy to read a man’s mind. In this chapter, you will have access to cheat sheets that will teach you how to read a man’s mind. There’s a secrete tip offered in this chapter: some men who understand the ‘game’ may become mysterious intentionally so as to try and get you curious. At some point, he may leave you hanging and you will not know whether to let it go or hang in there. In this chapter, the authors show you how to avoid falling into his ‘trap’ by keeping calm and showing him that you too can play the game. In short, don’t try to push things.
  4. Earn the label: In this chapter, you will learn how to earn his commitment. It’s no secret that men sometimes are reluctant to admit that they’re only seeing one woman. Whether or not a label means something to you, the purpose of this chapter is to get your man to make the relationship solid by accepting you as his girlfriend and potential wife-to-be. The authors included reader questions to help you learn from other users who have benefited from the guide.
  5. Is he worth it or not: The fifth chapter ought to have come much earlier because it is crucial in determining whether he is worth the effort or not. Nonetheless, order shouldn’t matter since you have to give the whole course a perusal before you start applying the methods. The whole point of this chapter is to help you avoid investing valuable time and resources on a man that will eventually develop cold feet. There are case studies of real-life situations to help you determine whether he is ready to commit or not.
  6. The final chapter introduces a crucial point and arguably the most important in the whole guide – how to get him to treat you better by enhancing your value. This chapter alone is worth the price of the entire course and it is one that fully demonstrates the authors’ knowledge and expertise on the subject.

Package Bonuses

he's not that complicated reviewIn addition to the core course material of the He’s Not That Complicated guide, you also get five bonus eBooks that are utterly important for understanding men. They include these main ideas:

  • How to find a man who will give himself wholly to you.
  • How to be self-assured yet treat your man with the respect he deserves.
  • How to give yourself to a man who deserves your love.
  • How to utilize your time in a way that profits you. So many women lose valuable time because they have no clue.
  • How to realize the value in your man; treat him like a human being.

Towards the end of the course, Sabrina offers some ‘final thoughts’ that are an absolute read for every woman. As you might have discovered by this stage, the course offers lots of tips on what to say and when to say it, the underlying theme is about teaching you to love and respect yourself. This way, the right man will come your way without a lot of effort or if you are already dating, you will enjoy a rewarding and highly fulfilling relationship.


He’s Not That Complicated is a collaboration between two expert coaches who know exactly what they’re talking about. The guide teaches women how to break free from the insecurities that make them seem like needy women. In the end, users are expected to gain self-confidence and the appropriate tips that attract a man to omit forever.

He’s Not That Complicated really makes things simple for women by offering simple and logical ways to turn a relationship from a stale one to a vibrant and loving one.

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Forever Yours Review

Forever Yours is a new relationship guide specifically designed for women. The guide is a product of Carlos Cavallo, a renowned relationship expert and coach. Many women on the Internet are excited about Cavallo’s program for various reasons. According to the author, this guide helps you uncover the secrets to his heart using proven techniques.

Forever Yours contains tips on how to open a man’s heart so that he will love you forever, hence the title. It’s always exciting to learn new ideas as far as relationships are concerned and as such, Carlos Cavallo’s guide has received a great deal of buzz on the Internet.

Forever Yours Overview

forever yoursInside the guide, Carlos Cavallo reveals the reasons why men become distant, disinterested and cold. The author then reveals a ‘secret password’ that will unlock a man’s emotions and make him love you forever.

The author claims that his ‘secret password’ will get any man to commit and adore you forever. He claims that this secret password is a breakthrough psychological technique that breaks into a man’s well-guarded emotional side.

The author offers 3 ‘ordinary’ questions that you can use to instantly break through his heart and learn how to tell what he’s thinking about so that you can connect with him at a deep level.

The best thing is that the course takes you through step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in order to unlock your man’s heart. Things are pretty orderly and easy to understand for everyone even if English is not your first language.

Forever Yours Highlights

When you delve into the meat of the Forever Yours program, the first major highlight is the debunking of the popular misconception that men fear commitment. On the contrary, men want to be in relationships as much as women do, but as the author clarifies, men don’t like to be pressured into relationships. A man wants a relationship when it is his idea.

In addition, the author claims that if a woman behaves casually about the relationship, she may not be taken seriously by her man.

Another important highlight in this guide is that men go through a series of stages before finally committing. Cavallo states that a man is initially attracted to a woman physically during the ‘attraction’ phase. The second stage is the ‘connection’ in which a man starts to build a real connection and feels that the woman is a potential girlfriend or wife. Finally, he progresses to the ‘commitment’ phase where he fully commits to you.

Cavallo offers detailed instructions on what exactly you need to do to get a man to progress to the commitment phase.

In short, here is what a woman ought to do according to Carlos Cavallo:

  • Establishment a man’s current stage.
  • Identify the things that may stop him from making a commitment.
  • Motivate him through the right words so that he can lower his guard and progress to the next level.

These are some of the main highlights of this guide. However, there is a bunch of other related material that ships with the course including the following:

  • Full membership that allows you access to a variety of exclusive video trainings.
  • An audio version of the main course.
  • A helpful diagrammatic summary of the course that highlights important points of the course through diagrams.
  • A guide that teaches women how to rekindle the romance in a sour relationship.
  • A guide that teaches women how to read and interpret a man’s body language.
  • You also get free membership to an exclusive club managed by the author. Members in this club receive advanced relationship techniques as well as fresh new tips every week.

Specific Benefits

forever yours reviewThe course is very detailed and insightful. The author offers a fresh take on the reasons why men may appear distant in a relationship. He also clearly explains why men are mistakenly branded as commitment phobic. He debunks this whole myth, offering women practical solutions on how to break into a man’s guarded heart.

The advice offered is actionable. Forever Yours is not a feel good course designed to console women. Instead, the author offers actionable advice that any woman can easily apply in their relationship and see real results.

What’s more, the author doesn’t force you to do things that are beyond your ability. The advice feels natural and the results are immediate.

The course is offered at an affordable price. The introductory price for Cavallo’s course is a lot cheaper than many similar products on the market. When you take into account the fact that there are plenty of bonus items offered with the system, it really is cheap.

The solutions are tested and they seem to work for the majority of women who have used the system. In fact, Forever Yours is the home version of the author’s highly successful seminar that runs in San Francisco. As you might have guessed, the seminar brings together thousands of women to see Cavallo’s techniques in person.

The course is offered with a money back guarantee. This makes it completely risk-free to purchase and try it out within the first two months. You can request a 100% refund within that period if you find that the system doesn’t work for you.

Keep in mind that Forever Yours is only available in digital format. This is obviously an advantage because you can access it anywhere. However, there are some old-school users who prefer the paperback type; if you are this type, consider the audio version or you could simply print out the eBook at home.


Forever Yours lives up to the expectations for the most part. Carlos Cavallo offers fresh and insightful advice about relating with men. Specifically, he offers proven tips on how to get any man to open up and commit to you for long.

It also helps that the course follows in the footsteps of the author’s highly successful seminar where he helps women deal with men issues through expert, well-researched tips and advice. Forever Yours is definitely a must-see for every woman who has been struggling with men issues.

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Unlock His Heart Review

Unlock His Heart is a self-help guide that claims to help women achieve a better understanding of the men they hope to date or those that they’re already dating. The guide claims that women will gain a clearer insight into the male psyche that will eventually help them have harmonious relationships with men.

Apparently, Unlock His Heart is the key to any man’s heart that gives you unrestricted access to places that were previously blocked to you.

The truth is that the dynamics of relationships have greatly changed now compared to how they were years ago. Fortunately, some people have been studying and observing those changes and can now offer expert advice on how to be successful in a relationship. Unlock His Heart offers expert advice on how to relate with any man.

Unlock His Heart Overview

unlock his heartUnlock His Heart was authored by Nadine Piat, a relationship guru with considerable industry experience. Nadine combines formal training and informal practical experience to come up with the best expert advice on relationships. She has certificates and degrees from a host of universities and spent a better part of her career treating patients for stress, anxiety disorders, and depression.

All this credentials add more weight to her status as someone you can trust without reservations.

Peeking inside the guide, there is a lot of exciting advice to brace for, but we cannot give everything away in this guide. However, we shall mention some highlights of sections that standout.

Unlock His Heart Highlights

The guide comprises multiple chapters but these are the highlights:

The chapter called ‘Thrill of the Chase’ is of particular importance to all women. Precisely speaking, this chapter deals with that thrill you feel when you are chasing or being chased (goes both ways for m en and women). The author explains why the chase is important for the success of the eventual relationship. The author asserts that things that are too easy to get tend to have a lower perceived value than those that are moderately difficult to get.

On the other hand, if something gets too hard to attain, the motivation may fade and some may give up altogether. In this chapter, the author shows you how to attain that sweet spot where a man stays motivates and interested in pursuing you as you work your charms on him.

Another crucial chapter worth highlighting is one about men and their insecurities, aptly named Men Insecurities. There are lots of societal myths about men and their emotional and physical strength, but the truth is laid bare in this chapter with convincing illustrations.

Nadine asserts that men do have insecurities and fears although they are not as well documented as those of women. Most men feel the need to appear macho but reality is that they do have fears of their own on the inside. The author goes on to claim that having knowledge of these insecurities and how to identify them is key to unlocking a man’s heart and finally breaking through the romantic barrier with them.

unlock his heart reviewOther chapters in the guide are equally as important and it’s impossible to highlight all of them in a single review. But one more chapter worth mentioning is one called ‘How To Keep Him Engaged’. This chapter offers actionable advice on what to do to keep a man interested in being in a relationship with you. The author claims that if you follow these tips religiously, you will prevent your relationship from becoming stale, a point at which many couples find themselves at after dating for some time.

Specific Benefits of Unlock His Heart

  • Unlock His Heart is a truly rare guide that offers practical advice for women who want to change their relationships for the better. The author offers the key aspects that keep a relationship afloat.
  • The author offers actionable advice and not just theoretical tips that don’t have a place in real life. You will love the nice blend of both theory and practical tips such as those you would normally get from professional counselors.
  • The author is highly respected and has a solid reputation backed by formal coaching qualifications as well as substantial real life experience as a relationship coach.
  • The author offers a concise and fairly accurate account of the male psyche in a relationship. For a woman author, this is pretty impressive.
  • The guide deals with a host of real-life issues that many people can relate with.
  • Many of the tips are based on responses from surveys of suitable demographics. As such, the guide is not dealing with unfounded hypotheses baseless claims.
  • Users get unmatched support from a responsive and bubbly team. Most questions receive a response within 24 hours.

Should I Use Unlock His Heart?

If you are a woman who needs a deeper and clearer understanding of men and relationships, you definitely need to look at this guide. Authored by a competent woman for women, Unlock His Heart provides wisdom and los of useful tips that are not only practical but proven too.

Of course, you will not solve all your relationship problems using one guide, but the advice in Unlock His Heart will help you become a better woman and approach every relationship more prepared, thus increasing your chances for success.


A man’s heart is such a fortified place that few women really understand, let alone manage to penetrate. Nadine Piat does a great job of unlocking this guarded fortress using proven tips and advice. She offers great advice on how to make a man open up to you and commit.

And unlike many other similar guides, Unlock His Heart stands out because it discusses many real-life issues while leaving out baseless claims and hypotheses. The author writes in a friendly tone as if she were speaking to you directly. For this reason, you’ll find that the guide is more grounded in reality. Also, Unlock His Heart comes with three other bonus products that perfectly compliment it.

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Woman Men Adore Review

Woman Men Adore is a book by Bob Grant, a professional counselor with years of experience. Bob focuses on helping women build successful and loving relationships.

Grant’s book reveals secrets that make a woman more adorable to men. Although women are naturally alluring to men, some of the little things they unknowingly do are a big turn-off for men. Moreover, most women are unaware of these things, so they end up with miserable relationships.

Woman Men Adore offers an unrivaled insight into how a man relates with a woman, his expectations from a committed relationship, and what pushes him away

What Is Woman Men Adore About?

woman men adoreLet’s face it, not all things are created equal and that’s why some women are so adorable to men and seem to attract them in droves with seemingly little effort. Some women are naturally gifted with the qualities that attract and keep men while the majority of women are unsure of what to do when relating to men.

In his 17 years as a counselor, Bob Grant was always fascinated with the aforesaid phenomenon, so he took matters in his own hands to study this phenomenon. What he discovered was dramatic but unsurprising. Women with certain qualities tend to be more appealing to men. Bob Grant felt that the best way to communicate his findings was through an informational guide and so Woman Men Adore is all about the qualities of a woman that attract men, as discovered through Grant’s long-term research while counseling couples.

Woman Men Adore also offers practical tips on how you can transform yourself in to the most adorable woman even if you weren’t naturally blessed with that gift. Grant’s guide stands out from the collection of run-of-the-mill dating guides that are a mere compilation of rehearsed articles from the Internet by offering real practical advice that any woman can implement and see changes in their relationship.

Woman Men Adore is based on a simple philosophy: put your heart ahead of a man so that you can influence them rather than the reverse. Grant shows you how to have influence over your man and he doesn’t stop there; he goes way further than that to show you how to become the woman you’ve always dreamed to become. It’s basically an empowerment guide for women and is unlike any other.

The woman that men are attracted to is in control of her life, her emotions, her decisions, and her feelings. She’s in touch with her emotions and the guide shows you how this quality is highly adorable to men.

What Does Woman Men Adore Reveal?

Woman Men Adore is full of surprising revelations about what men want from women. Even if you think that you’ve heard it all, you will be surprised.

One of the revelations is that women love being independent and feel proud about it yet at the same time they love being pampered, loved and cared for. These two modalities are not at odds and are perfectly understandable. While women love the pampering and care from men, it doesn’t suggest that they are needy and dependent. They simply need to relinquish control at some point and let the man be the lead. It works that way and it is attractive to both men and women. It is also supported by genetics as men are known to offer protection and care while women nurture and give offspring.

In this guide, you’ll also learn that men and women have different strengths and qualities that are complimentary. A woman who knows when to be soft and accommodative yet direct and succinct will easily influence her man to do what she wants.

woman men adore reviewBob Grant’s guide shows you how to recognize, value and respect these differences between men and women. Demanding equality without realizing these differences in the makeup of men and women may instead push away a man.

In short, this guide shows you how to use vulnerability and femininity to grab your man’s attention rather than being a stuck-up control freak that nags and yells all the time.

Also, Woman Men Adore reveals that competition with a man in a relationship is always futile and you should avoid it like the plague. The guide will aptly show you how to express your feelings to your man in a way that doesn’t hurt his ego.

The guide also delves into detail on forgiveness and resentment. Suppressed anger and resentment are big trouble causers in relationships. Most women suppress anger and harbor resentment in their heart for a very long time, sometimes for simple things that they don’t understand about men. Woman Men Adore offers a deep and enlightening discussion on how to forgive and let go of any ill feelings and anger for your partner.

Does The Guide Work?

Bob Grunt’s guide has been lauded as a rare and effective relationship guide that offers practical advice that you can easily relate to. Women will learn a lot about men as well as about themselves from Bob Grunt’s insightful advice.

The guide helps you rediscover yourself and the most important feminine attributes that make you so adorable to men. Through this knowledge, you will be able to start differentiating between impulses and true feelings and get reconnected to your heart and soul.

In short, this guide works and even goes a step further – it educates. The 60-day money back guarantee is testament that Bob Grunt stands by his guide and is sure that it will be beneficial to every woman that purchases it.


In conclusion, Bob Grunt’s Woman Men Adore is one of the better relationship guides out there for women. It is filled with wisdom and practical advice that will dramatically change your love life for the better. Bob Grunt presents the inner psyche of a man like no other author has. In the end, you will transform into the woman that men adore, just as the title of the guide suggests.

Woman Men Adore is available both as an audio product and as an eBook at a very affordable price.

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Secret Survey Review

Secret Survey is a newly released self-help guide by dating expert Michael Fiore. Michael claims that his new book reveals some controversial yet eye opening secrets of what men really want from women. The guide is aimed at empowering women with the ability to know what a man is thinking about, why he stares at another woman, why he tells lies even if he has a lot of love for you, and how you can put all this knowledge to good use in order to make him want you more and do what you want.

Michael Fiore claims that this whole guide is based on a ‘secret survey’ he sent to a group of men and women, as well as a whole series of ideas, concepts, and theories he’s been developing over the years. The result is that the info in this guide will help both men and women have better, sexier, and more fulfilling relationships with the people they adore.

Women who’ve been deceived and lied to for a long time will find this guide particularly useful. Like most successful informational guides, Secret Survey has generated a fair share of controversies because some people view it as a manipulation tool for women to get what they want from men. The truth is that Secret Survey simply teaches women how to read a man’s mind.

Secret Survey Reveals The Truth About Men in Relationships

secret surveyMany girls grow up believing that a ‘knight in shining armor’ will somehow appear and sweep them off their feet at the right time. But as they begin to date different men, they quickly realize that the fairytales they grew up believing have no place in the real world.

As a matter of fact, most women who have been in a relationship with a man claim that they’ve never really understood the male psyche in a relationship. Thankfully, the Secret Survey guide addresses many of those worries.

Currently, the Secret Survey program is regarded as the most resourceful guide for understanding the male psyche. Women are now empowered to read a man’s mind and know what he’s thinking about even if he has not told you anything.

One of the most perplexing revelations in this guide is that men are more likely to lie to women they really love. Of course, this sounds controversial and farfetched, but you will learn why it is true.

According to the author, once you’ve gone through all the material provided in this guide, you will be able to instantly tell whether or not a man is telling the truth. The author also claims that women who complete this program will be able to provide exactly what their men want and expect from them.

Origins of the Secret Survey Program

As mentioned earlier, Secret Survey is based on Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey conducted with more than 20,000 men. Michael was kind enough to offer a sneak-peek of some of the questions asked in the survey:

“What’s the one thing you wish that your partner understood but you could never tell her yourself? All survey participants were happy to have an opportunity to air out their views in response to this question, albeit anonymously.

The responses included things to do with sex, emotions, relationships, and dating. The responses revealed hidden secrets and provided an insight into a man’s mind. These secrets are the basis of this guide and they offer a way for women to understand men like never before.

Brace yourself for some rare learning experience from the brutal and blunt responses of the men that were surveyed. The straight forward nature of the answers is because the men knew that they were responding to a fellow man.

The entire guide is split into 10 lessons. You only get access to a single lesson each week and at the end of each lesson, you have to complete an exercise.

If you prefer to download the material and read at your pace, there’s a PDF file you can access. You can also access an audio version of the guide that you can listen to at your convenience.

What People Say About the Program

secret survey reviewSecret Survey has received wide acclaim from readers around the world but also some criticisms for apparently being ‘manipulative’. One thing that both critics and supporters agree on is that Secret Survey is an effective guide.

There’s no doubt that the Internet is laden with guides that claim to have all answers to relationship problems such as understanding men. However, the truth is that most of these guides simply give you the author’s opinion on the subject.

This guide is a pleasant surprise to all those skeptics who buy it thinking that it is just another run-of-the-mill informational course on dating.

What Comes With The Program?

There are various benefits that come with purchasing the Secret Survey program. Firstly, you gain access to a members-only area with a onetime payment. This access allows you to view and comment on threads of other women who purchased the program. This kind of sharing provides a support system where you can learn new material and techniques from real-life experiences of other women.

The author checks the comments and discussions at least once a week and will sometimes make a contribution to clarify a point.

Does It Work?

When a product is good enough, the results usually speak for themselves and this is the case for Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey. Many women who use it are greatly pleased by the amount of knowledge it offers and some wonder how they managed without it. That being said, you don’t have to take any person’s word for it; simply get yourself a copy of the guide and find out for yourself.

Best of all, there is a 60-day money back guarantee you can take advantage of, so there is zero risk for you. Secret Survey simply reveals what men think about women and all the info is from the ‘horse’s mouth’ – the thousands of men who took part in the secret survey.

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Magic of Making Up Review

Magic of Making Up is an informational guide created to help people better deal with breakup. The guide contains ideas and advice that you can use to re-unite with your ex. Everyone agrees that breaking up with a lover is a painful experience. Feelings of emptiness, confusion, and plain misery fill your heart. Fortunately, there are better ways to deal with such situations, thanks to the empowerment that Magic of Making Up gives you.

The problem is that most people who try to fix this situation act too irrationally because of uncontrolled emotions. This only pushes the other partner further away. The sad fact is that most people do the exact opposite of what they should be doing after a breakup. If you want to re-unite with your ex after breaking up, you’ve got to learn how to control your emotions.

This remarkable guide gives you everything you need to know about how to repair a faltering relationship. Most people now consider this guide and, for obvious reasons, it is loved as much as it is hated by dating exerts.

Magic of Making Up: The Details

magic of making upMagic of Making Up is a product of T.W Jackson. He frankly admits that his guide is not your usual ‘politically correct’ kind of relationship guide. Instead, Jackson offers some unconventional techniques that will work in your favor   every time you have issues in your relationship.

Honestly speaking, this unconventional approach has offended many individuals, users and relationship experts alike. To them, it feels like plain manipulation and to some others, the approach is simply unethical.

That being said, you can’t really argue with success: Magic of Making Up has helped thousands of couples to re-unite using the techniques explained therein.

T.W Jackson doesn’t have any specialized certifications to show around and some of his sharpest critics have attacked him basing on this. But Jackson himself would rather let the results of his work do the talking. Jackson seems to be so good and effective at influencing people’s psyche. He doesn’t come from the academic fraternity so there are no complicated terms in this guide. He writes in a nice conversational style that many users like.

Magic of Making Up offers many strategies for winning back your lover. However, it’s worth noting that none of the strategies can be effective if there is no spark left to salvage. If there’s a spark left, then it can be re-ignited into a flame by applying the strategies provided in the guide.

Magic of Making Up: The Content

The Magic of Making Up guide comprises eight chapters.

In chapter one, the author discusses the possible reasons for breaking up. All the common reasons why people split are provided here. If you recently broke up with your partner, this chapter will help you understand why it happened and how to avoid a similar scenario.

In chapter two, you learn how to take control of your emotions so that you don’t break down into desperation. Most people panic and completely ‘lose it’ after a breakup. In this chapter, you will acquire the wisdom to overcome any feelings of desperation and panic after a breakup.

The info in chapter three is aimed at helping you evaluate your position in the relationship. Although your relationship may be worth fighting for, it’s important not to lose sight of reality. You must ensure that your ex feels the same about re-uniting before you waste your efforts and time trying to make up.

In chapter four, you are introduced to the real plan. The author offers tips on how to craft a solid plan for making up with your ex. Without a plan, you will have nothing to fall back to incase things don’t work out the way you expected.

magic of making up reviewChapter five contains tips of how to seek help from other people. Surprisingly, most people are not aware that in times of despair such as after a breakup, friends and family is where you can get the best support. This chapter shows you how to get that help and which people among your family and friends to approach.

After applying all the techniques in the previous chapters, you should start seeing some results once you reach this far. Chapter six shows you how to ease back into the relationship you once enjoyed. The author discourages doing this in a single move. Instead, you take small strides one day at a time until the two of you are completely comfortable with each other again.

Chapter seven builds on the achievements of the previous chapter. You learn how to maintain the newly rekindled spark and how to avoid re-opening old wounds. The fact that the two of you have decided to start over again means that there is no room for the past to creep up in the new relationship.

The final chapter of the guide is called ‘Plan B’. Aptly named, Plan B helps you to move on in case the relationship wasn’t salvageable. Moving on when you still have feelings for someone isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with the right guidance and advice, you can make it. The Magic of Making UP makes this process much easier.

Are There Any Caveats?

While the word ‘Magic’ in the guide’s name may be taken literally to mean the guide is magical, the fact is that it is not a magic bullet to all your relationship problems. Not every person who uses the advice in this guide will get back with their exes, for various reasons. The author fully realizes this and wants to ensure that you don’t feel ripped off.

As such, he offers a 60-day money back guarantee with every purchase, so there’s basically no risk in purchasing Magic of Making Up and giving it a test run.


Magic of Making Up is a unique relationship guide that offers unconventional tips and tricks to help you make up with a lost flame. There’s no risk to your money as the author stands by his techniques by allowing you to claim your money within 60 days of purchase.

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Meet Your Sweet Review

Meet Your Sweet is a collection of dating advice for men and women delivered as digital downloads. Apparently, the guide teaches advanced communication techniques to help men and women get the partner they truly desire. But with tens of relationship guides out there, why should you trust Meet Your Sweet?

Meet Your Sweet: Introduction

Unlike many dating advice e-guides, Meet Your Sweet is not just a one-off downloadable guide; rather, it is a collection of tools aimed at helping people find true love. The guide is based on the popular online dating program of the same name, Meet Your Sweet. Again, unlike other guides you’ll come across on the Internet, Meet Your Sweet wasn’t written by a single individual. Instead, it is a compilation of dating advice contributed by various dating experts.

Meet Your Sweet focuses on the psychology of dating and love. It offers a collection of dating ideas that can be made into individual guides.

Meet Your Sweet: The Promises

meet your sweetAt the most basic level, Meet Your Sweet promises to offer you info and advice that will make you irresistible to the opposite sex. This is apparently achievable through skills and techniques that boost confidence and improve the art of interaction and communication.

The techniques provided also aim at boosting your overall attractiveness to the person of your dreams so that they will desire and long for you.

Some of these promises may seem farfetched, but considering the fact that the guide is written by experts, it’s easy to see where the confidence comes from.

The Main Features

Meet Your Sweet comprises info that shows you how to be attractive to people whose attention you crave. You will learn how to initiate and sustain conversations with them and how to keep them interested forever.

The guide comprises of several other smaller guides including the following:

  • Conversation Chemistry
  • Supreme Self-Confidence
  • Second Chance
  • Ultimate Attraction and Transformation Guide
  • Connect and Commit
  • Relationship Recovery

All these guides are contained within the Meet Your Sweet program. What’s more, you will be even more impressed by the list of bonus items that come with this program. There are specific gender-based guides to ensure greater success for men and women when finding that one sweet person in your life. For instance, there is a men’s only guide called Fireworks with Female that’s designed to enhance their techniques. Women also have a plethora of female-only guides to choose from including How to Get a Guy and Why Men Pull Away, among others.

What Can You Expect To Learn?

As previously mentioned, Meet Your Sweet is all about making you super confident and attractive to the person you desire. Still, you might want to know exactly what type of skills and techniques you will develop. Here are the highlights:

  • You will learn how to develop self-confidence even when the odds are stacked against you.
  • You will develop super-attractive ways to communicate. Being a good conversationalist is one of the most desirable traits in a person, man or woman. It should be pleasing to know that this is one of the major skills you will learn from this guide.
  • You will learn techniques for recovering a relationship in case things go sour.
  • You will learn when to try for a second chance in case you and your partner go adrift. This is especially important so that you don’t waste precious time that you would have spent building a new relationship.
  • The guide will teach you how to establish a connection with the person of your desires even if you’ve just recently met.


meet your sweet reviewHere is why you absolutely need this program:

  • It is very affordable considering the amount of info contained therein. You will save hundreds of dollars in searching for a potential suitor: expect to spend no more than $40 on the whole package.
  • You will improve your personality, self-assuredness, and ultimately self-confidence. The techniques taught in the book not only work in relationships but in other parts of life as well.
  • The material is easy to read. When you read various reviews of this guide from users, you will realize that most of them were pleased with the layout of the info. Although it is detailed, the info is provided in a clear, straightforward manner that anyone can understand. What’s more, there are some nice graphics to help you understand better.
  • It is completely risk-free. Meet Your Sweet is backed by a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. Even though the price of this guide seems like a steal, you shouldn’t spend your money on something that will not work for you. This is what this money back guarantee is all about.
  • It is authored by experts in the dating field. This partly explains why the guide has received mostly positive reviews from users, mostly for readability and effectiveness. That being said, this review is positive about the guide because of its effectiveness rather than other positive reviews it has received from users.
  • There is an active online community based on the Meet Your Sweet concept.


Meet Your Sweet was created for people who desire to meet their soul mates but have no clue. The guide offers detailed steps on how to build self-confidence, how to improve conversation chemistry, and how to commit to the person of our dreams.

Meet Your Sweet is a product of various expert authors on the subject of relationships and dating. Users benefit from the varied range of ideas and knowledge from this talented and authoritative pool of contributors.

Finally, purchasing Meet Your Sweet is totally risk-free because of the 60-day money back guarantee. Simply claim your money within that period if you find that the guide doesn’t work for you.

So if you’re thinking about buying the Meet Your Sweet guide, you have zero worries to stop you. Your money is safe, but most importantly, the guide is effective.

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Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor Guide is a system designed to help you re-unite with your ex. There’s a unique Ex Factor Guide for men that helps them re-unite with their ex-girlfriends and similarly, there is an Ex Factor Guide designed specifically for women to help them  get their ex-boyfriends back with little effort. All versions are pretty similar, with just minor customizations to fit the different genders. So reading a female version when you’re male isn’t much of a big concern, and vice versa.

The Ex Factor Guide: The Details

ex factor guideAs with most self-help guides, the Ex Factor Guide is delivered electronically as a 125-page eBook. There’s an audio book version as well that lasts a cool 5 hours. The guide is accompanied by other complimentary and supplementary material including the pro-series videos, specific bonus items for men and women respectively, and an optional VIP membership.

The guide covers a wide range of relationship issues and then provides specific ways of getting your ex back. Although there are other guides that are more specific in this area, readers of this guide will appreciate the fact that there is lots of background info that’s essential in understanding the dynamics of a relationship.

Proven Ways of Getting Your Ex Back

Relationships are an important part of life that take time to build. So it’s only natural that when a relationship ends, there comes a deep feeling of heartbreak and a host of other emotions.

It’s strange why two people who called each other ‘sweetheart’ would suddenly turn into bitter foes. Surprisingly, most of the reasons for disagreements in a relationship are redeemable, only if you had prior knowledge about it.

The Ex Factor Guide provides valuable tips for couples in strained relationships. Once applied, you will be able to redeem your relationship and get back together in a happy and exciting relationship as it were at the start.

Understanding Your Partner

There’s no doubt that every individual is unique even though there are common traits that unite us as men or women. For instance, women tend to coil when they’re going through a particularly stressful time in a relationship. It takes a bit of tender care and understanding to bring her back to her usual self. Men have their unique behaviors too, according to the author.

In the Ex Factor Guide, users are taught how to use these unique yet important differences to make stronger relationships. Why let your partner walk away because of a small misunderstanding that is very solvable.

The guide offers step-by- step details on how to bring back the love of your life into your arms, whether you’re a man or a woman. It stresses the importance of constant communication because when couples don’t communicate as often, issues tend to spring up quickly.

According to the author, when there is less communication in a relationship, couples resort to assumptions, which are obviously disastrous for a relationship.

Once you learn how to appreciate and value your partner, you soon realize that you cannot live without them.

Why Is The Ex Factor Guide Unique?

ex factor guide reviewFirstly, Ex Factor Guide is a product of an expert relationship counselor who understands that relationships are built on a couple of basic principles and they’re shouldn’t be allowed to falter for petty reasons.

Secondly, the author understands that love is a personal thing and you need to understand your partner pretty well. You will learn how to forgive and how to compromise on certain things. Most importantly, you will learn when to let it go or when to keep fighting. Some guides mislead users by claiming that every relationship is redeemable, but the truth of the matter is that some breakups are not worth fighting               for. Acknowledging this crucial factor is one of the things that make this guide stand out and one that shows its authenticity.

Can Ex Factor Guide Really Help You Get Your Partner Back?

The author stresses that many things are possible where there are two willing lovers. He presents simple tools and techniques that can help you make the most of your situation to get your ex back.

After a breakup, most people are clueless on which direction to take. In fact, the majority of people end up making regrettable mistakes. If you want to get back with your ex, it is important to know exactly what to say in a moment of confusion such as when you’ve just broken up.

Timing is important and luckily, this guide advises on the most ideal time to make contact with your ex after a breakup.

While you need to wait for a while, the author advises that you shouldn’t wait too long. The guide offers extensive tips on how to maximize your chances by making contact at the perfect timing.

The Author

Ex Factor Guide is a product of Brad Browning. Although he is a full-relationship coach and counselor, he specializes in mending broken relationships. He’s also an incredible writer and writes from the bottom of his heart about what couples go through in most relationships.

Brad offers users his direct email address for one-on-one support and counseling. With this kind of support, it is difficult not to benefit from this guide. Many users have greatly benefited from this guide. Even if your relationship seems fine and you haven’t broken up with your partner, you will still find many tips and advice in this guide useful.


Buying this self-help guide means trusting Brad Browning to help you mend your broken relationship. Thankfully, you will not be disappointed. In a step-by-step format, Brad offers valuable tips on how to re wire your ex’s feelings so that you are able to resolve all the issues that brought you apart.

In other words, this guide gives you a chance to love in love afresh with the person that regard less of why you split up. It is real and has been tested and prove by thousands of users. While it may not be the answer to all your relationship problems, the Ex Factor Guide will surely help you get your ex back for starters.

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Text The Romance Back Review

Text The Romance Back is a guide created by Michael Fiore, an authoritative dating coach from Seattle, Washington. Through his expert knowledge on relationships and dating, Michael has helped thousands of people around the world mend broken relationships and restore love into their relationships using effective communication techniques he teaches through self-help guides, workshops, TV shows, and so forth.

In Text The Romance Back, Michael Fiore offers a series of effective communication tips and tricks to lure your ex back. He uses text messaging as the means of communication in this guide.

While texting as a means to restore a relationship may seem controversial or even ineffective, the techniques have been widely tested in real-life and even demonstrated on the Rachael Ray Show.

Why Texting Works

text the romance back As a committed relationship grows, the level of intimacy usually dwindles. According to the author, a carefully worded and perfectly timed text message is one of the most effective ways to bring back the spark in a stale relationship. We’re living in the digital age where it is increasingly simpler to reach people through text messaging.

It’s worth noting that there are two sides to this: while the digital wave has eased the way we communicate, it has also contributed to the breakdown of human interaction where we spend time with each other personally. This is especially detrimental for relationships because physical contact and voice connection are extremely important.

Without talking and physically meeting, couples become more isolated and distant. However, according to the author, sometimes texting can be much better than direct communication. In situations where you might say something harsh out of anger, text messaging helps you control what you say. In this guide, Michael Fiore demonstrates just how powerful the written word can be. You will learn how to use this distant form of communication to restore the spark as it were at the start of the relationship.

Text The Romance Back Content Details

Text The Romance Back comprises three sections:

The first part is basically an intro that provides background information about the guide. Here, you’ll find info such as the need for this guide and how it can turn things around in your relationship. In addition, you will learn why texting is very effective for restoring lost romance. The author explains the core ideas in his guide and how they can change the course of your relationship.

The second part describes the methodology that you use when applying the techniques in the guide. You will learn about the different types of messages you can send to your lover to renew the romance. What’s more, Michael shows you how to perfectly time your messages for greater effect. There are numerous evocative suggestions that you’ll find interesting.

In the third section, you will learn how to make your texts more personalized. As you will discover when you start reading the guide, many sample texts seem generic and may not apply in every situation. Michael encourages users to personalize the messages to their style and unique situation. All the tips and advice offered can work for people of any gender, age, and personality. What’s more, it’s easy to make adaptations to modify the messages for males and females. Generally, men are visual creatures and tend to like tings in more graphic form while women are more attracted to romance. Every relationship should have intimacy and romance and this guide helps you to increase these essential factors in your relationship.

Innovative Techniques in Text The Romance Back

text the romance back reviewLearning texting tricks to rev up the romance in your relationship is both innovative and fun. Although it might initially come off as strange, Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back has achieved great success.

Text The Romance Back was carefully crafted to make your lover eager to show you love and give you the attention you deserve.

Looking for ways to connect with people in this fast-paced world can be difficult. Text The Romance Back provides tips and advice that work with the small gadget you move with n your hands. Regardless of where your lover is, text messaging can easily bridge that gap.

To help you get started, the guide offers plenty of sample text messages that are easily customizable according to your personal needs. The updated version of the guide contains hundreds of sample text messages that make it easy for you to get started rekindling your romance into an exciting relationship once again.

The updated version contains a specific section about long distance relationships, which is extremely handy for people dating military personnel or college students.


Text The Romance Back is backed by a support team that is available 24/7. All your questions and concerns will be duly addressed in a kind and friendly matter. Most users have dubbed this guide the ‘relationship transformer.’ Michael promises a stronger and enhanced version of your previous relationship while for new couples, he promises lots of excitement, all through the powerful tool of texting.

Text messaging will make you feel flirty even if you are naturally shy. The goal is to keep you in your lover’s mind so that you can rebuild a flammable relationship once again. You simply have to email the support team in case you have any questions or queries.

Is Text The Romance Back For You?

Text The Romance Back has been used by thousands of people around the world. The high success rate is due to many positive factors, but mostly due to Michael’s expertise on the subject. Michael now specializes in applying text messaging as a means of communication to solve relationship problems.

If you want to know whether or not these texting techniques work for you,   the best option is to pick up a copy of this guide and start applying the tips. It is available online only and only takes a few minutes to download after purchase.

Text The Romance Back is a much loved product by users around the world. Many user testimonials back up the success rate of this guide so there should be little doubt about its effectiveness.

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Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging is a guide that claims to help you get more girls to like you or get a particular girl to like you. The guide is a creation of Bobby Rio and Rob Judge and focuses on using text messaging to build attraction and anticipation in your object of desire. After several years offering relationship advice to both men and women, Bobby Rio discovered that a lot of men don’t make it past getting a girl’s number and sending the first texts or the first calls to which there’s usually no reply.

If you’ve ever gone through this situation, you probably know how frustrating and demoralizing it can be. This guide is purposely designed to break that predicament that millions of men have experienced and millions more continue to go through on a daily basis.

Magnetic Messaging Details

magnetic messagingIn essence, Magnetic Messaging contains a series of texting techniques that show you how to communicate attractively with women. The guide is chock-full of samples that you can immediately mirror so as to instantly take your texting game to the next level. The best thing about the whole experience is that you will be learning from the top texting gurus in the industry – Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, whose experience stems from more than two years of raw proven phone game.

The authors go to lengths to demonstrate using real-life examples how their techniques can be used effectively to gain the upper hand in any relationship. While the tips mostly apply in the initial phases of meeting and attracting a woman, they can be used in any stage of a relationship, provided the context is right.

The course is split into four distinct sections, each section introducing a new concept.

Part 1 – Phone Game Basics

In this part, the authors explain the principles of the phone game and how they influence the direction a relationship will take. Unsurprisingly, this is where a lot of guys get it wrong. If you want to be more successful with girls, you simply need to grasp this part as best as you can.

Using the ‘pizza analogy’, the authors explain that a relationship has three main processes – the meeting, the phone exchange (and subsequent phone game), and then the date. Using the analogy of the pizza, the authors explain that the three phases include invoking emotion, making connections, and dealing with logistics.

Many guys out there have no clue when it comes to sparking emotion yet this is a very crucial aspect of attraction. Magnetic Messaging gives you tips on how to be humorous and flirtatious in an attractive way.

Throughout the course, the authors emphasize the need to stay on course and avoid letting out your desires because all your plans could back fire.

Part 2 – You Want to Date

There is general myth that a man should wait 3 days after the initial meeting before making contact again. However, in this part of the Magnetic Messaging guide, Bobby and Rob rightly debunk this myth. In one dating Metrics survey, it was revealed that the majority of women preferred to wait 2 days before being contacted again after the initial meeting.

In addition, the authors suggest that you shouldn’t send more than 2 text messages before proposing to meet. That being said, it is worth pointing out that this rule is not the easiest to apply, so it might seem a little controversial to some people, especially if you didn’t perfect the first crucial step of sparking emotion.

The KeyLock Sequence

 magnetic messaging reviewThe KeyLock Sequence is the heart of the Magnetic Messaging course. Introduced in the middle sections of the course, the KeyLock Sequence is a special texting technique where you learn how to get a date and how to avoid the dreaded text buddy position. If you’ve been habitually friend-zoned before, this section is particularly important for you.

As mentioned earlier, getting a date involves three things: sparking emotions, creating a connection, and handling logistics. These three factors run throughout the entire guide.

If she doesn’t respond to your messages, Magnetic Messaging shows you exactly what to do to salvage the situation.

Girls with Low Interest

The trick to dealing with low interest, according to the authors, is remaining steadfast and playful. This, however, doesn’t mean that you come off a needy when trying to persist; it means you should act like you don’t care if she doesn’t reply.

You will learn how to change a girl’s feelings on the first date from uninterested to excited. This killer trick has such a profound effect that the girl will literally be asking you out and wanting to spend more time with you. What’s more, this technique is demonstrated with a killer real-life example comprising an edgy text message that gets a girl to reply after a somewhat prolonged time without communication.

In fact, the text-to-text real life examples are what make this guide easy to read and the techniques easy to grasp. The examples also go to show the sheer mastery and prowess of the authors when it comes to the phone game.

Getting a number might be easy for many guys now, but advancing from that stage is the real-deal. This is the main focus of the Magnetic Messaging course – how to advance once you’ve got her number.

Part 3

In part 3 of the Magnetic Messaging course, the authors introduce tips for managing a somewhat stabilizing and steadied relationship. At this point, the focus shifts from handling logistics to cementing the connection.

Part 4

In part 4, this is when you are really dating and you will learn how to add more humor and move on to the more advanced techniques such as arousal through ‘sexting.’ In short, this section is dominated with relationship advice although punctuated with some juicy parts.

Is Magnetic Messaging For You?

The case studies in this guide alone make it a worthwhile purchase. If you’ve been struggling to advance past the initial meeting and number exchange, Magnetic Messaging is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

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The Penguin Method Review

The Penguin Method is a dating guide for women created by relationship guru Samantha Sanderson. Apparently, the guide uses a unique approach akin to that of penguins where a male sticks to a female for a lifetime. Women who use the Penguin Method learn how to attract good men and keep them forever.

The guide contains tips that help women gain complete command in a relationship. It is aimed at single women only because the author feels that women in committed relationships have already made a big decision where the tips offered may not readily apply.

Details of the Penguin Method

penguin methodThe Penguin Method utilizes a series of proven psychological techniques to ‘re-program’ your man’s psyche so that all doubts he may have about you are immediately erased. As such, he will start seeing you as ‘the one’ for him and he will be quick to commit. In fact, if you apply the principles correctly, he will feel a burning desire to be with you always. He will express his undying love like never before.

The focus on making a man want to commit to you is one of the things that make this program unique. The Samantha Sanderson’s techniques will make any man open up and be more expressive with his love.

The techniques work in such a way that they create a habit of love so that if your man doesn’t express his love and desire for you on a given day, he will feel uncomfortable. It’s worth noting that the techniques are not manipulative and are entirely based on proven psychological principles. The techniques in this program utilize a trick known as ‘Neurological Reliance’ to achieve the desired effect.

Single Women the Number One Target

According to the author, The Penguin Method is primarily intended for single women as much of the content is specifically designed to suit them. However, that’s not to say that women in committed relationships cannot use the techniques provided in the guide.

It’s just that there’s a bunch of content designed to help single women meet good men, have fulfilling relationships and move things further. This stuff wouldn’t apply to married people or those in long-term committed relationships.

If you’re married or are in a committed long-term relationship, you can use the techniques in this guide to excite your man and make him do what you want rather than act like he is simply going through relationship motions.

How Is The Penguin Method Different From Other Relationship Guides?

Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of relationship guides out there that make all sorts of claims. However, few are as well structured and clear as the Penguin Method. This program presents a solid plan to follow and if you follow it to the letter, you will achieve the desired results.

The author offers a 3-step strategy to get the man of your dreams and that’s all you have to implement. From the start, it is clear that this guide is different both in approach and the intended result.

Also, the Penguin Method is different because it is not a guide that will make you get all the male attention in the town: rather, it helps you become utterly irresistible to the one man you love. Essentially, the man of your dreams becomes penguin-like in all the things he does for you for love. It’s no surprise that the guide has received lots of positive reviews from users.

The Content

penguin method reviewThe Penguin Method comprises a step-by-step approach that shows you how to get the man of your dreams to love you back just the way you want.

The following are some of the highlights of the techniques offered in the guide.

  • The Romeo Effect: This technique makes use of a powerful combination of words that will instantly make him irresistibly attracted to you.
  • The Instant Infatuation Formula: If implemented correctly, this technique will make a man want to be close to you, protect you and be around you all the time.
  • A technique for decoding a man’s mind and knowing what he wants without him ever realizing it.
  • A rare masculine mind mapper that helps you decipher the hidden meanings of everything he says.
  • The law of sexual attraction and how to use it to make use of it to invoke feelings of desire and lust in him.
  • The bonding effect that makes him emotionally connected to you so that he will forever stay loyal.
  • The exclusive female phone fascination technique that will make him want to respond to your texts and calls instantly even when he’s out with the guys.
  • How to use conversation techniques to always know exactly what to say in a given situation.
  • How to trigger love habits in a man so that he showers you with all the love and affection you want.
  • Intimacy inducers that get him to open up so that you can always know what he’s thinking about. He will always be sharing his intimacy and feelings with you.

Does The Penguin Method Work?

The overwhelming majority of user reviews on trusted websites reveal that the techniques in the Penguin Method are effective if used correctly. Most techniques are based on psychological in nature and so there is some scientific basis for them.

That being said, ultimately it is going to take much more than reading a review to determine whether or not the program works. In this case, you’d have to go out and purchase the program so as to determine whether the techniques work for you or not.

Regardless of what you think about the program, there are many reasons to try it out. Firstly, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee that protects your investment.

Secondly, it is a user-friendly guide that anyone can pick up and start using today with a lot of ease. In addition, the guide comes with a bunch of great bonuses so you will enjoy huge bargains.

Overall, Samantha Sanderson’s Penguin Method is worth a try for every single woman who is searching for a fruitful relationship with the man of her dreams.

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Drama Method Review

Are you wondering what Drama Method is all about? Let’s take a closer look at this much touted guide to find out if it is what you need for your relationship.

Drama Method is a popular dating guide for women created by the acclaimed relationship coach and author Aaron Fox.

drama methodThis guide is meant to help women from any background to better relationships with their boyfriends and husbands. Regardless of where you are in your relationship, applying the advice given in this guide will improve prospects for you significantly.

Many expert relationship coaches have lauded the guide and have recommended it to every woman who wants to have more fulfilling relationships. The reason, they claim, why the advice in the guide works so well is that it is given by someone who understands the male psyche in a relationship – because he is a man. Therefore, from the onset, you can trust that you are being advised by someone who understands what they are talking about.

What Is Drama Method About?

As said in the previous section, Drama Method is a dating guide designed to help women achieve better relationships with their husbands and boyfriends. The book examines some of the most rare intricacies of the male mind that women usually are never aware of yet they are important for sustaining healthy relationships. The entire guide is premised on the assumption that the male psyche works the same in a relationship, regardless of what stage the relationship is in.

Drama Method is designed for women from all walks of life. The guide is presented in a step-by-step format and is easy to read. But there is an audio version too that you can listen to anytime you please.

There is so much information in the guide, but you will learn how to apply the advice in your current situation, whether you are married or not.

Illogical Tactics

What makes Drama Method standout from other dating guides is that it uses illogical tactics to create ‘drama’, but not in the way you’d first imagine. Truthfully, most men loathe women with drama and it is easy to see why advocating drama to catch a man’s attention seems bizarre. However, the guide teaches you and other women how to turn drama into an attractive trait. You will learn how to use drama to your advantage and keep your man glued for all time.

According to the author, the drama technique used in this guide is unique as it will make any man fall madly in love. The drama technique, according to Aaron Fox, triggers an emotional high that is very addictive.

The best part about the guide is that it shows you how to apply the technique to any man, whether you’re single, dating, or married. Each of the aforementioned scenarios requires a different approach and the guide describes each application in detail. You will never feel left out at any stage.

Why Use The Drama Method?

There are many reasons why every woman ought to get this guide. The first one is that the techniques taught can be applied in a variety of relationship settings as mentioned earlier, even if you are single and still trying to find a man.

You can use the advice in the guide to get back with your man if he dumped you. In this case, you will learn how to apply a small twist to the drama technique in order to trigger feelings of longing in your ex boyfriend.

drama method reviewYou can use the guide to re-ignite the spark in your relationship. If things seem dull and boring in your current relationship, this is exactly what you need to create the spark that will take you to the next level.

Drama Method can be used at any stage of a relationship and by any woman of any age.

The guide is available in both eBook and audio formats for added convenience. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can always catch up with the program.

The techniques in the program are purely based on natural human behavior. There are no weird tricks or manipulative tactics.

The author makes it fun and easy to learn the techniques as they are delivered in an exciting way.

There’s a 60-day money back guarantee with every purchase, so in case you are not sure it will work for you after trying it out, you can always request a refund.


Like any great self-help guide, Drama Method comes with a series of bonus material that will help you grasp the main points taught in the main guide easily.

Among the bonuses is the Mind Scanner Report, a guide that will show you how to scan a man’s mind so that he ends up with reasons to date or be with you even if he wasn’t interested initially.

The second bonus is the Shameless Truth Report, a guide that helps you to learn how to think like man and other secrets you’ve never heard of previously.

The third and last bonus item is the Extreme Case Scenario Turnaround Report, a guide that will teach you how to make amends when you’ve made a mistake with your man, such as being disrespectful, doing things that scared him away, and more.


Everybody wants to be loved, more so women. Unfortunately, many women simply don’t know how to handle men, and often times, they end up doing things that drive men away. There are many reasons why a man will become disinterested in a relationship, but more often than not, it all boils down to what the woman says or does.

This is why Aaron Fox came to the woman’s rescue and crafted this brilliant guide. Full of illogical techniques, the Drama Method is every woman’s weapon in a relationship. Although the methods advocated may seem illogical, they are very natural and normal human behavioral traits applied in specific ways for specific reactions. There’s nothing manipulative or sinister. Try Drama Method today and prove for yourself.

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Capture His Heart Review

Capture His Heart is a dating program for women who are searching for ‘Mr. Right.’ Any woman out there who’s lucky enough to have found the one guy she truly loves understands that it is a huge blessing. However, for the rest of the women who haven’t been so lucky to find their knight in shining armor, there’s no doubt that the search is still firmly on. Capture His Heart is your best companion while searching for your dream man.

The tips in the guide will make any man fall madly in love with you. The guide is a product of two prominent relationship coaches – Claire Casey and Michael Fiore. It is chock-full of solid tips to help you become the woman that every man would want to date.

Capture His Heart: The Details

capture his heartCapture His Heart was created for women who find that they always end up in unhappy relationships. The guide examines the key differences between women and men in a relationship. It offers women all the information they need to find ‘Mr. Right’ and keep him for good.

The guide was created based on the reason that most women make the same mistakes continually when dating. As such, the authors rightly identify and analyze those common missteps that most women make and offers solutions for them. Women will learn how to avoid those common missteps so as to succeed in their relationships.

The guide offers tips on how to choose the right man to date and ultimately marry. Most importantly, the guide offers tips on how to keep that man.

Most relationships go sour because the man views things differently from how the woman views them. Men and women usually have very different expectations.

Casey brings the female perspective while Fiore contributes the male viewpoint to offer balanced advice on finding true romance. The two relationship experts provide valuable tips of what qualities men look for in a woman.

Main Highlights of the Capture His Heart Guide

Here are the main points revealed in the Capture His Heart guide:

The true reasons why men are commitment phobic: Most women have this construed thinking that all men are afraid of commitment but this section dispels a series of common myths about what women think about men. You will learn exactly why men go the other way and how to prevent that from happening in your relationship.

Using emotions to make a man stay rather than push him away: It’s a well known fact that women are far more emotional than men. But if every time you let your emotions out your man simply runs away, then your emotions are scaring him away. Capture His Heart will teach you how to use those emotions to your advantage rather than chase your man away.

Ways to project confidence rather than insecurity: Many times in relationships, women tend to become needy because they fail to understand men’s emotions. If you have a tendency of feeling desperate when things aren’t going well in your relationship, this section will teach you how to project confidence in any situation. Men are heavily attracted to women who are confident and self-assured. This section will teach you just how to be the self-assured woman that every man wants to date.

capture his heart reviewDiscover the truth about what men really want from a relationship: One of the main reasons why some relationships go sour is because men and women have different expectations. As such, learning what men really expect from a relationship will increase your chances of succeeding in a relationship.

The one thing that men want that the majority of women don’t give: Without a doubt, many women find themselves baffled when it comes to understanding men. Fortunately, this guide has made things much easier by explaining in simple terms that one thing that every man craves yet very few women have a clue about it. Lucky users of this guide are among a select group of women who get to know this ‘secret’ that can greatly change the way they relate with men.

The 3 Major Phases in Capture His Heart

In order to make the Capture His Heart system extremely easy to follow, the authors split the guide into three phases:

Phase 1 is about finding the right man. You realize that many men are going to approach you at any given time, but not every man that approaches you is worth dating. How do you identify potential suitors? In this phase, you get all the info about choosing the right man so that you don’t end up with the ‘wrong’ one.

Phase 2 is about starting a successful relationship. Most women agree that being in a successful relationship is one of the most elusive things in life. A successful relationship is generally one where you feel that the love you are giving is fully requited. In this phase, you will learn valuable tips on how to start and stay in a successful relationship.

Phase 3 is about building love and mutual respect that will last: Every woman longs for a long and lasting love, but very few know how to achieve that love. This last phase of Capture His Heart is all about building a lasting and fulfilling relationship full of love and mutual respect.

Is Capture His Heart Worth It?

Very often, women find themselves stuck in bad relationships for various reasons, but mostly because they don’t understand men. Capture His Heart is a meticulous study of the male brain as far as relationships are concerned. The guide shows you how to narrow the pool of potential suitors to just a handful of the most eligible suitor and ultimately one potential suitor.

The first couple of weeks into a new relationship are crucial to the future of your relationship, so this program rightly addresses the common mistakes to avoid during this time.

By all means, this guide is worth it and every woman who wants to achieve a long and lasting love with the man of her dreams should get herself a copy of Capture His Heart.

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Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back is a self-help system that contains tips and methods on how to restore a broken relationship. It is a product of Michael Fiore, a dating guru who is better known as a ‘texting ninja.’ Michael Fiore has a number of successful self-help guides and has been featured on a number of TV and radio shows, most notably the Rachael Ray Show.

text your ex backIn this program, Michael introduces a step-by-step process of how to utilize simple text messages to re-ignite feelings of romance with your ex lover. It’s worth noting that this program is not a big collection of text examples. It’s a lot bigger than that.

The guide is useful particularly when you recently broke up with your lover although many of the techniques can work for couples in steady relationships.

Michael Fiore’s guide contains info that can help you figure out why the breakup happened, how to identify things in your relationship that can augment your emotional connection, and powerful tips for avoiding typical relationship spoilers.

Details of Text Your Ex Back and How To Access the Material

Text Your Ex Back is available as an online program with all the content offered via a private member’s area as a downloadable PDF eBook, video, and audio files. It is not a physical book that you can purchase from a bookstore; every material pertaining to the program is available in electronic format. For this reason, this program is accessible instantly after purchase on any Internet enabled device.

Unlike many similar programs on the market, Text Your Ex Back cannot be accessed at once. After the first version was released, Michael Fiore realized that most uses that claimed not to achieve success with the program were not using it as it should be used.

With the release of version 2.0, Michael decided to make the program available one section at a time. This means that when you make a purchase of the guide and get access to the members’ area, you will only be able to access one module at a time. It’s only after you’re done with one module that you can access the next one.

This way, you cannot skip the crucial prep work as most users used to do previously. This drip-feeding format of making content available to users has led to tremendous success results and most users are now happy with what they’ve been able to achieve.

What Does Text Your Ex Back Entail?

All the content in the Text Your Ex Back program is contained in 11 modules. Each of the modules contains PDF files, audio, and video files. Having a range of different files is great because you can simply login and access the most ideal format depending on the device you are using.

Here is a brief breakdown of the modules:

Module 1 is the introduction. It contains a series of user reviews and testimonials. It’s also in this module that the author is introduced. You’ll also learn how the guide will be useful to you and whether or not you should even use it in the first place. For instance, if you want to get back with your ex for your own ego, then you are advised not to use this guide.

Module 2 of the Text Your Ex Back system offers possible reasons why your relationship collapsed. In some cases, the reason is simple and straight forward (such as infidelity). However, many other times, the reason may be complicated (such as when your lover leaves without giving any reasons). No matter who dumped the other, the info in this module will help you understand where the relationship might have gone wrong.

text your ex back reviewModule 3 is called the ‘big goal’ and it is all about setting your priorities. Undoubtedly, your big goal is to get back with your ex, but how do you achieve that? The author provides a unique method for visualizing where you want to be with your ex in the new relationship.

In module 4, the author provides the last ‘flight check’ to ensure that you are fully committed to your goal before you start sending messages to your ex.

In the next module, Michael introduces the ‘text judo’ concept. He explains in detail what it is, why it is effective, and the basis of its powerful effectiveness. You ought to give this module special attention as it is the backbone of this system.

Every piece of information on how to use this powerful texting technique is provided in this module. There are six phases in the text judo technique; Michael provides the different types of text messages that you should use in each phase.

Module six introduces the type of texts called ‘across the bow texts.’ These are generally texts that you use to re-establish the lines of communication with your ex. There are some fascinating real-life example texts as well in the module plus a ton of other useful info.

The next module is called ‘prepping the soil.’ In this module, Michael shows you how to use powerful emotional texts drawing on the good experiences you had with your ex in the past. He offers various techniques for crafting powerful relationship texts with power words.

In module eight, the discussion is rather interesting and somewhat controversial as Michael discusses jealousy (or the ‘green eyed monster’). You ought to pay close attention here especially when applying the techniques as the chances of backfiring are huge.

In module nine, the author discuses ways to boost intimacy using special texts that utilize the power of memory to recall positive emotions in your ex that they cannot resist the thought of being with you again. And it doesn’t matter how far apart you are, the texts will work.

Module ten is basically about reaping the fruits of your effort. By this point of the Text Your Ex Back system, you should be close to re-uniting with your ex courtesy of the texts you were sending as presented in previous modules.

The last module contains closing thoughts on the guide and how to continue with the texting once your relationship is re-established.


As with most guides by Michael Fiore, Text Your Ex Back has proven to be another highly effective relationship guide that is unique as it uses and advocates for text messages as a means of communication to solve relationship issues.

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Make Him Desire You Review

Make Him Desire You is a self-help program that reveals an ultra-powerful desire method for women. The program is a product of leading relationship expert Alex Carter and the claim is that it contains a ‘secret’ formula that is only known to less than 1 percent of all women in the world. Of course, this is a huge claim but the best way to prove or disprove it is to get yourself a copy of the guide.

make him desire youAlex Carter also claims that this ‘secret’ formula can open the love taps of any man out there so that he spoils you with a lot of love, adoration, and affection.

Every woman’s dream is to be loved and adored. Alex Carter claims that his secrets – if applied correctly – can make a man experience strong feelings of affection and adoration whenever he meets you. These pleasurable feelings, according to Carter, are what bring about the feelings of love and affection in him whenever you meet. If you master the techniques in this course, you will put yourself in a position where this happens naturally whenever you meet.

What Is Make Him Desire You All About?

Make Him Desire You contains a series of tips, tricks, ‘secrets’, and techniques for hooking any man you want and making him desire you just the way you want. The author’s experience and expertise is evident throughout the guide. In addition to highlights of the common mistakes that most women make in relationships, Carter also offers countless ideas and concepts that are vital for successful relationships.

The whole guide is essentially about ways to make any man desire you. Most women agree that men can be complicated creatures when it comes to romantic relationships. But Carter offers a thorough insight into the male mind using his years of experience as a relationship consultant as well as his expertise from private research.

The Content Details of Make Him Desire You

As previously mentioned, Make Him Desire You contains a range of tips and tricks delivered as concepts. Each concept introduces a new tip or trick in form of practical ways to invoke feelings of love in your man.

Here are the brief highlights of each concept:

The Vale Concept: This concept is about respect; as you might already know, respect is a big deal for men. According to Carter, a woman has to first gain respect of herself before she can gain a man’s. Most women that lack self respect also fail to respect their men. Self-respect starts with self-confidence and the guide contains several confidence boosting techniques for women to build self-confidence. Men tend to be attracted to women who are self assured and this guide will teach you just how to become one.

Investing In A Relationship: This is another concept discussed in the guide. While expounding on this concept, the writer points out that you can only get as much from a relationship as you invest in. Another highlight is that both the guy and the woman must invest in the relationship for it to work for both. In most cases, women tend to carry the relationship alone for one reason or another. However, this is a huge mistake according to the author, and so you should avoid it. Carter goes on to explain how you can break the vicious cycles that most women get caught up in that ultimately break their relationships.

make him desire you reviewEmotional Boost: In this section, the author provides methods of how to capture the interest of a man. Men often tend to act aloof in relationships because they are naturally not emotional beings. That being said, men are biologically wired to chase women. As such, men love the chasing game and they derive a lot of pleasure doing the chasing. So what do you do as a woman when a man is chasing you? Predictably, many women are clueless on what to do in such situations. You will learn valuable tips on how to play hard-to-get in a way that will drive a man crazy and keep him chasing you. And when it’s finally time to end the ‘game’, he will feel as if he won a tournament and thus will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Unrestricted Love: This concept teaches you how to get unrestricted love from a man. Alex Carter offers a secret technique of making any man open up with lots of love for you. Apparently, the key to that is respect and acknowledgement. When a man feels that he is respected and admired by his woman, he will return the favor with abundant love.

Putting The Concepts Together

Most of the things discussed in the guide are based on the fact that women are different from men when it comes to relationships. The way men express their emotions is very different from how women manifest emotions. The same is true when it comes to expectations from a relationship.

In the guide, the author rightly places a lot of emphasis on understanding these differences and how to deal with them. You cannot expect your man to be at the same emotional level with you even if he loves you so much. Strangely, most women misunderstand these differences and end up doing things that push the man away.

When the concepts in the guide are applied in conjunction, they make for an in-depth strategy for correcting past mistakes you did or were still doing so as to greatly improve your luck in the dating game.

Carter describes the scientific facts behind his concepts, so in addition to knowing what to do, you will know the reason for doing it.

Who Should Use Make Him Desire You?

This guide is created for every woman out there who seeks a fulfilling relationship with her man. The only requirement is that you can read the English language and are above the minimum age for being involved in a romantic relationship.


Make Him Desire You is a comprehensive dating guide for women that is worth a read. The concepts are interesting and seem well researched. It is really deep in its explanations and leaves no stones unturned. Every woman who desires a better understanding of men in romantic relationships ought to get a copy of Make Him Desire You.

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