Unlock Her Legs Review

Unlock Her Legs is yet another dating guide created by the dynamic duo of Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. The two coaches have previously worked together on several best-selling products and this time is no different. One of their best-sellers is known as Magnetic Messaging and has won acclaim from critics, experts, and users.

unlock her legsBoth Bobby and Rob tend to focus on the pick-up and attraction game for men because attracting women has become second nature to them. They offer unique but effective techniques for attracting women.

As with their previous product, Unlock Her Legs is a comprehensive guide to getting the woman of your dreams. However, this guide isn’t just about attracting women; it goes further with advanced tips on how to get them into bed with you. This is ultimately every man’s dream.

If there’s one self-help guide that you need to get hold of as a young man chasing beautiful women and looking for unforgettable adventure, this would simply be it.

What Is Unlock Her Legs All About?

Unlock Her Legs is simply every man’s gateway to the woman of his dreams. The guide is crafted by two of the best pick-up coaches in the world at the moment. It is premised on what is called the ‘Scrambler Technique’. The guide is available in digital format as a self-help tutorial with countless tips that show you how to unlock a girl’s sensual and sexual potential.

Both Bobby and Rob were motivated by their own failure with women before they discovered the real techniques that get all the girls. They crafted the Scrambler technique and provided all its answers so as to come up with a comprehensive dating solution for men from all over the world.

The Scrambler Technique: The Heart of The ‘Unlock Her Legs’ System

For most men, approaching the woman of their dreams and then getting her into bed is a herculean task. The few ‘naturals’ who manage to get the girls are often envied by other men. Those who find it difficult to woo and bed girls are often those men who have issues with their self-confidence and abilities. According to the authors, this has a direct impact on demeanor and, therefore, ability to approach girls.

The Scrambler technique offered in this guide has all the ‘fixes’ to the aforementioned issues. For all your love stricken issues, you will find appropriate answers in the Scrambler technique. It offers several tips and tricks on how to become utterly irresistible to women. Moreover, your status or financial stand doesn’t matter. All you need to do is apply these tips and tricks as they’re provided. Once you get the hang of the Scrambler technique as described in the Unlock Her Legs system, every girl will want to be with you, let alone sleep with you.

The key to capturing a woman’s heart is to make her long for you, not the opposite. While this may sound weird, it really is the key to a girl’s heart and if you keep this in mind whenever you are dating, you will always win with your objectives.

The ‘Chase Reflex’ in Unlock Her Legs is another technique on which other tips in the guide are premised. The idea in this technique is to make her chase after you. When you’ve got everything going for you, the ‘chase reflex’ will make her do anything to be ‘noticed’ by you.

Women generally love drama and fancy the idea of being the central figure in a drama scene. What the techniques in this guide do is to create a snowball effect where you take full control of the relationship as the girl plays the drama.

In fact, the Scrambler technique leads to the chase reflex and focuses on four principles to achieve the reflex.

unlock her legs reviewThe first principle is that of uncertainty and its effects on relationships. Women love mystery and literally crave for it. If you’ve been telling her everything in your life and how much love you have for her, this is where you’ve been messing up. If there’s absolutely no mystery in your life and she has basically figured you out, then she will quickly lose interest. With this technique, you will learn how to keep your relationship a mystery so that your girl will always want to take you to bed.

The second principle deals with power and how to shift the balance firmly to your side. Girls love men who take charge and show it. While they may not say it out with words, deep down they really do love it. Once you learn how to shift the power balance to your side, you will learn how to always take charge without being so bossy or commanding.

The third principle is about making her seek your validation. If you get this right, she will literally explode and you will gladly experience the thrill come back to you. This principle borrows a few tips from the previous one in that it involves the balance of power in a relationship.

The last principle of the Scrambler technique is anticipation. A woman who anticipates being with you is more willing to sleep with you than you can imagine. This last tip in the scrambler technique entails making her anticipate every single thing about you and in the process, you drive her crazy and make her want to be with you always.

Unlock Her Legs is priced slightly above average for self-help guides, t approximately $79. However, it is worth every dollar you invest in it because it contains a range of tips, tricks, stories, and techniques on how to take any woman in bed. The tips in this guide are very rare and you will hardly find them anywhere else. If applied correctly, they will completely turn your life around.


Unlock Her Legs is the ultimate guide for every man who wants to get girls to take to bed without much hassle. The guide doesn’t involve flirting and neither does it encourage it. Unlock Her Legs simply teaches you how to become sexually irresistible to women no matter your status.

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What Men Secretly Want Review

James Bauer’s guide What Men Secretly Want as been making waves on the Internet because it claims to reveal secrets to connecting with any man you want. The guide is obviously designed for women and is marketed with a tag line ‘be irresistible’.

In the guide, James Bauer reveals a series of tips and secrets that he claims can unlock any man’s heart. Men are generally not as expressive as women when it comes to romantic relationships. However, it takes a few things to unlock this mysterious nature and once you do, you will become utterly irresistible to any man.

What Men Secretly Want: The Details

what men secretly wantWhat Men Secretly Want is best described as a personal development program that focuses on dating and relationships. It is for women who want to get a better understanding of men and generally how to relate with them in romantic situations.

The entire guide is premised on the principle of respect, which is based on the idea that most men would rather be respected that being showered with lots of love without respect.

According to the author, men tend to develop a close relationship with women who both love and respect them. He claims that any woman who follows the ‘principle of respect’ will find it easier to connect with the man of her dreams and make him commit to a long-term relationship.

What Men Secretly Want offers step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the intricate psyche of the male brain so that you can unlock a man’s heart and connect with him on a deep emotional level. The guide offers all the ‘tools’ and info you need to connect better with your man and keep him for good.

There are lots of topics covered in this guide such as communication in a relationship, how to connect with a guy emotionally, risky words and phrases you ought to avoid, how to avoid the friend zone, and how to be the sexiest woman he has ever met, among other topics.

There is also an important section about the qualities that men secretly long for in a woman. John Bauer explains that although they may not say it, almost all men long for some specific qualities in a woman. Of course, this section is most useful for women who want long-term committed relationships. It may not be as appealing to those who are looking for short, temporary flings with men.

Is What Men Secretly Want For You?

Although this guide is created for all women who are dating or looking to date a guy, some women may find that they’ve left this stage and, therefore, don’t need this advice. Here is how to tell if this guide is for you:

  • You have struggled for a long time to keep a man committed; you want to get to the next level but he just seems uninterested; you have difficulty keeping your men glued and interested in you.
  • You need professional dating help but cannot afford the exorbitant fees of a consultant.
  • You need expert advice specifically created for women and not just any dating guide created for both men and women.
  • You need a guide that is simple, unfussy, and one that doesn’t entail complicated words.
  • You want a guide that includes real-life examples of situations couples face. You want to learn from both the good and bad things that couples go through in relationships.
  • You want a relationship guide with some sort of guarantee for your investment.

Specific Benefits of What Men Secretly Want

what men secretly want reviewUnique Program: What Men Secretly Want is especially crafted for women using specific techniques that would best suit women’s relationship needs. Most dating guides on the market are made for both genders and this usually leads to high rates of ineffectiveness.

Easy To Understand: The guide is premised on a simpleprinciple that you can understand with little effort.John Bauer was careful not to include confusing phrases or words because he rightly knew that thousands of women around the world would use this guide. Everything is easy to understand because there is no ambiguity.

Real Life Example: What Men Secretly Want is special because it contains examples of real-life relationship situations of couples that John Bauer helped counsel over the years as a relationship counselor. You’ll find that you can easily relate to most of the example scenarios in the guide. The author offers a solution to each of the complicated scenarios in the guide.

Two Versions available: What Men Secretly Want comes in both audio and text versions. If you don’t love reading or simply have no time to read, you can use the audio version of the guide anytime, anywhere.

Money back Guarantee: John Bauer’s guide comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee. As one of the biggest selling digital products on the Internet, you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product and that your money is 100% safe.

The guide is sold in digital format so it’s instantly available upon purchase. If you want a physical print version, this may not be your ideal purchase.


There is little doubt that John Bauer’s guide is your gateway to a man’s heart. What’s really great about this guide is that it is premised on a simple principle that almost every woman will easily understand and implement.

What’s more, all the tips in the guide were designed specifically for women, so this guarantees increased success rates compared to generic relationship guides designed for both men and women.

With that in mind, it’s also worth noting that What Men Secretly Want may not suit every woman. It doesn’t come with multiple guides, bonuses, and the tips offered do not work overnight.

The guide mostly works for women who want info that’s laid out in a plain, unfussy format and is straight to the point. What Men Secretly Want is absolutely risk free because it comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.

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Tao of Badass Review

Tao of Badass is a guide by Joshua Pellicer designed for men who want to up their game at attracting women. Joshua Pellicer is a well known individual in the dating and relationship coaching arena. However, he likes to specialize in the attraction game and most of his best works have been in the aforesaid subject.

Tao of Badass reveals the deep research that Joshua has done on women over the years. Like any other guy, Joshua was shy around women and was even intimidated most of the time when it came to chasing women. In hindsight, Joshua claims that this was actually a blessing in disguise because it motivated him to do more research about the attraction game.

tao of badass

In this guide, Joshua shares all the tips and techniques he learned during his adventures with women. You’re sure to find some amazing tips and tricks in this guide. For instance, in one section, Joshua claims that his initial failures with women were not because he did say the right words or do the right things but because he had no idea what not to do when you’re with a woman.

Chances are you already have an idea what to do when you’re with a woman, but what you shouldn’t do is what really makes the difference. This is one of the main concepts about the attraction game that you will learn in this guide.

What Is Covered In Tao of Badass?

Essentially, Tao of Badass is presented as an in-depth guide to becoming a woman magnet. Topics covered in the guide include how to meet women, approaching women on the street, confidence boosting, hooking a complete stranger, and a range of dating tips, among others.

Each of the main categories is outfitted with several at least two sub-categories that expound the main topic. In the sub-categories you will find topics such as how to hold a conversation steady on a date, top 5 things that instantly kill attraction, and how to get the first kiss, among other things.

All the topics covered in the guide are aimed at building attractiveness and self-confidence using words and body language. Joshua does a great job of showing you how to use body language to create attraction. Even then, the most important part of the guide is the members’ area that you can access after making a successful purchase. In the members’ area, you will quickly learn how to apply the different techniques offered in the guide using real-life examples of other users.

A Complete Guide

As mention earlier, Tao of Badass is not just a guide but a complete system that comprises a number of guides that all make up the complete system. The audio and video series are all part of the system and they make up the complete package.

One of the best things about this guide is that it gets straight to the point: there are no pointless stories from the author and no bragging. The guide starts from by teaching you how to approach women and what to do next after meeting them.

Joshua delivers the best professional advice on attracting women and if you properly apply the techniques, you will achieve good results.

Tao of Badass eBook Details

tao of badass reviewThe main eBook comprises 152 pages and the info is split into 10 modules. The first ten pages of the guide provide a brief intro of the program before the real meat comes in the pages that follow.

An overview of the modules (some module titles are not exactly the same as in the guide):

Introduction: As already mentioned, the introduction module prepares you for what comes next in the guide. As you’d expect, it is brief and simply offers info on what to expect.

A Lowdown On Gender Roles: In this module, you will learn the connection between attraction and gender roles. You will learn the factors that make a gorgeous woman attracted to a decisive, sensible, and very confident man.

Understanding Confidence: In this module, you are introduced to proven ways of building self-confidence that many women lookout for in a man. This process is explained in a step-by-step format so that you can develop your confidence to handle any type of situation.

The Approach: This is an important module in that it contains tips on how to approach women without being rejected the first time. The majority of men face troubles when meeting women for the first time. In this module, you will learn how to completely overcome the fear of rejection when meeting women.

Testing Time: The testing module is just 6 pages long and is the shortest in the entire guide. Women subject their potential suitors to all sorts of tests. Since the testing happens at the subconscious level, most times the woman isn’t aware of it. Luckily, the pattern is predictable and Joshua shows you how to easily smash any of these tests.

The Tao System: This is one of the longest modules in the guide spanning a while 28 pages. In this module, the author discusses at length all the nitty-gritty of the seduction game.

Body Language: When it comes to seducing women, body language is very crucial. Women are naturally gifted at reading body language whereas the opposite is true for men. In this chapter, you will learn all the important body language tips and tricks so that you can read any woman’s body language with ease.

Love: In this module, Joshua explains the concept of creating strong love feelings. If you want a woman for keeps, you’ve got to invoke feelings of love in her.

Mistakes to Avoid: The second last module focuses on those terrible mistakes men usually make. If you have to miss other modules in the book, this one would certainly not be among them. The final module is the conclusion that basically wraps up everything.


Tao of Badass is a dating guide unlike any other. It was crafted by an expert dating guru and is trusted by thousands of men all over the world. Up your seduction game today with Tao of Badass and become a magnet of women.

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Don’t Leave Love to Chance – Find What Men Secretly Want

Though life has many other things to offer, when push comes to shove the majority of people still say that a lasting and satisfying relationship is their number one goal. The trouble is that success in love can be a tricky undertaking.

Women, in particular, often say that there is neither rhyme nor reason to the antics of men, which sadly often leads to their relationships foundering on the rocks. Such women may doubt that any book could explain the mysteries of male thinking, but the fact is that there IS such a book, and furthermore its author is offering buyers their money back if the tome doesn’t deliver the goods.

what men secretly want

James Bauer is the man who has penned What Men Secretly Want, and he is so confident about the value of his work that he is offering the above-mentioned guarantee on all purchases of the electronic product.

So, what is the fuss about, so far as Bauer’s book is concerned? Well, the author has done a ton of research into male psychology, and he has drawn a surprising conclusion: Whereas women are often characterized as suckers for punishment in love, in fact it is men who are engaged in an endless quest to find the perfect woman.

Up to now, it has always been assumed that bed-hopping men do what they do because they are addicted to the buzz of sexual satisfaction in the arms of a thousand women. James Bauer has uncovered the actual truth, which is that most men only chase women because they have a deep-down desire to find THE ONE. If and when they do, Bauer says, they never stray.

The trick for any woman wanting to dodge philanderers and find that once-in-a-lifetime gem is to make sure your chosen man falls in love with you. This and much more is explained in James Bauer’s groundbreaking work.

Click Here to read the full Review on What Men Secretly Want Program

Women Win Big with Love Capture His Heart E-Book

One thing you can be sure of in the dating scene is that men and women think quite differently. Whereas men are mostly focused on playing the field and getting sexual satisfaction with the maximum number of ladies, it is a different story for women.

While women enjoy a roll in the hay as much as any man, their greater priority is to find a ‘keeper’ – a man who shapes up as a life partner, not just a companion in a brief fling.

capture his heart

With such opposing philosophies, it is little wonder that women often find themselves frustrated in their dealings with the men they meet on casual dates. The good news, though, is that a brand new book could help women navigate their way safely through the minefield of the dating scene and come out the other end with a husband or long-term partner.

Capture His Heart is the title of this astonishing e-book, which can be downloaded as a PDF from the internet. The authors of the tome are Claire Casey and Michael Fiore, who are both accredited experts in relationship coaching, and the pair argue that women should follow their three-stage process for getting a man, as well as keeping him for the long haul.

Stage one requires women to quit being desperate and clinging like mad to a man they’ve just met. Getting your suckers into a man has to be done more subtly, say Casey and Fiore.

In stage two, women are advised to time any mention of long-term commitment extremely carefully. If you do it too soon, you’ll likely make the man run a mile.

Stage three is the clincher, say the e-book’s authors. If you blow a little bit hot and cold, you’ll do better long term than by being excessively loved up too soon.

The best thing about this e-book is that you can get your money back, even after sixty days, if you are not pleased with it, so why not give it a try today!

What Is All The Fuss About Enchant Him

enchant himEver since its release last year, Enchant Him has been the subject of much discussion on the Internet. But is it really worth the fuss?

Written by Carrie Engel, the self-help guide is aimed at women looking to re-ignite the spark in their relationships or even those looking for love. Carrie Engel’s guide is a complete transformation system for women that reveals secrets of how to make yourself more attractive to your man. If you’re searching, more men will be attracted to you.

As you would expect, a lot of women have been talking about this system and how it has changed their love life, so the hype is definitely justified.

What is Involved?

This guide was specifically created for the modern woman, a woman who loves challenges and embraces change with open arms.

While the chasing role has traditionally been a reserve for men, things have changed drastically in the 21st century. Women are now go getters and there is no reason why you shouldn’t go after the man of your dreams once you’ve found him,

The guide, however, teaches you how to be a ‘go getter’ while still maintaining your femininity. The secret is to feel good about yourself and develop self-confidence, which is what men are attracted to.

The guide also takes you on an enchanted journey through the mind of a man. You will learn the things that make men behave the way they do when you say or do certain things. Crucially, you will learn what not to say or do to your man. Once you learn to think like a man, you’ll make him want to do whatever he can do to please and honor you.

All the tips are easy to grasp and pretty straightforward. This is a must-have guide for every woman who wants to hook a man for life.

What Makes Text Your Ex Back so Special Among the Others

Text Your Ex Backtext your ex back is a self-help guide that shows you how to reunite with your ex partner. If you recently broke up with your partner, chances are you haven’t got over them and may be you still harbor strong feelings for them. Regardless of what happened in the past, your heart feels that a second chance at love is worth it.

If that’s the situation you’re in, this guide is your best companion. Created by relationship guru Michael Fiore, the Text Your Ex Back guide walks you through all the steps you need to take in order to regain the love and trust of your ex partner.

A Different Approach

What makes this guide special is that it proposes text messaging as a means to communicate with your ex. Michael Fiore is an expert on text messaging as used in relationships and dating, and he’s considered an authority in that area.

The instructions are pretty simple and take you through a series of steps that will show you how to re-ignite the spark in your ex-fiancé’s heart.

The simple but powerful text messages you send will help you solve a complex relationship problem that you wouldn’t otherwise manage to solve with verbal communication.

What makes the techniques easy to use is that when you start sending texts to your ex to solicit some responses, your answers will depend on those responses, so you don’t really need to think a lot. Once you’ve crafted a text, you can go over it as many times as you want before sending it. This ensures that you don’t say things that may ruin your chances. Don’t do the same mistakes that many people do when trying to lure back their lovers.

The best thing is that you can use the techniques in various situations in your relationship, not just after a break up.

Win Big with Sex Texting Book Known as Magnetic Messaging

Chasing women can be a frustrating pursuit when things don’t go according to plan. So, if you could get your hands on a reliable method of dramatically upping your success rate in the pick-up game, why wouldn’t you grab the opportunity with both hands?

When it comes to picking up women, some men are happy to adopt a scatter gun approach. They hope that trying their luck with umpteen females in a club or bar will pay off with at least one of them by closing time. Well, that might work for some men, but it is a very time-consuming and potentially unproductive way of going about the matter. Furthermore, some would way it is disrespectful towards the women concerned.

magnetic messaging

On the other hand, a better approach, as proposed by Bobby Rio in his Magnetic Messaging PDF, is to decide on the woman you REALLY want, and then to use clever text messaging to make her gradually more receptive towards you. Rio says the method has paid off for him handsomely in the past – the writer was and is a highly successful pick-up artist.

Bobby Rio knows a lot about how women’s minds typically work. They usually desire a deep bond with a man, and once it exists they’ll almost certainly throw caution to the wind and bed him. However, unlike men, they are not often keen on the idea of one-night stands with complete strangers. For this reason, cutting to the quick with a sexual proposition is rarely effective.

Avoiding premature sex talk is Bobby Rio’s rule number one. The second piece of advice the author offers in his PDF is to try to be vibrant and interesting when you text a woman. Talking about boring, obvious stuff is sure to turn a woman off, whereas side-splitting humor will always score points.

Trying to summarize the contents of Bobby Rio’s book is hard. The best advice is to try the e-book for size and then, if it doesn’t float your boat, claim the full refund that Rio is offering all his customers.

Text the Romance Back – Best Way To Get Your Ex Back

text the romance backAnyone who wants to know how to succeed in the romance game should pay close attention to the wisdom of a well-known dating expert, who is revealing all his secrets in a brand new PDF e-book.

Michael Fiore has many years of experience under his belt, and he has successfully coached thousands of individuals and couples. Now, Michael has decided to broaden his horizons by putting down all his inside knowledge on dating into an e-book that’s available for download by the public at a very reasonable price.

Text the Romance Back is in some ways a general guide for romance and dating, but its big focus in particular is on how it is possible to use text messaging on the latest smart phones to make a deep impression on an estranged lover. If you are in the unhappy position of having a lover walk out on you, the good news is that Fiore’s digital product could yet come to your rescue.

But Michael Fiore’s book is not only for people who have recently split up. It can also assist people who are still together but for whom the “fizz” has long since evaporated from their day to day relationships. When a relationship starts to become humdrum, you can bet that it could be in danger in the near future, so anybody in this position should not be complacent. Instead, grabbing a copy of Michael Fiore’s book could be a top choice.

With a raft of psychological insight, and also a large number of example texts, Fiore’s e-book is extremely good value for money. However, anybody who is not convinced that the book is a good buy should know that the author is offering full refunds for customers who find it does not match their expectations – even after sixty days’ worth of use!