Magic of Making Up Review

Magic of Making Up is an informational guide created to help people better deal with breakup. The guide contains ideas and advice that you can use to re-unite with your ex. Everyone agrees that breaking up with a lover is a painful experience. Feelings of emptiness, confusion, and plain misery fill your heart. Fortunately, there are better ways to deal with such situations, thanks to the empowerment that Magic of Making Up gives you.

The problem is that most people who try to fix this situation act too irrationally because of uncontrolled emotions. This only pushes the other partner further away. The sad fact is that most people do the exact opposite of what they should be doing after a breakup. If you want to re-unite with your ex after breaking up, you’ve got to learn how to control your emotions.

This remarkable guide gives you everything you need to know about how to repair a faltering relationship. Most people now consider this guide and, for obvious reasons, it is loved as much as it is hated by dating exerts.

Magic of Making Up: The Details

magic of making upMagic of Making Up is a product of T.W Jackson. He frankly admits that his guide is not your usual ‘politically correct’ kind of relationship guide. Instead, Jackson offers some unconventional techniques that will work in your favor   every time you have issues in your relationship.

Honestly speaking, this unconventional approach has offended many individuals, users and relationship experts alike. To them, it feels like plain manipulation and to some others, the approach is simply unethical.

That being said, you can’t really argue with success: Magic of Making Up has helped thousands of couples to re-unite using the techniques explained therein.

T.W Jackson doesn’t have any specialized certifications to show around and some of his sharpest critics have attacked him basing on this. But Jackson himself would rather let the results of his work do the talking. Jackson seems to be so good and effective at influencing people’s psyche. He doesn’t come from the academic fraternity so there are no complicated terms in this guide. He writes in a nice conversational style that many users like.

Magic of Making Up offers many strategies for winning back your lover. However, it’s worth noting that none of the strategies can be effective if there is no spark left to salvage. If there’s a spark left, then it can be re-ignited into a flame by applying the strategies provided in the guide.

Magic of Making Up: The Content

The Magic of Making Up guide comprises eight chapters.

In chapter one, the author discusses the possible reasons for breaking up. All the common reasons why people split are provided here. If you recently broke up with your partner, this chapter will help you understand why it happened and how to avoid a similar scenario.

In chapter two, you learn how to take control of your emotions so that you don’t break down into desperation. Most people panic and completely ‘lose it’ after a breakup. In this chapter, you will acquire the wisdom to overcome any feelings of desperation and panic after a breakup.

The info in chapter three is aimed at helping you evaluate your position in the relationship. Although your relationship may be worth fighting for, it’s important not to lose sight of reality. You must ensure that your ex feels the same about re-uniting before you waste your efforts and time trying to make up.

In chapter four, you are introduced to the real plan. The author offers tips on how to craft a solid plan for making up with your ex. Without a plan, you will have nothing to fall back to incase things don’t work out the way you expected.

magic of making up reviewChapter five contains tips of how to seek help from other people. Surprisingly, most people are not aware that in times of despair such as after a breakup, friends and family is where you can get the best support. This chapter shows you how to get that help and which people among your family and friends to approach.

After applying all the techniques in the previous chapters, you should start seeing some results once you reach this far. Chapter six shows you how to ease back into the relationship you once enjoyed. The author discourages doing this in a single move. Instead, you take small strides one day at a time until the two of you are completely comfortable with each other again.

Chapter seven builds on the achievements of the previous chapter. You learn how to maintain the newly rekindled spark and how to avoid re-opening old wounds. The fact that the two of you have decided to start over again means that there is no room for the past to creep up in the new relationship.

The final chapter of the guide is called ‘Plan B’. Aptly named, Plan B helps you to move on in case the relationship wasn’t salvageable. Moving on when you still have feelings for someone isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with the right guidance and advice, you can make it. The Magic of Making UP makes this process much easier.

Are There Any Caveats?

While the word ‘Magic’ in the guide’s name may be taken literally to mean the guide is magical, the fact is that it is not a magic bullet to all your relationship problems. Not every person who uses the advice in this guide will get back with their exes, for various reasons. The author fully realizes this and wants to ensure that you don’t feel ripped off.

As such, he offers a 60-day money back guarantee with every purchase, so there’s basically no risk in purchasing Magic of Making Up and giving it a test run.


Magic of Making Up is a unique relationship guide that offers unconventional tips and tricks to help you make up with a lost flame. There’s no risk to your money as the author stands by his techniques by allowing you to claim your money within 60 days of purchase.

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