Old School New Body Review

old school new bodyOld School New Body is a fitness program designed particularly for users above the age of 35. Unknown to many people, your body begins to shed muscle mass above the age of 40. What’s more, once you hit this age, you start to age much faster than you did when you were younger. According to scientific studies, people aged 40 and above age six months more for each year they live.

Fortunately, modern discoveries in dieting and approaches in physical exercise can reverse most of the negative effects of aging on your body.

The Old School New Body system offers new approaches to combating the effects of aging on fitness and weight. The system is a product of Steve and Becky Holman and through it, they share dieting tips and techniques as well as proven workouts that are suited to people aged 35 and above.

The system is easy to use and helps users regain their youthful looks and fitness levels. The exercise and dieting tips offered in Steve and Becky Holman’s guide help to prevent a host of age-related health complications, in addition to the fitness benefits you get.

All the tips and techniques that the author offers in this guide are proven to work. He learned them the hard way through keeping fit and lean. Both Steve and Becky look slim and fit, and they act as the guide’s testament to its effectiveness.

What Does The Old School New Body System Offer?

As mentioned in the previous section, the Old School New Body system offers tips and techniques for reversing the effects of aging. It also reveals a host of aging secrets that you probably didn’t know about. The tips offered in this guide are very practical and realistic, but they’re not the usual generic twaddle you’ll find in ordinary fitness programs.

Another remarkable thing that immediately becomes evident on using this system is the amount of work that Steve and his wife Becky put in this system. They’ve essentially dedicated the greatest part of their lives into helping people with weight issues.

Some of the tips in this system are truly surprising, but the logic behind them is self-explanatory and any user who follows the tips exactly as provided will achieve the benefits as described in the system.

Both the dieting and exercising tips are anything but difficult. They are a fresh of breath air and a relief from the unrealistic pressures of extreme dieting and workout regimes. Steve and Becky Holman do not advocate for unrealistic limits on eating.

How Does Old School New Body System Work?

The system is based on a five step approach of dieting and working out. The first step frees users from the unrealistic compulsion of restricting fat intake in their diets. The system offers info on the pivotal role that fats play in achieving a youthful physique and looks. Practical tips on good nutrition are the hallmark of the Old School New Body system.

In the second step, users learn that going to the gym isn’t necessary for achieving optimal fitness levels. Interestingly, the system reveals that long gym sessions are actually detrimental for people aged 35 and above. In fact, according to the Holmans, gym-oriented workouts actually contribute to the aging process.

The FX4 Method

old school new body reviewAt the center of the system is a unique dieting and exercise formula dubbed ‘FX4 Method.’ This unique method comprises three phases and each phase has a different goal. Based on your fitness levels and objectives, you can choose to stop after phase one, phase two, or you could choose to go all the way to phase 3.

The first phase is called FX4 Lean and comprises the basic nutrition and workout tips required for shedding excess fat. In this phase, you get step-by-step instructions on how to quickly lose fat and nothing else. So if your goal is simply to shed a little weight, you might find that the FX4 Lean phase is sufficient for your fitness goals.

The second phase is the FX4 Shape phase: this phase comprises workouts and nutrition schedules aimed at sculpting your body into the shape you’ve always wanted. Although this phase is somewhat more extensive than the others, you still work out three days in a week just as the other two phases. Using the workouts in FX4 Lean and FX4 Shape phases, you can achieve incredible fitness results and most users prefer this combination.

The last phase is called the FX4 Build phase and it is designed for users who want to gain massive amounts of muscle. As you would expect, the workouts in this phase are designed for maximum muscle gain and are meant for both men and women who want to achieve a peak physique.

Some users will take this phase to the extreme for the building large muscles, but the majority of users simply want to add visible muscle mass and not the overblown physique.

The last two phases are optional while the FX4 Lean phase is compulsory for all users of the Old School New Body system.

In addition to the three training phases, the system offers information and tips on how to deal with specific problems that are more likely to affect 40-year olds (or more). These include training injuries, relief from paid, dealing with fad diets, how to achieve fat loss faster, motivation tips, anti-aging tips, restoring sexual libido and youthful vigor, and many more.

Perhaps one of the best things that come with this system is a guide to the old school bodybuilding diet which is strikingly similar to the Paleo diet. Although this may be called a ‘new’ diet, it was actually being used by old school guys as far back as the 1950’s.


There is basically no reason why you shouldn’t trust Steve and Becky’s advice on fitness for middle-aged people. Steve is a best-selling author and a long-time fitness enthusiast and it’s worth mentioning that he is over 50 years of age although he looks 30.

Try Old School New Body today to achieve the fitness and body shape you’ve always wanted.

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