Save The Marriage Review

Save The Marriage is a relationship self-help guide that offers ‘marriage repair’ tips and advice based on an intricate understanding of the dynamics in a typical marriage. The guide explains the intricacies behind every single interaction you have with your partner with the aim that this knowledge will help you become a better lover, partner, wife, or husband.

There are lots of problems in marriage, but the info in this guide is aimed at helping you deal with those issues more positively. At the end of the course, you’re expected to be in position to save your marriage or rather any kind of committed relationship you’re currently in.

Save The Marriage Overview

save the marriageSave The Marriage is a product of Lee H. Baucom, who boasts of a PH.D and two Master’s degrees in Family Therapy and Marriage. His industry credentials are backed up by over 20 years’ experience offering marriage therapy services. He’s also practiced Life Coaching, personal development, and community building.

These experiences are undoubtedly valuable when it comes to understanding relationships and interactions between people.

It’s worth noting that all these credentials are self-listed by the author, so you might have to dig deeper   to assess his credibility. Nonetheless, his work through this program seems to speak volumes.

Save The Marriage Details

In the opening chapters of the Save The Marriage guide, the author discusses the various weaknesses of typical marriage counseling and family coaching. The author claims that those approaches are fundamentally flawed and he gives reasons why. With more than 20 years’ experience counseling couples, Lee observes that the approach that most couples take for therapy cannot solve the core problems in their marriages.

Lee has a unique and interesting take on relationship counseling and marriage – he claims that most problems in marriage arise from the fact that couples fail to advance to the ‘We’ stage and instead get stuck in the ‘I’ and ‘Me’ stages. Lee explains that marriage is about compromises and that couples must abandon the selfish ‘Me’ paradigm and adopt the ‘We’ concept.

Most of the program is focused on helping couples move from the ‘Me’ stage to the ‘We’.

Before you delve deeper into the program’s more advanced topics, you will be introduced to a Venn diagram that the author claims is the recipe for a successful marriage. Lee uses the Venn diagram to explain that marriage is premised on three basic elements which must interplay harmoniously so as to have a fulfilling marriage.

The second chapter provides advice on committing to your marriage through understanding and finding meaning. The author emphasizes that each couple has their own purpose and meaning in marriage so there’s no blueprint as such for finding meaning in marriage.

The most important thing for couples in a marriage is for each partner to be clear about their expectations from the marriage. You and your partner must be clear in communicating these expectations and must be committed to fulfilling each other’s expectations.

save the marriage reviewThe author provides a series of simple marriage tips and tricks that help couples sail through bad times. For instance, you will learn how to give up on arguments without cutting out communication; you will learn tips for making decisions that are progressive and developmental; how to maintain a positive momentum; and how to deal with a lack of emotions.

These tips are them followed with advice on how to understand your partner’s viewpoint, respecting boundaries, and learning to forgive. Yes, in a marriage, there are individual boundaries that must be respected, but sadly, most people are either unaware or just plain arrogant.

Once you’re done with the marriage tricks section, the author takes you back to some basic relationship concepts including intimacy stages, how to relate with your partner in good moods, and how to enjoy your relationship in the present.

The topics that follow discuss money and sex, areas that are rightly considered as very explosive. Money and sex can often lead to irreconcilable differences and many couples have had divorces involving millions of dollars, so it’s clear to see that money can be a polarizing thing if not handled maturely.

The author shows you how you can approach these two things in a way that creates a harmonious marriage.

The final closing notes discuss tips for sustained growth and evolution in your marriage. The author offers his own closing thoughts and then offers info about his other similar products designed for married couples.

The standard Save The Marriage package comes with more than seven bonus items in addition to the core eBook manual. One of the standout bonus items is the ‘Coping With Midlife Marriage Crisis’ delivered as audio files.

Other bonus items may or may not apply to your situation, but they’re nonetheless important for perusal.

Who Should Use Save The Marriage?

This guide is primarily designed for married couples that are currently going through problems. That being said, it also suits couples in long-term committed relationships that are not necessarily married.

Much of the advice in the guide is directed toward couples in relationships although a few   sections are strictly dealing with marital issues.

As usual, the only way to find out if this guide suits you is by getting your own copy and reading up on the advice therein.

The only dark spot we see is that the guide may be due for an update. It is more than a decade old and so many things have changed since then in the way that people relate in marriages.

Verdict and Summary

Save The Marriage is undoubtedly a good marriage repair system that highlights a range of typical marriage problems and offers solid advice on how to deal with them. The author also does a good job of explaining why traditional marriage counseling techniques are flawed.

There might be a few points here and there that are purely the author’s subjective thinking, but overall, the advice is solid and will work for most people.

It would be pleasant to see an updated version of Save The Marriage given that the current version is somewhat dated.

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