0-6 Pack Abs Review

0-6 Pack Abs is a new kind of training manual designed to give you the enviable six-pack abs within the shortest time possible. According to claims by the author, 0-6 Pack Abs offers unique workout techniques for abs that guarantee results.

If you’ve been working hard in the gym to get your body chiseled up, you probably know that abs are the hardest part to work. What’s more, you’ve probably been doing the ‘wrong’ workouts for abs, particularly crunches. Fact is crunches are outdated now and if you’ve been putting in hours and hours in the gym doing these traditional workouts, it’s time you changed.

0-6 pack absAs you will find out in the review, creating attractive abs takes ingenuity and creativity in the way you work out. This is basically what this program tries to illustrate.

0-6 Pack Abs is a product of Tyler Bramlett, a fitness guru who runs a successful fitness website along with other fitness projects. He was assisted by Dr. Vegher, an expert physical therapist with over 20 years of experience.

Together, they devised a unique training method that works the core muscles of the abdomen, leading to well defined six pack abs.

What is 0-6 Pack Abs About?

Unlike many workout programs on the market, 0-6 Pack Abs is delivered and a video and MP3 guide designed to help you master some proven exercises that work your abs.

The program opens with a quick start guide that helps you master the theory behind the workout techniques used in the rest of the guide. The quick start guide also provides you with the requirements you need to start using the program.

There is also a complete video library comprising all the workouts you need to learn and master. They’re all in HD quality video format.

Much of the other sections of the program focus on teaching you the foundation of the core technique of the 0-6 Pack Abs training program. You will then learn how to build on that foundation and create the abs you desire. There are 4 different levels through which the program runs. All levels come with a manual, video, and MP3 narrations to help you master the workouts no matter where you are or your preferred learning mode. Levels are progressive and each level builds on the previous one.

The 0-6 Pack Abs program also comes with a generous bonus package comprising a series of videos, MP3s, and manuals for more than 50 added workouts. These bonuses will help you enhance your results even further so that you go to new heights.

Each workout only takes a couple of minutes to complete and that makes working put with this manual very easy for anyone who wants to achieve perfect six pack abs.

Who Is The 0-6 Pack Abs Program For?

0-6 Pack Abs is designed for any adult individual who wants to achieve real six pack abs. There are so many gimmicks out there that promise you heaven on earth, but 0-6 Pack Abs cuts to the chase and offers proven workout techniques for sculpting your abs. Dr. Vegher has used this manual on hundreds of his patients, male and female, beginners and experts, and many more. Most people who have used it claim that it works.

In addition, if you already have six pack abs but want to build on that foundation and make them look even better, then you’ll find a unique method in the 0-6 Pack Abs system that is hardly talked about in any other program. It provides the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for to see the results you want.

0-6 pack abs review

And if, in the past, you’ve ever been injured while working out, you don’t need to have any reservations about using this program as it was developed by a doctor, with safety a big priority for him. He spent several years helping people regain full health after terrible accidents while training. After all, that’s what a physical therapist is trained to do.

For this reason, 0-6 Pack Abs is one of those few programs that you can use with total peace of mind knowing that it was created by a doctor who cares about your health, first and foremost. This system has been carefully crafted to omit workouts that may cause injuries.

Finally, if you’re completely new to working out and you’re skeptical about starting with the 0-6 Pack Abs program, rest assured that it was crafted by a physical therapist who is an authority on physical injury prevention and treatment. 0-6 Pack Abs provides you a good foundation for building real six pack abs while avoiding injury.

Advantages of the 0-6 Pack Abs System

There are various advantages of this program that you may have or have not realized as you perused this review. Here are the highlights:

  • The system is developed for any adult individual to use.
  • It has minimal chances of leading to injury.
  • It is delivered in video format (primarily), so it cuts out any language barrier issues as you can easily follow along with the visual presentations. It also features an MP3 version.
  • The system is proven to work as it has been tested on clients with high success rates.
  • The workouts only take a few minutes to complete.
  • The system discourages outdated and ineffective workouts such as crunches. In the end, you save lots of precious time and energy while doing proven workouts.
  • The first part of the program doesn’t require any gym equipment. This is a big plus for people who cannot afford gym memberships.
  • The program is instantly available via download. No waiting time!
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit is that the author offers the program with a full unconditional money back guarantee, if for any reason you feel that you want to get your money back within 60 days of purchase.


0-6 Pack Abs is hard to fault on any front. It hits the right spot on everything about six pack abs and it’s a must have for any one that strives to have the perfect six pack abs.

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