101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review

101 Toxic Food Ingredients is a rare self-help guide that claims to be able to help boost your metabolism and sharpen your memory all within a day. Admittedly, this claim is pretty huge and can only attract careful scrutiny of the product along with its creator.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients is a product of Anthony Alayon, who explains that he became concerned by his mother’s near-death experience when even medical doctors had no answers. Anthony says hat his mother had pain in the heart that was inexplicable.

When Anthony closely observed his mother’s diet, he noticed that there were a lot of microwave meals and after doing some research, he learnt that the diet that was supposed to help his mother lose weight was actually making her sick. Precisely put, the majority of the ingredients in the diet were toxic and nobody was telling her about it.

As such, Anthony set out to expose the truth and he claims that through his research, he has discovered more than 100 toxic food ingredients, hence the title of this guide.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Overview

101 toxic food ingredientsThe 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide claims to reveal a list of highly toxic food ingredients that the food industry never tells you about. In this case, ‘toxic’ refers to processed food chemicals that have high probability to harm your health. Anthony claims that his discovery led him to believe that there is a conspiracy by the food processing industry to hoodwink consumers about the true dangers of the ingredients in their products.

This is not to say that all food is toxic, but the ingredients highlighted in this guide are known as the most dangerous to your health.

While you may not immediately realize the dangerous effects of toxic foods – and therefore they may seem harmless – you ought to avoid them as much as possible.

According to the American Cancer Society, obesity and excess weight issues contribute to 1 of every 5 cancer cases in the United States. What’s more, 1 out of every 3 deaths is linked to less physical activity and poor diet.

These statistics couldn’t tell a clearer story – you could basically be poisoning yourself through food. You need to know exactly what’s going into your body and this is what this guide is about.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Details

The 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide comprises seven main sections or chapters as briefly discussed below:

The four-step food label decoder: Using this system helps you to easily identify foods with toxic ingredients. It’s simple and straight forward to use and provides details why the ingredient is considered toxic.

Artificial Sweeteners: This section details the truth about artificial sweeteners. The weight loss industry is crazed about natural sweeteners and they are heavily promoted on a number of health blogs but artificial sweeteners rarely get the same coverage. In this section of the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide, Anthony explains the dangers of artificial sweeteners and why you should avoid them like the plague.

Artificial colorings and flavors: Like sweeteners, artificial flavors and colorings are very toxic. Given that more than 90 percent of all processed foods contain some form of natural flavorings, you need to know the low down on these chemicals and it is all right here in this section.

101 toxic food ingredients reviewAdditives: The next section is about food additives. As you might have guessed, food additives have a negative effect on your health, but thankfully, you can easily avoid them if you have the right info. This section provides you everything you need to know about food additives and how to detect and avoid foods with a lot of additives.

Oils and Preservatives: Almost every packaged food contains preservatives because, apparently, they keep food fresher for longer than it would have lasted without preservatives. But as you will learn in this section, there might be more to preservatives than just keeping food fresh for long.

Food labels: Let’s face it; the vast majority of food labels are deceptive because manufacturers want you to think that they care about your health and so what they’re selling you is healthy. Do food labels tell the truth? You will learn a few surprises in this section.

Water: The final section of the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients guide talks about water. As a key component of a healthy nutrition plan, water is usually overlooked but on the other hand, it may have some effects on your health. In this section, you will learn how the water you’re drinking is affecting your health.

Is 101 Toxic Food Ingredients Worth It?

As mentioned in earlier sections, 101 Toxic Food Ingredients is somewhat different from other guides. It focuses on something that most weight loss guides do not even mention – the other side of food.

The info in this guide is rare and very useful. The list of common toxic chemicals in food is priceless. While other guides bombard you with endless lists of foods you’re supposed to eat to lose weight, 101 Toxic Food Ingredients offers you insightful info on the ingredients in the food you are eating.

In the end, you will learn how to identify the healthiest foods, how to reduce on the amount of toxic chemicals getting into your body through food, and how to stay on the healthy side of food.

The guide contains a wealth of info on processed foods and this is another area that is not widely discussed in the weight loss industry. In fact, the bulk of the info in this guide discusses ingredients in processed foods.


101 Toxic Food Ingredients presents another side of food that you probably didn’t know but ought to know. The guide discusses the potential negative effects of some ingredients in the food you’re eating.

In the end, you will gain a ton of info on toxicity in food, organic foods, food additives, flavors, colorings, preservatives and a host of other ingredients used in packaged food.

It is time to clean up your diet of toxic foods and 101 Toxic Food Ingredients is the best guide to help you do that.

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