3 Week Diet Review

3 Week Diet is a new diet system that promises to help you lose weight in just 21 days. 3 Week Diet is a product of Brian Flatt and he asserts that you can expect to lose between 12 to 23 pounds within just 3 weeks using his system. Of course, these are big claims that will attract a lot of scrutiny from weight watchers and experts alike.

With that said, let’s take a deep look at the details of Brian Flatt’s system and find out whether or not it lives up to the hype.

3 Week Diet Overview

3 week diet3 Week Diet is a weight loss system marketed on the promise of helping you lose up to 23 pounds in 21 days. Another claim is that the 3 Week Diet system will help you cut up to 4-inches from your waistline and a 2-3 drop in dress size.

The system also claims to help you decrease cellulite, increase metabolism, boost energy levels, reduce bad cholesterol, and many other health benefits.

The system covers the usual facets of weight loss systems including exercise, dieting, and motivation. It is aimed at achieving extremely fast weight loss results which may seem unrealistic initially.

Predictably, this system re quires a high degree of discipline and commitment compared to many other systems that produce results gradually over an extended period of time.

Expect this system to change your lifestyle, including eating habits and physical activity. The system imposes a strict dieting schedule that limits the amount of carbohydrates in your meals. The new diet plan utilizes protein intake while the exercise regime focuses on muscle gain to boost metabolism, hence fat loss. Throughout the 3-week period, you will keep a close eye on your progress to stay motivated.

The Man Behind The 3 Week Diet System

Brian Flatt is the author of the 3 Week Diet system. The profile on his website claims that Brian is a health coach, sports nutritionist, and personal trainer with experience spanning over a decade in the fitness industry. Certainly, Brian Flatt is one f the lesser known names in the fitness industry, but we can only judge him based on the effectiveness of his product.

Brian Flatt co-manages a California-based personal training business called REV Fitness. His profile also states that he is a graduate of Biology at the San Diego State University.

3 Week Diet Details

The system is split into three individual manuals, each focusing on a topic in weight loss, in addition to an introductory manual.

In the introductory part, you will learn how the system works and what you can expect to gain. You will also learn important facts about metabolism, the food pyramid, and other common concepts and misconceptions about weight loss and dieting.

The meat of the 3 Week Diet system is the diet manual. It comprises three phases, each phase spanning one week – for a total of 3 weeks. You are provided with precise dieting details for this period as well as when you should be eating. The carefully selected list of foods will give your body maximum fat burning potential. According to claims by the author, you will lose up to 10 pounds in the first week alone if you strictly follow the instructions.

3 week diet reviewAccording to Brian Flatt, creating a calorie deficit is an absolute must if you are to lose weight within 3 weeks. The fact is that this system attempts to ‘hoodwink’ the body into going into starvation mode so that you lose approximately 1 pound each day. This program is based on the notion that a weight loss program must offer significant and observable weight loss results in a short time in order to keep the user motivated to stay the course of the program.

The system allows you to adjust your rapid fat loss plan based on the ratio of lean body mass to overall fat percentage.

The workout manual covers the exercise regime necessary to achieve the weight loss goals promised by the system. The focus is on Kettlebell and bodyweight workouts, hence making it easy to achieve the exercise goals even without going to the gym.

The mind-set manual covers the motivational bit of the system. This part teaches simple goal-setting principles as well as journal keeping and maintenance. If you are used to maintaining a journal and living by a goal-based schedule, this should be easy and straightforward.

A Summary Of Features And Observations

  • A highly committed and short 21-week program.
  • Three bonus items.
  • A system suited to home workouts but can also work in gym.
  • Dieting and food type suggestions, as well as meal portions and timing.
  • Suggestions on what not to eat.
  • Motivational and goal-setting basics.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Any Caveats?

As you can tell by now, this system re quires incredibly high commitment and consistency levels in order to achieve the desired results. Failure to commit or follow through with all the instructions will compromise your results. Also, motivation is very important and that’s why there is a full manual dealing with motivation and goal setting.

As for whether or not the system works depends on the aforesaid factors – commitment and consistency. Evidently, this program is essentially a motivator designed to give you rapid weight loss results to motivate you to start on a long-term based system.

The biggest benefit and appeal of this system is that it is a short, highly focused and results-oriented system that will give tangible results, rather than a program without a definite duration and tangible goal.


3 Week Diet is a weight loss program designed for fast, tangible results. The claim is that it will help you lose between 12 and 23 pound within just 21 days. If you feel that you have the commitment and motivation to embark on this program, it may be worth trying. However, 3Week Diet is certainly not the program for half-hearted individuals looking to try out things without the real commitment required to stay the course of the program.

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