Customized Fat Loss Review

Customized Fat Loss is a web-based system designed by Kyle Leon to help you lose weight and stay fit. The system comprises a detailed nutrition plan and workout regimen that can both be customized to personal preferences and attributes. The system takes several attributes of your body and lifestyle and then calculates the precise nutritional requirements you need to take daily.

customized fat lossThe food database in this system comprises over 1400 different food types, so there’s plenty of variety to help you optimize your weight loss regime.

This customized approach was the first of its kind in the fitness industry and the system has attracted a great deal of attention since its release a couple of years ago. As such, Kyle Leon was catapulted into fame in the industry and he has since graced a number of shows and has co-authored various other systems with many leading fitness experts.

Full Description on Customized Fat Loss

Customized Fat Loss is based on the premise that one fat loss solution may work for an individual but not for another person. This is the case with the majority of generic fat loss programs on the market.

As you will discover with this program, the entire approach to fat loss has been altered. Gone are the days when you were forced to starve yourself and spend countless hours in the gym daily all in the name of losing fat. This program has been designed to give your body optimized fat loss without too much strain.

Your nutrition plan is based on what is best for your body, while your exercise schedule is designed to suit your body type. With this system, you’re not given more than your body can handle.

How Does Customized Fat Loss Work?

As already mentioned, the Customized Fat Loss takes a completely different approach from the generic norm.

Before you start using the nutrition plan in the system, you must supply a few details about your body into the online-based application. Details include your height, current weight, gender, age, whether you’re physically active or not and how often you train currently, and finally your body shape (according to the author, there are six types of body shape, each of which requires a unique workout and nutrition).

Once the aforementioned details have been supplied into the system, a custom nutrition plan will be generated and will be reliant on the specifics you supplied into the system. It also takes into account your energy needs during the week based on your current workout schedule.

If you are not content with the food selection specified in your custom nutrition plan, you are free to replace certain foods with what you want. You can choose from more than 1400 types of foods in the system’s database. Your custom diet plan will make it easier for you to eliminate the foods you don’t like without compromising the nutrient benefit.

For instance, if you don’t like corn, you can replace it with a dish that offers similar levels of fiber and carbohydrates.


This system contains information that will show you the following:

  • The foods that lead to stimulation of DNA that melts fat deposits in your body.
  • How to boost your metabolism through diet.
  • A secret trick that allows our body to burn stored fat continuously.
  • Two secret metabolism boosting windows for your body.
  • Foods you must not include in your diet if you want to lose fat.

Custom Workout Plan

customized fat loss reviewAs with nutrition, you also get a fully customized workout plan depending on your body shape, as well as other attributes you supplied about your body.

The workouts are designed to work for your exact body attributes for maximum fat loss and muscle toning. There is no cardio as well as workouts that will strain your body or those that are deemed too repetitive as they are ineffective. Everything has been precisely measured to suit your body.


If you’ve been unsuccessful with generic weight loss programs in the past, you’ll immediately realize the benefits of this system.

  • The system generates a custom nutrition plan and exercise schedule suited to your body specifics.
  • It is optimized for maximum fat loss that your body can handle.
  • The nutrition plan is very flexible as it allows you to choose the foods you like.
  • The workouts are perfect for your body type.
  • The system has been proven to work. It is used by thousands around the world with huge success rates.
  • There are unique features that you’ll hardly find in any other program.
  • The program comes with lots of bonus features.
  • Besides the custom workout schedule and nutrition plan, you get lots of useful advice about general health and fitness.

Does The System Work?

Of course, a system that goes against the ‘norm’ is bound to attract interest and hype in equal measure and it’s easy to get caught up in all this. But Customized Fat Loss has stood its ground and has been used by thousands of users with a high success rate.

That being said, there are certain factors that will determine whether you succeed or not. For instance, you need to stick through with your nutrition and workout plans. Many users give up after a few weeks or they simply don’t train regularly and skip on their meals. If this is the case, you might find it harder to achieve what you want.

The Author

Kyle Leon is a name that needs no introduction in the fitness field. He is the guy who was famously nick-named ‘skinny guy’ in high school, something that pushed him into the fitness world in search of way to gain muscle.

Since then, Kyle Leon has been honing his training skill while acquiring lots of useful information about nutrition, fitness, and fat loss. He is a certified trainer and fitness coach.


Losing weight is a struggle that can be made worse by using a substandard training program. Customized Fat Loss is a quality training program that takes a radically unique approach to fat loss, with a high rate of success among users.

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