Family Self Defence Review

Family Self Defence is a self-help guide that offers self-defence tips for the whole family so as to safeguard and be prepared in case of a threat. Crime is increasing in almost all parts of the world; thus, it is becoming essential to learn basic self-defence tips and techniques because they could be the difference between life and death if you ever find yourself attacked by thugs or other unscrupulous individuals.

family self defenceImagine yourself getting up in the middle of the night only to find a burglar in your living room; without self-defence tactics, you might get injured and in the worst case scenario, you might be killed.

The Family Self Defence guide was created out of the need to equip ordinary folks with basic skills that are commonly a reserve of security personnel.

Is Family Self Defence For You?

No matter how well you secure your house, there’s always a chance that intruders will get in at some point. Thus, personal self-defence tactics are crucial for everyone in the family, be it women, men, or children. Think about this course as a means of providing your loved ones with a protective shield. By learning the self-defence techniques in the Family Self Defence system, you will equip yourself with defensive skills to protect yourself against brutal assaults or even prevent them in the first place.

There’s nothing as assuring as knowing that you can protect yourself and your family from any type of danger. This is the ultimate aim of this course – equipping you with techniques that are essential to protecting yourself and family from physical harm.

Undoubtedly, the world out there has become more brutal – tough economic times (among other factors) have forced some people to resort to desperate measures, which unfortunately means that some people get hurt in the process.

The course imparts practical self-defence techniques that are now a must-have in this world of uncertainty of cruelty. The information provided is unlike any other you will find elsewhere and applies to every adult individual, regardless of where you stay.

Content Details of Family Self Defence

As mentioned in the previous two chapters, the Family Self Defence system offers information on how to stay safe in the face of danger. Essentially, Family Self Defence is a vital handbook on the safety and security of yourself, family, and home.

In a step-by-step format, the guide elaborates on the best approaches and self-defence methods to guard against danger. According to the author, the techniques provided in this guide are universally applicable, which basically means that wherever you live in the world, they are relevant and can be applied so long as you are faced with a dangerous situation.

The techniques provided in the course are some of the most proven self-defence practices in the world and are usually applied by specialized security personnel. It’s only through this guide that you get this close to such technique.

What You Learn From the Course

There is a wealth of self-defence tactics you will learn in this course and obviously they cannot all be listed here. But we’ll highlight some nonetheless.

family self defence reviewOne of the techniques you learn in this book is that you should never use fists when attacked because they make you more vulnerable to the attacker. You may even become more prone to inflicting hurt on yourself.

The course also highlights a couple of ‘Lazy Man’ training techniques that anyone can use to master the self-defence skills without a lot of effort. You learn fast through the video tutorials provided with the course.

The course comprises a ‘Vision Field Expansion’ that allows you a clear and extended coverage of every corner of your house from where you can launch a surprise attack against the intruders. Also, with this technique, your mind becomes sharper so that you can quickly react to shock.

Another technique taught in the Family Self Defence system is one where you can use the ‘Body’s Natural Fulcrum’ to bring any person on their knees. You will learn rare joint manipulation techniques for self-defence.

Another important self-defence technique is how to neutralize an attacker with a gun pointed at you. This is one of the most dangerous types of attacks and it is absolutely essential to know how to defend yourself in such a situation. Even if you’re laying on a bed totally unprepared and have a gun pointed at you, this technique will show you how to gain the upper hand and defend yourself.

Family Self Defence shows you how to protect yourself from a mob when attacked. These are techniques that are mostly used by security personnel such as bodyguards and military men.

If you’re ever attacked and tied to a spot, you will know how to set yourself free after reading a special technique in this course. In addition, you will learn the best fighting moves that you can apply in any physical fight with an attacker to gain the upper hand.

Specific Benefits of the Family Self Defence

  • The techniques are proven, easy to learn, and easy to apply.
  • The techniques apply to a wide variety of scenarios, some of which may be potentially deadly and could lead to loss of life.
  • The course is offered in video format, thus providing the best possible format to learn fast.
  • The self-defence techniques are very easy to learn since they’re taught through video tutorials.
  • The system is designed for people of all adult ages, irrespective of where you live.
  • The system is every affordable, costing less than $50.

The only issue is that the system is only available online where there is reliable Internet connection. Also, while the techniques are fairly easy to learn, you need to practice them regularly before you can master them and become confident.


Family Self Defence is one of those rare yet indispensible guides that are very relevant in the current world we live in. The self-defence techniques taught in the guide are priceless and much more worth than the measly price of the system. Family Self Defence is definitely recommended to every person of age regardless of where you live.

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