Family Survival System Review

Family Survival System is a rare self-help guide that contains vital information that prepares you and your family for future crises, especially those that are financial in nature. The system is a product of Frank Mitchell, a former member of the US Military and holder of numerous emergency management certifications.

According to Frank Mitchell – and many other like-minded people – the next financial crisis is looming. As such, he offers advice that he thinks will be essential for surviving the crisis. All this advice is collected inside his Family Survival System that is distributed as an eBook.

The Family Survival System comprises several sections, each with its own checklist that you have to complete. Once you’ve ticked all the checklists in every section, you can be sure that you’re ready for any disasters that may happen in the future and not just the looming financial crisis.

Why the Family Survival System?

family survival systemIf you’ve lived in America   for the last five years, you’re probably aware of the recent economic crisis that hit the country (and parts of many developed countries). Millions of people lost their jobs and others lost their houses and much of their savings. In fact, many people lost their entire livelihoods because they were not prepared for the crisis.

As such, there was a need to address this through self-help guides such as the Family Survival System. The effects of the 2008 financial crisis could have been avoided with good preparation and advice, such as that found in this system.

After the aforesaid crisis, lessons were learned and people like Frank Mitchell found it wise to author a self-help book that’s accessible to anyone with Internet connection.

Franks’ experience with survival tactics in the military as well as specific survival training makes him the best person to provide this kind of advice.

Contents of Family Survival System

Below are the highlights of the main sections of the guide, along with brief explanations:

  • The Threats We Face In America Today: This section highlights some of the most common threats that ordinary Americans face currently. There are various scenarios that the guide   focuses on to bring the point home.
  • How Your Family Makeup Affects Your Preparations: In this section, the author offers valuable tools and advice on how to analyze your family’s unique situation and change it for the better if necessary.
  • The Prepper Triangle: In this section, Frank discusses the three essential factors needed to survive – knowledge, skills, and gear.
  • The Top 3 Skills for the Prepper Checklist: In this section, you’ll be introduced to the 3 must-have skills that will help you survive in a difficult world.
  • The Top 10 Knowledge Checklist: This section that discusses specific knowledge areas that you need to master. The author also shows you where you can find information regarding this knowledge.
  • The Food: According to the author, there is going to come a time of severe food scarcity and so this section is designed to teach you how you can prepare for that time. You will learn how to gather food, store it, and eventually how to prepare it. You will learn how to build a stockpile of food in a cost effective way.
  • Bugging Out vs. Bugging In: This section contains safety tips that are useful when moving to a new area. If you’re standing in your current place, you’ll also get valuable tips for that. Similar tips are covered in another section too known as ‘Hybrid Situation.’
  • Home Defence for The Prepper Family: This section comprises a number of useful topics such as external security, how to deal with intruders, and how to improve your home’s security using barricades.
  • Getting started with prepping: This section basically consolidates all the knowledge and info you’ve gained from the start of the guide up to this point. Once consolidated, you will be able to develop your own family survival plan that’s unique to your family’s situation.
  • Start Small, Do It Now: This is the last section and mainly discusses the importance of sticking to the tips and directions of the Family Survival System.

Is Family Survival System for You?

family survival system reviewAt first glance, some of the topics covered in this guide may seem far-fetched especially to people who have never experienced war. But Mitchell has been there and seen it all. He has seen people in foreign lands surviving through the harshest conditions of war and famine.

Some people may question the possibility of such challenges hitting America. Many people think it is totally unlikely that America could be hit by famine or war. But the inevitability of a severe global collapse is well documented on some authoritative websites. The recent financial crisis was an eye opener and surely taught many lessons that were learned the hard way.

If you want to gain insightful knowledge about guarding yourself against major crises, the Family Survival System is second to none. It is an absolute must for all ‘preppers’ out there.

Available Electronically

One thing you should be aware of is that the Family Survival System is only available electronically, so there is no paperback copy. However, it is available instantly once you’ve completed the purchase and this is a big advantage. There is no waiting and you can access it from any device that has Internet connection.


Whether you are a seasoned prepper or a beginner, you’ll definitely want to look at this guide because protecting your family is one of the core reasons you’re a prepper. Even if you think you’re prepared for hard times, reading this guide will make you realize that you weren’t as well prepared as you thought.

The more you dig into the concepts, the more you will find out that you were very exposed to possible dangers of hard times. Even if some predicted scenarios might seem farfetched, the tips are certainly useful in many aspects of life.

Family Survival System is an interesting read and is highly recommended to preppers and just about any family that cares for the welfare of their future.

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