He’s Not That Complicated Review

He’s Not That Complicated is a digital guide that offers tips and advice to women who need to learn how to attract men for keeps instead of turning them away. Most women are clueless when it comes to what makes a man reluctant to commit, but this guide lays out clearly like you’ve never seen before.

When you start applying the tips, your man will value you more and start treating you like the queen you ought to be.

He’s Not That Complicated Overview

he's not that complicatedHe’s Not That Complicated is a product of Eric Charles with assistance from Sabrina Alexis. The two authors are both well respected and knowledgeable in their own right.

He’s Not That Complicated is primarily designed for women who are not in any steady relationship or those having difficulty finding a good man. It can also work for women in relationships who feel that their future is not assured.

Married women will also find lots of useful advice in this guide particularly on how to keep the fire burning in their marriages. That being said, He’s Not That Complicated is better suited to single women or those that are in the first stages of dating and are looking for ways to make the man adore them back equally.

He’s Not That Complicated Content

There are six chapters in the He’s Not That Complicated guide. Each chapter discusses a specific phase in the ‘spectrum’ which you have to follow in order to become a woman of value that every man will cherish.

Here are the main ideas in these six chapters:

  1. Recognize your mindset behaviors: It’s almost common knowledge now that neediness ruins a relationship. It is one of the most dreaded things that push men away. Being needy can kill a relationship before it has got anywhere. In this chapter, the authors show you how to become self-assured so that your man can love you even more.
  2. Prevent good relationships from turning sour: A man may suddenly become dist ant just when you thought things were good in your relationship. Sometimes, a man may start to avoid you or delay to reply to your text messages or calls. What’s more, this can happen at any stage of the relationship. In this chapter, you will learn how to respond to your man when he suddenly starts acting cold or distant.
  3. Figure out how he feels: It’s a known fact that it’s not easy to read a man’s mind. In this chapter, you will have access to cheat sheets that will teach you how to read a man’s mind. There’s a secrete tip offered in this chapter: some men who understand the ‘game’ may become mysterious intentionally so as to try and get you curious. At some point, he may leave you hanging and you will not know whether to let it go or hang in there. In this chapter, the authors show you how to avoid falling into his ‘trap’ by keeping calm and showing him that you too can play the game. In short, don’t try to push things.
  4. Earn the label: In this chapter, you will learn how to earn his commitment. It’s no secret that men sometimes are reluctant to admit that they’re only seeing one woman. Whether or not a label means something to you, the purpose of this chapter is to get your man to make the relationship solid by accepting you as his girlfriend and potential wife-to-be. The authors included reader questions to help you learn from other users who have benefited from the guide.
  5. Is he worth it or not: The fifth chapter ought to have come much earlier because it is crucial in determining whether he is worth the effort or not. Nonetheless, order shouldn’t matter since you have to give the whole course a perusal before you start applying the methods. The whole point of this chapter is to help you avoid investing valuable time and resources on a man that will eventually develop cold feet. There are case studies of real-life situations to help you determine whether he is ready to commit or not.
  6. The final chapter introduces a crucial point and arguably the most important in the whole guide – how to get him to treat you better by enhancing your value. This chapter alone is worth the price of the entire course and it is one that fully demonstrates the authors’ knowledge and expertise on the subject.

Package Bonuses

he's not that complicated reviewIn addition to the core course material of the He’s Not That Complicated guide, you also get five bonus eBooks that are utterly important for understanding men. They include these main ideas:

  • How to find a man who will give himself wholly to you.
  • How to be self-assured yet treat your man with the respect he deserves.
  • How to give yourself to a man who deserves your love.
  • How to utilize your time in a way that profits you. So many women lose valuable time because they have no clue.
  • How to realize the value in your man; treat him like a human being.

Towards the end of the course, Sabrina offers some ‘final thoughts’ that are an absolute read for every woman. As you might have discovered by this stage, the course offers lots of tips on what to say and when to say it, the underlying theme is about teaching you to love and respect yourself. This way, the right man will come your way without a lot of effort or if you are already dating, you will enjoy a rewarding and highly fulfilling relationship.


He’s Not That Complicated is a collaboration between two expert coaches who know exactly what they’re talking about. The guide teaches women how to break free from the insecurities that make them seem like needy women. In the end, users are expected to gain self-confidence and the appropriate tips that attract a man to omit forever.

He’s Not That Complicated really makes things simple for women by offering simple and logical ways to turn a relationship from a stale one to a vibrant and loving one.

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