Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging is a guide that claims to help you get more girls to like you or get a particular girl to like you. The guide is a creation of Bobby Rio and Rob Judge and focuses on using text messaging to build attraction and anticipation in your object of desire. After several years offering relationship advice to both men and women, Bobby Rio discovered that a lot of men don’t make it past getting a girl’s number and sending the first texts or the first calls to which there’s usually no reply.

If you’ve ever gone through this situation, you probably know how frustrating and demoralizing it can be. This guide is purposely designed to break that predicament that millions of men have experienced and millions more continue to go through on a daily basis.

Magnetic Messaging Details

magnetic messagingIn essence, Magnetic Messaging contains a series of texting techniques that show you how to communicate attractively with women. The guide is chock-full of samples that you can immediately mirror so as to instantly take your texting game to the next level. The best thing about the whole experience is that you will be learning from the top texting gurus in the industry – Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, whose experience stems from more than two years of raw proven phone game.

The authors go to lengths to demonstrate using real-life examples how their techniques can be used effectively to gain the upper hand in any relationship. While the tips mostly apply in the initial phases of meeting and attracting a woman, they can be used in any stage of a relationship, provided the context is right.

The course is split into four distinct sections, each section introducing a new concept.

Part 1 – Phone Game Basics

In this part, the authors explain the principles of the phone game and how they influence the direction a relationship will take. Unsurprisingly, this is where a lot of guys get it wrong. If you want to be more successful with girls, you simply need to grasp this part as best as you can.

Using the ‘pizza analogy’, the authors explain that a relationship has three main processes – the meeting, the phone exchange (and subsequent phone game), and then the date. Using the analogy of the pizza, the authors explain that the three phases include invoking emotion, making connections, and dealing with logistics.

Many guys out there have no clue when it comes to sparking emotion yet this is a very crucial aspect of attraction. Magnetic Messaging gives you tips on how to be humorous and flirtatious in an attractive way.

Throughout the course, the authors emphasize the need to stay on course and avoid letting out your desires because all your plans could back fire.

Part 2 – You Want to Date

There is general myth that a man should wait 3 days after the initial meeting before making contact again. However, in this part of the Magnetic Messaging guide, Bobby and Rob rightly debunk this myth. In one dating Metrics survey, it was revealed that the majority of women preferred to wait 2 days before being contacted again after the initial meeting.

In addition, the authors suggest that you shouldn’t send more than 2 text messages before proposing to meet. That being said, it is worth pointing out that this rule is not the easiest to apply, so it might seem a little controversial to some people, especially if you didn’t perfect the first crucial step of sparking emotion.

The KeyLock Sequence

 magnetic messaging reviewThe KeyLock Sequence is the heart of the Magnetic Messaging course. Introduced in the middle sections of the course, the KeyLock Sequence is a special texting technique where you learn how to get a date and how to avoid the dreaded text buddy position. If you’ve been habitually friend-zoned before, this section is particularly important for you.

As mentioned earlier, getting a date involves three things: sparking emotions, creating a connection, and handling logistics. These three factors run throughout the entire guide.

If she doesn’t respond to your messages, Magnetic Messaging shows you exactly what to do to salvage the situation.

Girls with Low Interest

The trick to dealing with low interest, according to the authors, is remaining steadfast and playful. This, however, doesn’t mean that you come off a needy when trying to persist; it means you should act like you don’t care if she doesn’t reply.

You will learn how to change a girl’s feelings on the first date from uninterested to excited. This killer trick has such a profound effect that the girl will literally be asking you out and wanting to spend more time with you. What’s more, this technique is demonstrated with a killer real-life example comprising an edgy text message that gets a girl to reply after a somewhat prolonged time without communication.

In fact, the text-to-text real life examples are what make this guide easy to read and the techniques easy to grasp. The examples also go to show the sheer mastery and prowess of the authors when it comes to the phone game.

Getting a number might be easy for many guys now, but advancing from that stage is the real-deal. This is the main focus of the Magnetic Messaging course – how to advance once you’ve got her number.

Part 3

In part 3 of the Magnetic Messaging course, the authors introduce tips for managing a somewhat stabilizing and steadied relationship. At this point, the focus shifts from handling logistics to cementing the connection.

Part 4

In part 4, this is when you are really dating and you will learn how to add more humor and move on to the more advanced techniques such as arousal through ‘sexting.’ In short, this section is dominated with relationship advice although punctuated with some juicy parts.

Is Magnetic Messaging For You?

The case studies in this guide alone make it a worthwhile purchase. If you’ve been struggling to advance past the initial meeting and number exchange, Magnetic Messaging is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

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