Natural Clear Vision Review

Natural Clear Vision is a self-help manual created by Kevin Richardson to help restore vision and improve eye care in general. The comprehensive program comprises various sections containing useful tips and tricks on how to maintain your eyes in great shape and how to restore perfect vision using natural means.

Natural Clear Vision is created for people with short sightedness, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataract. In addition, if you have any eyesight problems and are genuinely concerned with the risks of surgery, this program might be useful to you.

Many eye defects re quire the use of corrective eyewear or surgery, but these are expensive corrective measures and typically come with long-term effects.

natural clear visionKevin Richardson claims that he spent 10 years of meticulous research before finally being able to discover a procedure that reversed his myopia. His eye problems started way back when he was just 5 years old and after a series of corrective measures, his myopia was worse off than before the measures.

The unique eye care system he discovered is based on the work of Dr. William Bates that employs eye exercises to attain 20/20 vision. Using Bates’ work along with his own discoveries, Kevin was able to come up with new and more effective exercise techniques which he compiled in the Natural Clear Vision manual.

Kevin is a champion of holistic approaches for healing for both physical and emotional issues. The approach in this manual is a breath of fresh air for people who are tired of contact lenses and other artificial corrective measures.

Natural Clear Vision Details

Natural Clear Vision provides a comprehensive method for correcting eye defects of various types. The program employs simple yet powerful eye exercises to improve focus and regain clear vision. In addition to the exercises, you will be adding a couple of colorful veggies and fruits to your diet to improve your overall health. The health of your eyes is directly or indirectly dependent on the overall health of the body.

Natural Clear Vision doesn’t contain quick fixes or miracle cures. The author doesn’t promise a complete elimination of all eye problems but instead promises to offer you a method that can greatly improve vision and clear a few defects that would otherwise re quire more invasive and usually costly interventions.

Right from the beginning of the manual, the author tries to build a connection between your emotional and mental states. He demonstrates how these can impact clarity and vision. In some ways, this appears like general knowledge but a deeper look at it will quickly reveal that your state of mind affects many body functions including eye sight and vision.

The author highlights a number of things you do on a daily basis that are seemingly ‘usual’ yet they directly affect your eyes. For instance, sitting on your desk and staring at your computer screen for two straight hours has a huge net impact on your ability to focus on long distance objects. If you don’t make any changes, your ability to focus on distant objects diminishes and you might soon need corrective measures.

natural clear vision reviewThe author suggests that you take short breaks from the computer every 30 minutes to allow your eyes to rest. He also suggests that you get a little dose of sunshine whenever you can or just get in touch with nature at every opportunity. Instead of watching TV before bed time, set yourself up to be in a relaxing situation.

The author states that many eye defects are a product of eye strain that doesn’t happen overnight but over a long period of time. As such, cultivating healthy habits such as those mentioned in the previous section is the best way to reverse the effects of strain put on the eyes knowingly or unknowingly.

The main manual comprises a series of eye exercises that improve the performance of your eyes while preventing adverse effects. You don’t need to memorize complicated routines such as those you’ll typically find in ordinary eye care solutions.

These exercises are brief and right on point. Once you start practicing them, you quickly get the hang of it and they become second nature that you’ll literally be doing them at will anytime, anywhere.

The majority of the eye exercises don’t require any special materials but some do need simple prop materials.

The Good Points of the Natural Clear Vision Guide

  • The guide’s format creates a great reading experience that helps users easily grasp the points.
  • The tips provided are purely natural, therefore there’s no concern for side effects.
  • The guide provides over 40 eye exercises that are simple to grasp and perform.
  • The tips are proactive in nature. They are aimed at improve vision and eyesight while at the same time prevent degenerative issues that impair vision. Note that you will only realize the desired results if you properly follow the exercises and perform them regularly.
  • There’s a video instructional on how to minimize vision stress as a result of watching TV or video.
  • The Bates Method is included as a surprise bonus in the package. You will get good grounding in eye care and health issues.

Areas That Might Need Improvement

  • The content is pretty too much. The author could have used real-life experiences to put some points across.
  • Some exercises could benefit from video illustrations.
  • The ‘nature sound tracks’ may not work for every user and they feel like an unnecessary inclusion.


Natural Clear Vision is chock-full of useful tips and info on how to care for your eyes naturally. The guide is aimed at helping you achieve better vision naturally and reverse some common eye defects.

No matter what you’ve read elsewhere, you’re bound to gain new info and useful knowledge that will benefit your health as a whole. Natural Clear Vision will not eliminate all your eye problems as some may require more specialized methods, but it sure goes a long way in helping to restore natural vision and is worth a try.

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