Tao of Badass Review

Tao of Badass is a guide by Joshua Pellicer designed for men who want to up their game at attracting women. Joshua Pellicer is a well known individual in the dating and relationship coaching arena. However, he likes to specialize in the attraction game and most of his best works have been in the aforesaid subject.

Tao of Badass reveals the deep research that Joshua has done on women over the years. Like any other guy, Joshua was shy around women and was even intimidated most of the time when it came to chasing women. In hindsight, Joshua claims that this was actually a blessing in disguise because it motivated him to do more research about the attraction game.

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In this guide, Joshua shares all the tips and techniques he learned during his adventures with women. You’re sure to find some amazing tips and tricks in this guide. For instance, in one section, Joshua claims that his initial failures with women were not because he did say the right words or do the right things but because he had no idea what not to do when you’re with a woman.

Chances are you already have an idea what to do when you’re with a woman, but what you shouldn’t do is what really makes the difference. This is one of the main concepts about the attraction game that you will learn in this guide.

What Is Covered In Tao of Badass?

Essentially, Tao of Badass is presented as an in-depth guide to becoming a woman magnet. Topics covered in the guide include how to meet women, approaching women on the street, confidence boosting, hooking a complete stranger, and a range of dating tips, among others.

Each of the main categories is outfitted with several at least two sub-categories that expound the main topic. In the sub-categories you will find topics such as how to hold a conversation steady on a date, top 5 things that instantly kill attraction, and how to get the first kiss, among other things.

All the topics covered in the guide are aimed at building attractiveness and self-confidence using words and body language. Joshua does a great job of showing you how to use body language to create attraction. Even then, the most important part of the guide is the members’ area that you can access after making a successful purchase. In the members’ area, you will quickly learn how to apply the different techniques offered in the guide using real-life examples of other users.

A Complete Guide

As mention earlier, Tao of Badass is not just a guide but a complete system that comprises a number of guides that all make up the complete system. The audio and video series are all part of the system and they make up the complete package.

One of the best things about this guide is that it gets straight to the point: there are no pointless stories from the author and no bragging. The guide starts from by teaching you how to approach women and what to do next after meeting them.

Joshua delivers the best professional advice on attracting women and if you properly apply the techniques, you will achieve good results.

Tao of Badass eBook Details

tao of badass reviewThe main eBook comprises 152 pages and the info is split into 10 modules. The first ten pages of the guide provide a brief intro of the program before the real meat comes in the pages that follow.

An overview of the modules (some module titles are not exactly the same as in the guide):

Introduction: As already mentioned, the introduction module prepares you for what comes next in the guide. As you’d expect, it is brief and simply offers info on what to expect.

A Lowdown On Gender Roles: In this module, you will learn the connection between attraction and gender roles. You will learn the factors that make a gorgeous woman attracted to a decisive, sensible, and very confident man.

Understanding Confidence: In this module, you are introduced to proven ways of building self-confidence that many women lookout for in a man. This process is explained in a step-by-step format so that you can develop your confidence to handle any type of situation.

The Approach: This is an important module in that it contains tips on how to approach women without being rejected the first time. The majority of men face troubles when meeting women for the first time. In this module, you will learn how to completely overcome the fear of rejection when meeting women.

Testing Time: The testing module is just 6 pages long and is the shortest in the entire guide. Women subject their potential suitors to all sorts of tests. Since the testing happens at the subconscious level, most times the woman isn’t aware of it. Luckily, the pattern is predictable and Joshua shows you how to easily smash any of these tests.

The Tao System: This is one of the longest modules in the guide spanning a while 28 pages. In this module, the author discusses at length all the nitty-gritty of the seduction game.

Body Language: When it comes to seducing women, body language is very crucial. Women are naturally gifted at reading body language whereas the opposite is true for men. In this chapter, you will learn all the important body language tips and tricks so that you can read any woman’s body language with ease.

Love: In this module, Joshua explains the concept of creating strong love feelings. If you want a woman for keeps, you’ve got to invoke feelings of love in her.

Mistakes to Avoid: The second last module focuses on those terrible mistakes men usually make. If you have to miss other modules in the book, this one would certainly not be among them. The final module is the conclusion that basically wraps up everything.


Tao of Badass is a dating guide unlike any other. It was crafted by an expert dating guru and is trusted by thousands of men all over the world. Up your seduction game today with Tao of Badass and become a magnet of women.

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