Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back is a self-help system that contains tips and methods on how to restore a broken relationship. It is a product of Michael Fiore, a dating guru who is better known as a ‘texting ninja.’ Michael Fiore has a number of successful self-help guides and has been featured on a number of TV and radio shows, most notably the Rachael Ray Show.

text your ex backIn this program, Michael introduces a step-by-step process of how to utilize simple text messages to re-ignite feelings of romance with your ex lover. It’s worth noting that this program is not a big collection of text examples. It’s a lot bigger than that.

The guide is useful particularly when you recently broke up with your lover although many of the techniques can work for couples in steady relationships.

Michael Fiore’s guide contains info that can help you figure out why the breakup happened, how to identify things in your relationship that can augment your emotional connection, and powerful tips for avoiding typical relationship spoilers.

Details of Text Your Ex Back and How To Access the Material

Text Your Ex Back is available as an online program with all the content offered via a private member’s area as a downloadable PDF eBook, video, and audio files. It is not a physical book that you can purchase from a bookstore; every material pertaining to the program is available in electronic format. For this reason, this program is accessible instantly after purchase on any Internet enabled device.

Unlike many similar programs on the market, Text Your Ex Back cannot be accessed at once. After the first version was released, Michael Fiore realized that most uses that claimed not to achieve success with the program were not using it as it should be used.

With the release of version 2.0, Michael decided to make the program available one section at a time. This means that when you make a purchase of the guide and get access to the members’ area, you will only be able to access one module at a time. It’s only after you’re done with one module that you can access the next one.

This way, you cannot skip the crucial prep work as most users used to do previously. This drip-feeding format of making content available to users has led to tremendous success results and most users are now happy with what they’ve been able to achieve.

What Does Text Your Ex Back Entail?

All the content in the Text Your Ex Back program is contained in 11 modules. Each of the modules contains PDF files, audio, and video files. Having a range of different files is great because you can simply login and access the most ideal format depending on the device you are using.

Here is a brief breakdown of the modules:

Module 1 is the introduction. It contains a series of user reviews and testimonials. It’s also in this module that the author is introduced. You’ll also learn how the guide will be useful to you and whether or not you should even use it in the first place. For instance, if you want to get back with your ex for your own ego, then you are advised not to use this guide.

Module 2 of the Text Your Ex Back system offers possible reasons why your relationship collapsed. In some cases, the reason is simple and straight forward (such as infidelity). However, many other times, the reason may be complicated (such as when your lover leaves without giving any reasons). No matter who dumped the other, the info in this module will help you understand where the relationship might have gone wrong.

text your ex back reviewModule 3 is called the ‘big goal’ and it is all about setting your priorities. Undoubtedly, your big goal is to get back with your ex, but how do you achieve that? The author provides a unique method for visualizing where you want to be with your ex in the new relationship.

In module 4, the author provides the last ‘flight check’ to ensure that you are fully committed to your goal before you start sending messages to your ex.

In the next module, Michael introduces the ‘text judo’ concept. He explains in detail what it is, why it is effective, and the basis of its powerful effectiveness. You ought to give this module special attention as it is the backbone of this system.

Every piece of information on how to use this powerful texting technique is provided in this module. There are six phases in the text judo technique; Michael provides the different types of text messages that you should use in each phase.

Module six introduces the type of texts called ‘across the bow texts.’ These are generally texts that you use to re-establish the lines of communication with your ex. There are some fascinating real-life example texts as well in the module plus a ton of other useful info.

The next module is called ‘prepping the soil.’ In this module, Michael shows you how to use powerful emotional texts drawing on the good experiences you had with your ex in the past. He offers various techniques for crafting powerful relationship texts with power words.

In module eight, the discussion is rather interesting and somewhat controversial as Michael discusses jealousy (or the ‘green eyed monster’). You ought to pay close attention here especially when applying the techniques as the chances of backfiring are huge.

In module nine, the author discuses ways to boost intimacy using special texts that utilize the power of memory to recall positive emotions in your ex that they cannot resist the thought of being with you again. And it doesn’t matter how far apart you are, the texts will work.

Module ten is basically about reaping the fruits of your effort. By this point of the Text Your Ex Back system, you should be close to re-uniting with your ex courtesy of the texts you were sending as presented in previous modules.

The last module contains closing thoughts on the guide and how to continue with the texting once your relationship is re-established.


As with most guides by Michael Fiore, Text Your Ex Back has proven to be another highly effective relationship guide that is unique as it uses and advocates for text messages as a means of communication to solve relationship issues.

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