Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review

Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a self-help dieting guide that provides a ‘blueprint’ for healthy eating. Millions of people around the world are trying to lose excess weight, but very few achieve real success. The reasons for the high failure rate vary, but in most cases, restrictive and unrealistic diet regimes contribute a great deal to the failure of many weight loss projects.

This guide offers a realistic way to nourish your body during the weight loss transformation. It contains valuable information on fat burning foods and also demystifies a series of myths about weight loss dieting.

The Brain Behind The Program

truth about fat burning foodsNick Peneault is the brain behind the Truth About Fat Burning Foods program. Nick runs a popular nutrition blog although he has no formal certifications. That being said, he is well read in the nutrition and wellness field and comes from the marketing background, a factor that explains the popularity of his program.

Nick is unlike your typical ‘guru’: although he lacks the so-called bona fides, he has become an authority in the dieting and nutrition field. His blog gets huge amounts of traffic daily from Internet users searching for information on diet choices and healthy eating habits.

Detailed Look At The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

We’ll go straight into the contents of the Truth About Fat Burning Foods program that’s delivered as an eBook. At the start of the guide, the author briefly introduces himself and straight away tells you of his plans with the guide.

In a simple, friendly, and easy-to-understand format, Nick lays out the underlying theme of his program, which is basically the main problem he seeks to solve. Nick states that dieting is a mess to understand and his intention is to make it as simple as possible until it looks like child play.

Readers are then taken right in with the claim that within 24 hours, you will have transformed your diet as well as the way you shop. Obviously, this is such a huge promise that you will immediately wonder whether it delivers.

As you proceed with the guide, you will be asked a few questions including the following:

  1. Do Fat Burning Foods Exist? They obviously exist but far from what you imagine they are.
  2. What Is Healthy? Every ‘healthy’ food has some unhealthy side effects that you should realize Unfortunately, not many people do.
  3. Is there a great conspiracy? Why is it that the vast majority of Americans live on such unhealthy diets?
  4. Will You Freak Out? Nick reveals a series of ‘shocking’ facts in this guide, so how you react is entirely up to you.
  5. What Are You Talking About? As you probably already know, the mainstream media is responsible for promoting the largest share of misinformation and outright lies, and this section is dedicated to highlighting some of those lies.

Truth About Fat Burning Foods provides straight answers to the aforementioned questions and helps to clear a few mysteries surrounding healthy eating. Towards the end of the program, users are offered a solid plan of attack to get through with implementing the dieting tips advised in the guide.

Truth About Fat Burning Foods: Proteins, Fat, and Carbs

truth about fat burning foods foods reviewMany people surely know about proteins, fat, and carbs as these are the main nutrients got from food (also known as the big three). However, very few people understand the differences between these food nutrients and how these differences affect their diets.

Protein, as you already know, is an essential food nutrient that must be part of your daily diet. It is especially important for people trying to lose weight because it builds and fuels muscle mass so that you can burn more calories. The source of your protein is crucial because some food sources contain very high amounts while others have scant amounts. Rich protein sources include lean meats, turkey, chicken, eggs, dairy, legumes, soy products, and shellfish, among others.


In the guide, Nick rightly informs us of the critical importance of fats in the body and why they are essential to weight loss. The program expounds in great detail about the role of fats in weight loss. You will learn about the healthy and unhealthy fats that you should include or exclude from your diet.


Carbs are important for energy, but if you want to lose excess fat, you might want to keep their consumption in check. The reason is that excess carbs are converted into fat for storage in the body.

Not all carbs are created equal and the author does a great job of breaking down which carbs to eat and those to avoid.

The author also discuses sweeteners and how they affect weight loss. Sweeteners are particularly problematic for weight loss because they’re many people’s cravings. Nick shows you how to overcome your sweet tooth and the natural alternatives to use as sweeteners.

Action Steps

The ‘Action Steps’ part is one of the best parts about this program. This part is included in every section, providing actionable steps you must take to improve your diet in a particular area.

In this part, Nick lays down exactly what you need to do to change your eating habits for the better. For instance, here are some of the simple action steps provided in the sweeteners section:

  • Swap margarine for butter.
  • Include avocado in your diet but eat moderately.
  • Each of your meals should include a portion on veggies.
  • Include home-made veggie juices to your diet.
  • Use natural sweeteners rather than processed sugar.

There is a section dedicated to snacks, seasonings, and condiments and another one for drinks. There are some interesting bits of information shared here so make sure you pay attention.


Overall, Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a well structured guide that doesn’t leave any stone unturned as far as fat burning foods are concerned. The guide’s depth of information and knowledge are unmatched. Truth About Fat Burning Foods is worth every cent you will spend on it and it is certainly a must have for every weight watcher out there.

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