An Intimate Analysis of the Turbulence Training Program

Are you looking for a proven system to help you burn fat and gain lean muscle? The Turbulence Training system promises you just that. It is a creation of Craig Ballantyne, a veteran of the fitness industry who specializes in performance training for weight loss and body shaping. Craig is well known in the fitness industry and has been hosted on various fitness shows. He has also written guest posts for many health magazines.

The system is currently in its second version as it is constantly updated to include the latest discoveries and techniques in fitness training.

Details of How the System Works

turbulence trainingCraig Ballantyne’s fitness program combines short weight lifting routines with intervals of circuit training, bicycling, or running. This ensures that you burn a lot of fat while building quality lean muscle.

Every workout is designed to last not more than 45 minutes including the warm up and cool down time. You only train three times a week so the schedule is pretty manageable. What’s more, every four weeks, you switch workouts so that your body does not get used to a routine training regime. This periodic switch of workouts is what the author calls ‘turbulence’ training.

The workouts in this system mostly utilize body weight, so you don’t really need gym membership to achieve your fitness goals with this system. That being said, some workouts may need specialized equipment in order to make the most out of them. So visiting the gym once in a while may be good for best results.

In addition to the solid workout plan in the system, you also get a well balanced nutrition plan to boost fat loss.

Why You Should Use This System

Obviously the number one reason for using Craig Ballantyne’s system is to make for better health and fitness. However, there are many other reasons that make this a great fitness system, as highlighted below:

Workouts are doable at home: As already said in the previous sections, most workouts utilize body weight, thus you can do them at home. So there shouldn’t be any excuses for skipping workouts.

Concise and right on point: Craig doesn’t beat about the bush in this system. He hits the nail right on the head and gives you exactly what you want. The program comes with video instructionals for the workouts as well as downloadable eBooks for reading but most important of all is that Craig keeps to the most important points for weight loss.

Variation: This is one of the most important aspects of a worthy fitness manual. Without variation in your training regime, your body will easily adapt and you will quickly hit a plateau. You get to vary your workouts every four weeks so as to keep surprising your body.

Uses body weight circuits: This system combines compound exercises with body weight circuits to give you the best fat loss and muscle building combination in a workout. Best of all, the workouts are pretty short but intense. In fact, they are even designed to be enjoyable.

In all, you simply can’t go wrong with Craig’s Turbulence Training system. It is meticulously designed to give you the best fat loss and lean muscle gain you can get from a fitness manual.