Unlock His Heart Review

Unlock His Heart is a self-help guide that claims to help women achieve a better understanding of the men they hope to date or those that they’re already dating. The guide claims that women will gain a clearer insight into the male psyche that will eventually help them have harmonious relationships with men.

Apparently, Unlock His Heart is the key to any man’s heart that gives you unrestricted access to places that were previously blocked to you.

The truth is that the dynamics of relationships have greatly changed now compared to how they were years ago. Fortunately, some people have been studying and observing those changes and can now offer expert advice on how to be successful in a relationship. Unlock His Heart offers expert advice on how to relate with any man.

Unlock His Heart Overview

unlock his heartUnlock His Heart was authored by Nadine Piat, a relationship guru with considerable industry experience. Nadine combines formal training and informal practical experience to come up with the best expert advice on relationships. She has certificates and degrees from a host of universities and spent a better part of her career treating patients for stress, anxiety disorders, and depression.

All this credentials add more weight to her status as someone you can trust without reservations.

Peeking inside the guide, there is a lot of exciting advice to brace for, but we cannot give everything away in this guide. However, we shall mention some highlights of sections that standout.

Unlock His Heart Highlights

The guide comprises multiple chapters but these are the highlights:

The chapter called ‘Thrill of the Chase’ is of particular importance to all women. Precisely speaking, this chapter deals with that thrill you feel when you are chasing or being chased (goes both ways for m en and women). The author explains why the chase is important for the success of the eventual relationship. The author asserts that things that are too easy to get tend to have a lower perceived value than those that are moderately difficult to get.

On the other hand, if something gets too hard to attain, the motivation may fade and some may give up altogether. In this chapter, the author shows you how to attain that sweet spot where a man stays motivates and interested in pursuing you as you work your charms on him.

Another crucial chapter worth highlighting is one about men and their insecurities, aptly named Men Insecurities. There are lots of societal myths about men and their emotional and physical strength, but the truth is laid bare in this chapter with convincing illustrations.

Nadine asserts that men do have insecurities and fears although they are not as well documented as those of women. Most men feel the need to appear macho but reality is that they do have fears of their own on the inside. The author goes on to claim that having knowledge of these insecurities and how to identify them is key to unlocking a man’s heart and finally breaking through the romantic barrier with them.

unlock his heart reviewOther chapters in the guide are equally as important and it’s impossible to highlight all of them in a single review. But one more chapter worth mentioning is one called ‘How To Keep Him Engaged’. This chapter offers actionable advice on what to do to keep a man interested in being in a relationship with you. The author claims that if you follow these tips religiously, you will prevent your relationship from becoming stale, a point at which many couples find themselves at after dating for some time.

Specific Benefits of Unlock His Heart

  • Unlock His Heart is a truly rare guide that offers practical advice for women who want to change their relationships for the better. The author offers the key aspects that keep a relationship afloat.
  • The author offers actionable advice and not just theoretical tips that don’t have a place in real life. You will love the nice blend of both theory and practical tips such as those you would normally get from professional counselors.
  • The author is highly respected and has a solid reputation backed by formal coaching qualifications as well as substantial real life experience as a relationship coach.
  • The author offers a concise and fairly accurate account of the male psyche in a relationship. For a woman author, this is pretty impressive.
  • The guide deals with a host of real-life issues that many people can relate with.
  • Many of the tips are based on responses from surveys of suitable demographics. As such, the guide is not dealing with unfounded hypotheses baseless claims.
  • Users get unmatched support from a responsive and bubbly team. Most questions receive a response within 24 hours.

Should I Use Unlock His Heart?

If you are a woman who needs a deeper and clearer understanding of men and relationships, you definitely need to look at this guide. Authored by a competent woman for women, Unlock His Heart provides wisdom and los of useful tips that are not only practical but proven too.

Of course, you will not solve all your relationship problems using one guide, but the advice in Unlock His Heart will help you become a better woman and approach every relationship more prepared, thus increasing your chances for success.


A man’s heart is such a fortified place that few women really understand, let alone manage to penetrate. Nadine Piat does a great job of unlocking this guarded fortress using proven tips and advice. She offers great advice on how to make a man open up to you and commit.

And unlike many other similar guides, Unlock His Heart stands out because it discusses many real-life issues while leaving out baseless claims and hypotheses. The author writes in a friendly tone as if she were speaking to you directly. For this reason, you’ll find that the guide is more grounded in reality. Also, Unlock His Heart comes with three other bonus products that perfectly compliment it.

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