Wealth Trigger 360 Review

Wealth Trigger 360 is a program that claims to help you become wealthy by ‘reprogramming’ your mind to think like a rich person. Wealth Trigger 360 is a product of Joe Vitale who was the star in the ‘The Secret’. Joe shares a secret key to what’s been keeping you from achieving the success you deserve. Joe claims that without this secret key, you will not achieve your dreams.

Wealth Trigger 360 basically reveals the secret to wealth. Joe Vitale claims that almost every millionaire and successful individual out there knows this secret and they almost discovered it by ‘mistake’. As for you, however, you are lucky that someone has made it easier for you by compiling a guide that reveals this secret in an easy-to-understand format.

Wealth Trigger 360 Overview

wealth trigger 360Wealth Trigger 360 employs hypnotic reprogramming, brain entertainment, and affirmative repetition to reprogram a person’s mind to think positively no matter the situation. The aforesaid techniques are typically used independent of each other to develop a mindset that easily overcomes hardships and obstacles. It’s a well known fact that the number one difference between success and failure is the ability to overcome obstacles. The techniques in Wealth Trigger 360 will teach you how to stand tall above hardships on your way to success.

These three core techniques on which the program is based are designed to transform your thinking so that you develop a millionaire’s mindset. Believe it or not, under achievers have many subconscious beliefs that hold them back from realizing their true potential. And since these beliefs work at the subconscious level, these people never really realize that those beliefs are the ones keeping them back from achieving their dreams.

Wealth Trigger 360 teaches you how to break free from such beliefs and shows you how to move forward and achieve something different from what you’ve ever experienced in your life.

How Wealth Trigger 360 Works

In addition to the three mindset altering techniques mentioned in the previous section, Wealth Trigger 360 comprises a series of other elements that are probably a mystery to you.

One technique uses a combination of music, words, and solfeggio tuning to help transform the mind into a state where it looks at obstacles as motivators.

The Solfeggio Tuning technique is one which causes symmetrical mind regeneration from hyper-resonant frequencies and mind entertainment processes.

According to Joe Vitale, the millionaire mindset is based on four core features including intuition, mental alertness, emotional stability, and harmony with one’s soul. Granted, on face value, these concepts may seem complicated to understand, but Joe explains clearly how they are interrelated and how they work together to create a winning mindset.

The millionaire mindset is based on these pillars and all your winning strategies must be based on them. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make sense of all this because Joe will guide you step-by-step on how to incorporate these pillars into your thinking so that you start making winning strategies.

Do The Techniques Work?

wealth trigger 360 reviewAs earlier mentioned, the Wealth Trigger 360 is aimed at changing the ‘negative’ subconscious beliefs deeply rooted into your brain into winning strategies. This is accomplished through a process that alters your entire mindset. You will start approaching challenges with a millionaire mindset.

Once you’ve mastered and applied these techniques, you will be able to overcome any hardships that have been keeping you from achieving your dreams no matter how long you’ve had them.

All the core elements of the program work in unison to transform your thinking into a winning mindset. So as you can see, this program deals entirely with your mindset and thinking. As such, you’ve got to be willing to open up and let go of some long-held beliefs that might actually be the stumbling block in the way to your dreams.

If you’re willing to open up to a new type of thinking and change your mindset so that you start thinking like a millionaire, this program will work wonders for you.

Why Choose Wealth Trigger 360?

Wealth Trigger 360 is a product of Joe Vitale along with Dr Stevenson G. Jones. The two authors have achieved unprecedented levels of success in their own right and they certainly have the millionaire mindset. They have reputations to protect so you can be sure that they know what they’re talking about.

Furthermore, if you cannot rely on the reputation of the authors alone to trust this program, you can then trust the independent reviews of hundreds of users. Aslo, the fact that Wealth Trigger 360 has one of the lowest return rates says a lot about the trust levels that users have in the program.

Unlike many other self-improvement programs, Wealth Trigger 360 deals with personal development at its very core – the mindset. Not only do you learn how to change your mindset and start thinking like a millionaire but also how do develop personally. In fact, the better part of this program is dedicated to personal development, a core component of achieving success.

This program provides you will all the tools you need to better yourself and increase your chances of achieving your dreams. These tools are typically available separately elsewhere but in this program, you will get them all in a single compilation, saving you a lot of time and the hassle of looking in different places.


Wealth Trigger 360 is a self-help program that was designed to help you develop a winning mindset so that you can achieve your dreams. The program employs proven mind techniques that allow you to move past your long-held limiting beliefs and start getting things done. In fact, the program’s underlying theme is helping you overcome obstacles to success. The program reveals that most of these obstacles are actually long-held beliefs deeply ingrained into your subconscious.

Wealth Trigger 360 helps you get over these beliefs and become an achiever today. If you want to see real change in your life and start achieving the bigger goals you’ve always dreamed of, the first thing you need to change is your thinking. Wealth Trigger 360 changes your mindset to start thinking like an achiever.

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