What Men Secretly Want Review

James Bauer’s guide What Men Secretly Want as been making waves on the Internet because it claims to reveal secrets to connecting with any man you want. The guide is obviously designed for women and is marketed with a tag line ‘be irresistible’.

In the guide, James Bauer reveals a series of tips and secrets that he claims can unlock any man’s heart. Men are generally not as expressive as women when it comes to romantic relationships. However, it takes a few things to unlock this mysterious nature and once you do, you will become utterly irresistible to any man.

What Men Secretly Want: The Details

what men secretly wantWhat Men Secretly Want is best described as a personal development program that focuses on dating and relationships. It is for women who want to get a better understanding of men and generally how to relate with them in romantic situations.

The entire guide is premised on the principle of respect, which is based on the idea that most men would rather be respected that being showered with lots of love without respect.

According to the author, men tend to develop a close relationship with women who both love and respect them. He claims that any woman who follows the ‘principle of respect’ will find it easier to connect with the man of her dreams and make him commit to a long-term relationship.

What Men Secretly Want offers step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the intricate psyche of the male brain so that you can unlock a man’s heart and connect with him on a deep emotional level. The guide offers all the ‘tools’ and info you need to connect better with your man and keep him for good.

There are lots of topics covered in this guide such as communication in a relationship, how to connect with a guy emotionally, risky words and phrases you ought to avoid, how to avoid the friend zone, and how to be the sexiest woman he has ever met, among other topics.

There is also an important section about the qualities that men secretly long for in a woman. John Bauer explains that although they may not say it, almost all men long for some specific qualities in a woman. Of course, this section is most useful for women who want long-term committed relationships. It may not be as appealing to those who are looking for short, temporary flings with men.

Is What Men Secretly Want For You?

Although this guide is created for all women who are dating or looking to date a guy, some women may find that they’ve left this stage and, therefore, don’t need this advice. Here is how to tell if this guide is for you:

  • You have struggled for a long time to keep a man committed; you want to get to the next level but he just seems uninterested; you have difficulty keeping your men glued and interested in you.
  • You need professional dating help but cannot afford the exorbitant fees of a consultant.
  • You need expert advice specifically created for women and not just any dating guide created for both men and women.
  • You need a guide that is simple, unfussy, and one that doesn’t entail complicated words.
  • You want a guide that includes real-life examples of situations couples face. You want to learn from both the good and bad things that couples go through in relationships.
  • You want a relationship guide with some sort of guarantee for your investment.

Specific Benefits of What Men Secretly Want

what men secretly want reviewUnique Program: What Men Secretly Want is especially crafted for women using specific techniques that would best suit women’s relationship needs. Most dating guides on the market are made for both genders and this usually leads to high rates of ineffectiveness.

Easy To Understand: The guide is premised on a simpleprinciple that you can understand with little effort.John Bauer was careful not to include confusing phrases or words because he rightly knew that thousands of women around the world would use this guide. Everything is easy to understand because there is no ambiguity.

Real Life Example: What Men Secretly Want is special because it contains examples of real-life relationship situations of couples that John Bauer helped counsel over the years as a relationship counselor. You’ll find that you can easily relate to most of the example scenarios in the guide. The author offers a solution to each of the complicated scenarios in the guide.

Two Versions available: What Men Secretly Want comes in both audio and text versions. If you don’t love reading or simply have no time to read, you can use the audio version of the guide anytime, anywhere.

Money back Guarantee: John Bauer’s guide comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee. As one of the biggest selling digital products on the Internet, you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product and that your money is 100% safe.

The guide is sold in digital format so it’s instantly available upon purchase. If you want a physical print version, this may not be your ideal purchase.


There is little doubt that John Bauer’s guide is your gateway to a man’s heart. What’s really great about this guide is that it is premised on a simple principle that almost every woman will easily understand and implement.

What’s more, all the tips in the guide were designed specifically for women, so this guarantees increased success rates compared to generic relationship guides designed for both men and women.

With that in mind, it’s also worth noting that What Men Secretly Want may not suit every woman. It doesn’t come with multiple guides, bonuses, and the tips offered do not work overnight.

The guide mostly works for women who want info that’s laid out in a plain, unfussy format and is straight to the point. What Men Secretly Want is absolutely risk free because it comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.

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