Woman Men Adore Review

Woman Men Adore is a book by Bob Grant, a professional counselor with years of experience. Bob focuses on helping women build successful and loving relationships.

Grant’s book reveals secrets that make a woman more adorable to men. Although women are naturally alluring to men, some of the little things they unknowingly do are a big turn-off for men. Moreover, most women are unaware of these things, so they end up with miserable relationships.

Woman Men Adore offers an unrivaled insight into how a man relates with a woman, his expectations from a committed relationship, and what pushes him away

What Is Woman Men Adore About?

woman men adoreLet’s face it, not all things are created equal and that’s why some women are so adorable to men and seem to attract them in droves with seemingly little effort. Some women are naturally gifted with the qualities that attract and keep men while the majority of women are unsure of what to do when relating to men.

In his 17 years as a counselor, Bob Grant was always fascinated with the aforesaid phenomenon, so he took matters in his own hands to study this phenomenon. What he discovered was dramatic but unsurprising. Women with certain qualities tend to be more appealing to men. Bob Grant felt that the best way to communicate his findings was through an informational guide and so Woman Men Adore is all about the qualities of a woman that attract men, as discovered through Grant’s long-term research while counseling couples.

Woman Men Adore also offers practical tips on how you can transform yourself in to the most adorable woman even if you weren’t naturally blessed with that gift. Grant’s guide stands out from the collection of run-of-the-mill dating guides that are a mere compilation of rehearsed articles from the Internet by offering real practical advice that any woman can implement and see changes in their relationship.

Woman Men Adore is based on a simple philosophy: put your heart ahead of a man so that you can influence them rather than the reverse. Grant shows you how to have influence over your man and he doesn’t stop there; he goes way further than that to show you how to become the woman you’ve always dreamed to become. It’s basically an empowerment guide for women and is unlike any other.

The woman that men are attracted to is in control of her life, her emotions, her decisions, and her feelings. She’s in touch with her emotions and the guide shows you how this quality is highly adorable to men.

What Does Woman Men Adore Reveal?

Woman Men Adore is full of surprising revelations about what men want from women. Even if you think that you’ve heard it all, you will be surprised.

One of the revelations is that women love being independent and feel proud about it yet at the same time they love being pampered, loved and cared for. These two modalities are not at odds and are perfectly understandable. While women love the pampering and care from men, it doesn’t suggest that they are needy and dependent. They simply need to relinquish control at some point and let the man be the lead. It works that way and it is attractive to both men and women. It is also supported by genetics as men are known to offer protection and care while women nurture and give offspring.

In this guide, you’ll also learn that men and women have different strengths and qualities that are complimentary. A woman who knows when to be soft and accommodative yet direct and succinct will easily influence her man to do what she wants.

woman men adore reviewBob Grant’s guide shows you how to recognize, value and respect these differences between men and women. Demanding equality without realizing these differences in the makeup of men and women may instead push away a man.

In short, this guide shows you how to use vulnerability and femininity to grab your man’s attention rather than being a stuck-up control freak that nags and yells all the time.

Also, Woman Men Adore reveals that competition with a man in a relationship is always futile and you should avoid it like the plague. The guide will aptly show you how to express your feelings to your man in a way that doesn’t hurt his ego.

The guide also delves into detail on forgiveness and resentment. Suppressed anger and resentment are big trouble causers in relationships. Most women suppress anger and harbor resentment in their heart for a very long time, sometimes for simple things that they don’t understand about men. Woman Men Adore offers a deep and enlightening discussion on how to forgive and let go of any ill feelings and anger for your partner.

Does The Guide Work?

Bob Grunt’s guide has been lauded as a rare and effective relationship guide that offers practical advice that you can easily relate to. Women will learn a lot about men as well as about themselves from Bob Grunt’s insightful advice.

The guide helps you rediscover yourself and the most important feminine attributes that make you so adorable to men. Through this knowledge, you will be able to start differentiating between impulses and true feelings and get reconnected to your heart and soul.

In short, this guide works and even goes a step further – it educates. The 60-day money back guarantee is testament that Bob Grunt stands by his guide and is sure that it will be beneficial to every woman that purchases it.


In conclusion, Bob Grunt’s Woman Men Adore is one of the better relationship guides out there for women. It is filled with wisdom and practical advice that will dramatically change your love life for the better. Bob Grunt presents the inner psyche of a man like no other author has. In the end, you will transform into the woman that men adore, just as the title of the guide suggests.

Woman Men Adore is available both as an audio product and as an eBook at a very affordable price.

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