The Truth About Steve Holman’s Old School New Body System

You’ve probably heard about Steve Holman’s much revered fitness guide Old School New Body, but what’s the real truth about it?

old school new bodyThe fitness industry is not short of self-help guides for men and women, some generic and others designed for very specific purposes. However, the majority of those guides are generally aimed at people below the age of 40. Steve Holman’s fitness guide is a rare gem in that it was created for the often neglected group of men and women aged 40 and above.

Steve Holman’s fitness guide offers a rare combination of nutrition and workout routines that never exceed 90 minutes per week.

After years of research in the fitness industry, Steve, along with his wife Becky, devised a unique training routine that takes into consideration the physical limitations of middle-aged people.

The FX4 Protocol

The FX4 protocol is Steve Holman’s unique training formula that he reveals in his fitness guide. The formula comprises three stages of training, each with a unique outcome and goal.

FX4 Lean is the first part of the FX4 Protocol and it is compulsory for every user. This is the part where you shed excess fat by sticking to a well-planned training routine and diet plan.

The second and third parts of the FX4 Protocol are optional but nonetheless important. The FX4 Build is the second part and its goal is to build muscle mass. It is ideal for users who want to bulk up a bit.

The last phase is the FX4 Shape and its aim is to get you sculpted just the way you want. If your fitness goal is to lose excess fat, gain a bit of muscle, and sculpt your body to achieve an attractive physique, you want to go all the way to the FX4 Shape phase.

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