Truth About Abs Review

truth about absTruth About Abs is a fitness program by Mike Geary that reveals secrets about gaining the ultimate six pack abs. Although the focus of the guide is to help you gain six pack abs, the overall intention is to help you lose excess fat. In any case, achieving six pack abs is all about losing excess weight.

Truth About Abs assumes that you’re a complete novice to training and takes you through all the basic steps you need to get going.

Getting the perfect six pack abs is certainly not a walk in the park, but Mike Geary makes it a breeze using simple but powerful workout routines along with a carefully planned diet.

If you’ve only heard about Truth About Abs via Internet buzz and now want to try it out, the best place to start is the official website.

Details of The Truth About Abs System

Truth About Abs contains information that can help you become a little bit more muscular but most importantly achieve a fat-free body. The techniques in the system are designed to provide maximum fat loss from all parts of the body. However, the techniques are generally designed to help you achieve lean abdominal muscles and then sculpt them into good-looking six-pack abs.

Mike Geary has created a program that discourages muscle building powders, steroids, and unrealistic diets. Instead, Mike promotes a healthy way to achieve six-pack abs through proven workout techniques and healthy eating.

Truth About Abs recommends only 3 hours of training each week and it’s almost inconceivable that these are sufficient for achieving the much-loved six pack abs. If you follow everything as provided, you will surely achieve the desired results as you wanted them.

How The Truth About Abs System Works

The Truth About Abs system is split into two parts – a nutritional information part and a workout information part.

The Nutrition Part – In this part, Mike Geary offers tons of information about dieting for gaining a lean and fit body. In terms of rich content, this part is right on. Mike explains in detail what food nutrients are important for fat loss. He discusses at length the role of fats, protein, and carbs on fat loss and how to achieve the perfect balance between these food nutrients in order to gain six pack abs.

Of course, Mike also goes on about the ills of the processed food industry and reveals some shocking facts that you probably did not know. For those who already know a thing or two about processed foods, this part may seem redundant, but the truth is that the majority of people are unaware of the dangers of processed foods.

Mike also discusses the importance of eating organic foods and beef from grass-fed cows but also notes that you don’t have to break the bank to get organic food at the grocery store: you can get organic food at affordable process.

In this part, there are countless meal plans too and they are all right on. Mike was so detailed in this section that he even discussed the benefits and drawbacks of food preparation.

truth about abs reviewAll the pieces of advice on nutrition provided in this section might appear small, but they do add up to an overhaul of your diet habits and will help you get lean much faster.

One important fact to remember and stressed by Mike is that you can have the best developed abs, but if you have excess fat, you will never see those abs.

The Workout Part – In this part, Mike offers info and tips on how to properly exercise so as to lose belly fat (and generally body fat). He briefly discusses the anatomy of abs and their main function – which is basically to provide support and stability.

Mike points out an important point about exercising your abs: he says that abs should be worked after performing the weight training routine so that the abs are not fatigued.

As you’d expect, Mike doesn’t talk a lot of good about cardio, but unlike the majority of fitness trainers, he doesn’t go into a protracted attack on cardio training as he realizes that it has its advantages when done right.

There are some great pictorial illustration of some exercises to help highlight the important points. The routines are tiered and may seem a little overwhelming for beginners especially if you try to do all of them. However, if you build up your capability over time, you’ll find that they are very manageable.

There’s a section in this part about abs-focused workouts. In here, Mike offers a ton of info on basic weight training workouts such as presses, squats, dead lifts, and more. This is basically stuff that a keen fitness enthusiast should already be familiar with; nonetheless, it is provided for newbies who might not know about basic weight training.

What makes Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs system so great is that it is a complete fitness system that’s not only focused on abs training. Instead, it offers info on how to achieve super abs through overall fat loss and muscle gain.

Mike is pretty flawless with his description of weight training exercises and how to do them the right way. The key point here is that gaining quality muscle mass increases the resting metabolic rate so that the body can burn more calories long after your workout routine.

Finally, all the info is summarized in a multi-week training plan with lots of variations so that you can easily choose the format that works best for you.


If you use Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs as he lays it out, you should undoubtedly achieve your desired fitness levels and, most importantly, the much envied six pack abs. Mike has achieved great success selling his guide simply because users have found his information to be reliable and accurate.

Thousands have achieved successful results with this guide and chances are good that you too will achieve the results you want. It’s time to change your destiny today: simply get Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs system and change your life forever.

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