Ultimate Herpes Protocol – Game Changer for Herpes Victims

People suffering from the curse of the herpes virus have had very few options indeed for successfully treating their condition; that is, until the recent launch of an innovative digital product that claims to be able to zap the virus more or less completely.

The product in question is a new PDF written by a lady named Melanie Addington, who was herself a herpes victim. Addington was frustrated by the lack of treatment options offered by medics, and also by the fact that most of the accepted treatments revolve around the use of harmful drugs, which may be somewhat effective in relieving the symptoms of herpes but do not attack the virus itself. Once the penny had dropped that a different approach was needed, Melanie decided to look into viable alternatives.

ultimate herpes protocol

With her PDF, titled the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, Melanie Addington appears to have come up with a game changer for herpes sufferers. The downloadable e-book is based upon a three-point strategy for dealing with herpes.

Strand one of Addington’s method is to boost up patients’ immune systems. This is achieved by modifying one’s day to day diet, as well as paying attention to oral hygiene, dental care, and also avoiding certain household products like the plague.

Part two of UHP is to hit the lipids of the virus for six, which is a procedure that is explained at length in the e-book. Incidentally, there are two ways to approach this, depending on whether you are suffering from genital or oral herpes.

The third and final strand of the Addington herpes cure is to destroy the ability of the virus to multiply. According to Melanie Addington, there are certain foodstuffs and food supplements that can do a grand job of work in this regard.

With a sixty-day cash-back guarantee in place, herpes sufferers have nothing to lose in giving this innovative new product a shot.

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