Venus Factor Review

Venus Factor is a fat loss system designed specifically for women. The system offers proven tips and tricks for losing excess fat within a short time and it addresses genetic issues that affect weight loss in women.

The system was authored by John Barban and is based on his vast research and experience in the weight loss industry. All the info provided is backed up by verifiable scientific facts so the system is as secure to use as it gets.

What To Expect From The Venus Factor System

venus factorIf you are like many women, chances are good that you find it a struggle to lose excess weight. This isn’t surprising because a woman’s body is hard-wired to maintain more weight whenever possible.

To make matters worse, the majority of fitness programs on the market are generic and so they’re less likely to be effective.

The Venus Factor system was designed to cater to the unique needs and personal desires of most women, and for this reason, it works perfectly well for women. Losing fat and gaining muscle mass is fine for most fitness enthusiasts, but women generally want to accentuate their natural feminine curves. This is what makes this system interesting and unique.

Not only was the Venus Factor system designed specifically for women, but also takes into consideration the individual differences of every woman’s body. It is rare to find any other system out there that puts a great deal of attention to detail like John Barban’s system does.

The Premise Of The Venus Factor System

The Venus Factor system is premised on a concept called the Venus Index, which is determined by comparing the hip, height, and waist measurements. According to the author, the ideal waist measurement should be 38 percent of your height. Then to determine the ideal hip measurement, you take your ideal waist size and multiply it with 1.42 whereas your ‘perfect’ shoulder would be 1.618 multiplied by the ideal waist size. Evidently, your waist size is key to achieving a proportional physique.

Once you’ve got the aforesaid ideal measurements for waist, hip, and shoulders, you use your Venus Index to determine the shape you really want. Although most women who use this system aim for weight loss, some women actually use it to gain some weight and shapely physique.

Regardless of your personal needs, the Venus Factor system helps you to figure out which foods to eat and which exercises to perform and their frequency. You can tailor the diet and the exercise regimen to suit your personal needs and likes.

The Components of The Venus Factor System

The Venus Factor system comprises a number of components that are all premised on the Venus Index concept. There is the main manual that contains all the basic and most important info you need to determine your Venus Index. In addition, there are other components that include:

The Body-Centric Eating Guide

This is the component of the system that contains all the diet info you need to successfully achieve your weight goals with the Venus Factor system. The body centric guide calculates the caloric intake based on your measurements for the waist, hips, and shoulders. This means that every woman’s eating requirements are going to be slightly different: while some women will need to minimize their calorie intake, others might find that increase their intake is what will give them the desired results.

The Workout Manual

Another important component of the Venus Factor system is the workout manual. Naturally, every sound weight loss system must come with a reliable workout schedule. The one that comes with this system comprises 12 weeks and 3 phases each lasting 4 weeks.

Every phase follows a specific routine and the guide offers plenty of video and pictorial illustrations for easy following and to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. Obviously, losing excess fat is one of the focus areas of these exercises, but they also help to tone and sculpt your muscles for an attractive body.

venus factor review

Community Membership

Your purchase of the Venus Factor system offers you unhindered access to an online community of like-minded women with more or less similar fitness goals as yours. This component is especially ideal for people who enjoy the convenience of a home workout but also like to get motivation and moral support from other people with similar dreams.

The Benefits Of Using The Venus Factor System

One of the major benefits with this system is that it offers a balanced set of exercises and dieting. For this reason, the system is highly effective and even if you’ve never used a fitness system before, the workouts will work for you and you will easily follow along thanks to the video and pictorial illustrations.

Most fitness programs require users to fork out additional cash on gym equipment or membership, but the Venus Factor system is different. The workouts are designed in such a way that they can be done with or without gym equipment. In fact, you can do most of the workouts in the comfort of your home.

In addition, this system doesn’t require you to follow a bland diet program just because you need to restrict your calorie intake. You can enjoy all your favorite foods in moderation so this makes it incredibly easy to follow the diet plan.

You can try the system risk-free, thanks to the 60-day money back guarantee that allows you to request for a full refund of your money within 60-days of purchasing the system.

The only dent is that men cannot use this system as it is designed only for women.


Overall, the Venus Factor system is a high quality fitness system that every woman who is conscious about her weight must use. It is designed to address the unique and sometimes peculiar makeup of a woman’s body. The overwhelming majority of users claim that they’ve achieved their fitness success with Venus Factor especially when it comes to looking and feeling great. Any woman out there who is struggling to achieve the ultimate body and fitness level must check out the Venus Factor system.

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