Web Praise for New Diet Program Called Venus Factor

venus factorWithout a shadow of a doubt, weight loss is big business in the early twenty-first century. For a variety of reasons, the chickens are coming home to roost as regards the impact of Western lifestyles and day to day diets on the human body. That explains the plethora of fat loss programs vying with each other for fat customers’ money.

Of course, the bad news is that zapping fat is a notoriously awkward proposition, so there is definitely still a need for a program that offers a reliable and pain-free route to a trim body.

If you read a lot of weight loss articles and blog posts, you may have heard recently about a PDF called The Venus Factor, which is a product specifically targeted towards women seeking to shed serious pounds. The question you may have asked yourself, though, is what makes this product special?

Well, John Barban’s book, which can be downloaded in PDF form, is a unique combination of aesthetics and solid science. On the aesthetic side, Barban focuses on the importance of the ‘venus ratio’, a particularly attractive ratio of female body proportions. Not only does the ‘venus ratio’ accord with the beauty of classical statuary but it is guaranteed to get men drooling, claims Barban.

Meanwhile, Barban has it on lock from the science angle, as well. The author is big on boosting levels of an obscure hormone called leptin, which he says can unlock fast weight loss when levels of the hormone are boosted.

If there’s one thing that reliably indicates that Barban is the real deal, it’s the staggering amount of praise the man and his product are attracting on the web. If you tap the relevant search terms into Google, you will see thousands of results, and these are not spam sites but real women all over the world singing the praises of a stunning weight loss program.

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