Win Big with Sex Texting Book Known as Magnetic Messaging

Chasing women can be a frustrating pursuit when things don’t go according to plan. So, if you could get your hands on a reliable method of dramatically upping your success rate in the pick-up game, why wouldn’t you grab the opportunity with both hands?

When it comes to picking up women, some men are happy to adopt a scatter gun approach. They hope that trying their luck with umpteen females in a club or bar will pay off with at least one of them by closing time. Well, that might work for some men, but it is a very time-consuming and potentially unproductive way of going about the matter. Furthermore, some would way it is disrespectful towards the women concerned.

magnetic messaging

On the other hand, a better approach, as proposed by Bobby Rio in his Magnetic Messaging PDF, is to decide on the woman you REALLY want, and then to use clever text messaging to make her gradually more receptive towards you. Rio says the method has paid off for him handsomely in the past – the writer was and is a highly successful pick-up artist.

Bobby Rio knows a lot about how women’s minds typically work. They usually desire a deep bond with a man, and once it exists they’ll almost certainly throw caution to the wind and bed him. However, unlike men, they are not often keen on the idea of one-night stands with complete strangers. For this reason, cutting to the quick with a sexual proposition is rarely effective.

Avoiding premature sex talk is Bobby Rio’s rule number one. The second piece of advice the author offers in his PDF is to try to be vibrant and interesting when you text a woman. Talking about boring, obvious stuff is sure to turn a woman off, whereas side-splitting humor will always score points.

Trying to summarize the contents of Bobby Rio’s book is hard. The best advice is to try the e-book for size and then, if it doesn’t float your boat, claim the full refund that Rio is offering all his customers.